What Is Limited Series on Netflix? [2024 Ultimate Guide]

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While watching movies on Netflix often, someone might notice that some videos contain the term Limited Series. What does the "Limited Series" mean on Netflix? If you happen to know what the limited series is on Netflix, you have come to the right place. Here, this post from EaseUS will explain the Netflix limited series in detail!

What Does Limited Series Mean on Netflix?

Netflix limited series is a kind of TV show that will only produce one season and nothing more. The limited series always tells a complete story in 4 - 10 episodes. Like other TV shows, there is a clear beginning, middle, and end in the limited series. So, you also can treat the Netflix limited series as a miniseries for Netflix.

what is limited series on netflix

However, you need to know that the limited series is not the same as a Netflix Original, which is labeled as having one season. A limited series will intentionally create a specific number of episodes. A show advertised as only having one season could end up having additional seasons if it gets renewed, or it may have been planned as a multi-season series before being canceled by Netflix for various reasons (such as high production costs or low viewership). Regrettably, there are many one-season shows available on Netflix's vast streaming platform.

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How Many Episodes Do Netflix Limited Series Have?

Generally speaking, the limited series always has 4 -10 episodes, which is the popular norm for miniseries. But, it is not settled, and some limited series only have 3 episodes, like Ghoul and Dracula.

Top Best Limited Series on Netflix in 2024

On Netflix, there are lots of interesting limited series. Below, we'll look at some popular limited series:

  • The Stranger (genre: Crime, Mystery)
  • Stateless (genre: political)
  • Unorthbox (genre: Drama)
  • Painkiller (genre: Biopic)
  • Maniac (genre: Comedy)
  • Godless (genre: drama)
  • Midnight Mass (genre: Horror)

Bonus: Netflix Limited Series vs. TV shows

Traditional TV shows will span several seasons, and the rest will be produced after the first season is over. However, limited series, on the other hand, have a predetermined number of episodes. While some shows only last one season because they don't get renewed, limited series are not intended to continue. If Netflix advertises a show as a limited series, don't expect a second season.

The Bottom Line

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