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The problem I'm having is exactly what the title describes. I was using the built-in function of my computer to record my screen, trying to record some online videos, but to my surprise, I didn't record any sound. After many attempts, I gave up struggling. What should I do to solve this problem?

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Rel· Answered on May 27, 2024

Hello! Since you didn't mention the specific computer model and the corresponding system, I will bring you the ways to fix screen recording no sounds on Windows and Mac, respectively, and you can choose the corresponding solution.

💡For Windows:

  • Run the Troubleshooter

Navigate to Settings> Update& Security> Recording Audio>Run the troubleshooter, and fix the problem according to the prompts.

  • Update Driver

Press the Win+X keys to open the Device Manager. Head to the Sound, video, and game controllers options and find your sound card. Then hit Update Drive.

  • Clean Boot

Head to System Configuration> Service, check the Hide all Microsoft services option and hit the Disable all button. Then navigate to the Startup and open Task Manager. Disable all items and restart your PC now.

💡For Mac:

  • Install Soundflower

If you use QuickTime built-in with your Mac to record your screen, then you need to realize one thing: QuickTime can record the microphone for you, but it can't record internal audio by only itself. So, as per your description, when you record online videos, you need to install Soundflower first. This extension program helps you to capture internal audio easily using QuickTime.

💡Great Way to Record Screen with Audio on Win/Mac

If the problem of screen recording no sound is still not solved after trying all the solutions above, then you can try to use a professional third-party screen recorder - EaseUS RecExperts.

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