AnsweredHow Can I Record My Voice Without Any Noise?

Hi, I tried to record my voice while singing; however, there is much noise. How to deal with that? Is there any easy way to record my voice without any noise?

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Jane Zhou· Answered on Dec 01, 2023

Hi! To avoid noise when recording your voice, you can try the following solutions (choose the method according to your situation):

1️⃣Use a Professional Voice Recorder

Actually, the easiest way to record your voice without any background noise is to use a professional voice recorder that comes with the noise cancellation feature. After using and testing many ones on the market, I suggest you try EaseUS RecExperts.

This is an all-in-one voice recorder with noise cancellation. It provides an advanced AI-powered noise remover that can reduce and even remove all the noise during your audio recording. Besides, you can choose to boost your microphone with one simple click. Below is the tutorial:

Step 1. Download and launch this software, and choose the Record Audio option on the left panel.

Step 2. Choose the microphone as your audio source, and enable the microphone noise reduction feature.

Step 3. After that, click REC to start your recording.

That's it! This method is suitable in almost all situations.

2️⃣Use a Noise Reduction Software

Another way is to install and use additional noise reduction software, which can remove the background noise in real-time. But, you need to install and even pay for another program except for your voice recorder.

3️⃣Create a Quiet Environment

Aside from using the software, you can also solve the problem with some physical methods, including creating a quiet environment, using the correct microphone, placing your microphone in the right position, etc.

Whatever you choose, I hope you can solve your problem here.

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