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I want to share some interesting clips from YouTube videos, but I have no idea to clip a YouTube video. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to clip a YouTube video? How to clip a YouTube video?

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Jane Zhou· Answered on Dec 01, 2023

The answer is YES! You can clip a YouTube video according to your needs!

Recently, YouTube has been testing the Clip feature, which is available for viewers and creators to make clips of longer videos for sharing wonderful moments in videos or streams. 

Clips have a maximum of 60 seconds; you can create them by pressing a new "Share Clip" button. However, the feature is now in testing with a small group of channels and is only available on desktop and Android devices. Here are the steps:

  • Open your target YouTube video
  • Click on the CLIP button. If you don't see this, the video isn't eligible for Clips
  • Select the section of the video you like to clip

But if you want to create a YouTube clip longer than 60 seconds, you'd better try a professional clipping software, EaseUS RecExperts.

This screen recorder allows you to clip 60 seconds, 1 minute, or even longer YouTube videos effortlessly based on your needs. With its help, you are able to clip any YouTube videos and export the clips in almost the original quality. Then, you can choose to save the clips locally or share them with your friends.

What's more, this tool will leave no watermark on your clips, unlike other software. And, you can use it to clip other videos or gameplay flexibly!

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