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Do you want to know what the Windows screen recorder is? This article will show you a detailed introduction to this screen recorder. Then, you will learn how to use the Windows screen recorder shortcut to screen record on Windows 10/11. Besides, it will show you some pros and cons of using the Windows screen recorder to help you choose the best screen recorder for recording videos, online meetings, or gameplay.

What Is the Windows Screen Recorder

Windows screen recorder is a built-in tool that allows users to capture and record their screen activity on Windows 11 or 10. It is part of the Xbox Game Bar, which is a native application that provides various features and widgets for gaming and streaming.

what is windows screen recorder

Choosing the Windows screen recorder, you can record the desktop, games, applications, or any window on your devices. Usually, the recorded videos are saved in MP4 format in the Videos folder by default.

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What Is the Shortcut Key for the Windows Screen Recorder

The shortcut key for the Windows screen recorder is Windows+Alt+R. You can press this key combination to start or stop the screen recording. Also, users can press Windows+G to open the Xbox Game Bar overlay, where they can access the Capture widget. The Capture widget allows users to take screenshots, record the last 30 seconds, turn on or off the microphone, and view the recording status and duration. Users can also use other shortcut keys to control the screen recording. There is a sum-up for the shortcut in the table below:

Shortcut Function
Windows+Alt+M Turn on or off the microphone while recording
Windows+Alt+G Record the last 30 seconds
Windows+Alt+Print Screen Take a screenshot
Windows+Alt+R Start or stop the screen recording
Windows+G Open the Xbox Game Bar overlay

Watch the following YouTube Shorts to see how to take screenshots using Windows shortcut keys:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Windows Screen Recorder

There are some pros and cons of the Windows screen recorder as follows.


  • It is convenient and easy to use. You do not need to install or launch any third-party software or application.
  • It is compatible and versatile. You can record any window or activity regardless of the format or device.
  • It is customizable and adjustable, as users can change the video encoder settings, such as bitrate mode, profile, level, etc., to achieve the best balance between quality and performance.


  • You can not record multiple windows or regions at the same time, and you can not edit or add annotations to the screen.
  • It is dependent and restricted, as you need to have the Xbox Game Bar enabled and updated on the system, and some streaming platforms may have different requirements or recommendations for the keyframe interval or resolution of the videos.
  • It is resource-intensive and demanding, as users must have enough processing power and bandwidth to render and transmit the videos smoothly without causing overheating or slowdowns.


In a word, this article has talked about what is the Windows screen recorder shortcut and some pros and cons of this screen recording tool. It is believed that you can learn some helpful information from this short but complete article! You can share this article on your social media if you like this article so as to help more people in need!


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