AnsweredCan QuickTime Record Screen and Audio?

Can QuickTime record screen and audio? If so, why my recorded streaming video has no sound? Can anyone tell me how to do this correctly? 

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Hi you. Can QuickTime record screen and audio? The answer is absolutely Yes.

According to your description, you are using QuickTime to record streaming video, and you find that there is no sound in the recorded work. This is because QuickTime doesn't support the recording of system internal audio

It offers the ability to record an external microphone that you have connected, but according to Apple's official rules, the original QuickTime program still can't record any sound from the system at the moment.

However, with the help of the Soundflower extension, your QuickTime will be able to solve its flaws perfectly. Soundflower is a virtual audio data transfer software. In layman's terms, it is actually a virtual mixing console. 

This mixer is built on your operating platform and is not restricted to closed software internals for data transfer. In a nutshell, Soundflower can help us to capture the sound on our Mac system, not just the sound input from an external microphone.

Download and install Soundflower, and choose Soundflower as the audio source. Then you can record a Mac screen with system sound/microphone easily.

Sure, there are other screen recorder options here besides QuickTime - EaseUS RecExperts for Mac.

EaseUS RecExperts for Mac is one of the very mainstream screen recording software. It not only has all the features that QuickTime can offer but is more suitable to be able to do more advanced recording options for experienced users. 

Without having to download any plug-ins, in just three clicks, EaseUS will be able to make a high-quality video recording. Whether you want to record internal audio, microphone, webcam, or just a portion of the screen, EaseUS has it all.

If you think QuickTime is not enough to support you in accomplishing your ideal recording plan, then you might as well click the download button to try EaseUS RecExperts for Mac, which will surely bring you surprises.

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