AnsweredHow to Get Film Clips for YouTube Videos?

As the title implies, I'm curious how the film review channels on YouTube get these clips. I've been looking into it, and most people say Screen record. I tried that, and I just got a black screen. I've tried OBS. Someone help me figure out how to get these clips in high quality.

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Rel· Answered on May 10, 2024

You get a black screen recording with OBS Studio on your computer according to your description. It's all right. Some videos are encrypted to prevent video recording. So, it's normal when the black screen occurs in your recorded video files. To solve this problem, an easier and safer way for you to try is to use a more powerful screen recorder like EaseUS RecExperts. I will tell you why this screen recording software is worth trying. 

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🌺Unique features that EaseUS RecExperts enjoys:

  • Record protected videos with its enhanced mode to avoid black screens
  • Provide a virtual background when recording with a webcam
  • Export recorded videos with quality up to 4K/HD quality
  • Support game-playing recording without any time lag

🧙See how to use EaseUS RecExperts to avoid recording with a black screen:

Step 1. Install and launch EaseUS RecExperts on your computer. Scroll down the left sidebar to find the "Enhanced mode". 

Step 2. Enter "Enhanced mode". A window will remind you of a slight change on your desktop. Click "OK" to continue. 

Step 3. You can record with a webcam, the system sound, and a microphone according to your needs. Click the blue "Rec" to start recording and press "Stop" to end it. 

I hope this post helps you!

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