Snapchat After Dark: What Is It & How to Use it

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Snapchat is a popular social media application among young users, as it offers an easy way to share photos, send direct messages, etc. Recently, many users have been talking about After Dark Story, the latest feature of Snapchat. So, what is After Dark Story on Snapchat? Is it the same as the normal story? All the questions will be answered one by one in this post. Let's continue reading now.

What is Snapchat After Dark that everyone has been talking about?
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What Is After Dark on Snapchat?

Actually, the After Dark Story is a type of the Stories on Snapchat. It only allows users to add Snaps between 8 PM to 5 AM. Besides, there is a lime restriction - the Snaps can only be posted during those specified hours on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Moreover, you can only post once in an After Dark Story.

This new feature lets you view all the night's stories of your friends. Also, if you add an After Dark Story, the content will be exclusive to your friends who also posted in the after-dark story. In other words, you cannot see your friends "After Dark" content unless you also post content. 

For many users, it is similar to Be Real. It encourages authentic images and live in-the-moment stories, which will be helpful in building stronger relationships through shared experiences.

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Difference Between Snapchat After Dark Stories and Normal Stories

We all know that Snapchat Normal Stories are visible to friends and will disappear after some time, generally after 24 hours. The remarkable thing is that there is almost no restriction on the time and quantity of posting Snaps.

However, After Dark Story only allows users to share content related to their nighttime experiences. It has limits for time and quantity. You can only add an After Dark Story during a specific time. Apart from that, it is the same with Snapchat normal stories, and you can personalize your Snaps with filters, text, audio tracks, and many more.

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How to Post a Snapchat After Dark Story

Now, you know what the After Dark Story on Snapchat is. Let's see how to post an after-dark story on Snapchat:

Step 1. Upgrade your Snapchat application on your device to ensure you can access this new feature.

Step 2. Open this app and go to your Profile page.

Step 3. When it is 8 PM in your timezone, check My Stories, and you will see the After Dark Story option.

Step 4. Then, click After Dark Story, capture, and send the snap to your After Dark story. That's it!

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Final Words

This post discusses almost everything about the Snapchat new feature - After Dark Story. We hope you have already solved your problem after reading it. If you think it is helpful, share it now!


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