How to Screen Record Protected Video in 2 Methods

Black screen will happen when recording protected videos. For that, you need to find an unblocked screen recorder to record screen-protected videos. Here, this post provides you with EaseUS RecExperts to record them in simple clicks!

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When recording protected videos, you may usually face a black screen. It is mainly because of DRM protection. DRM protection is used to protect copyrighted works. Considering the related regulations, it's not advised to record protected apps as it can lead to a violation of regulations. However, what if you want to record it for personal use? For that, this post offers two methods on how to screen record protected videos. 

Record Protected Videos via Professional Screen Recorder (Without Black Screen)

If you don't want to see any black screen when recording the protected videos, try some functional screen recorders like EaseUS RecExperts. This Mac and Windows screen recorder also allows choosing the audio resources, like internal and external audio. Therefore, you can easily capture the screen with audio. Meanwhile, choose the output formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, etc. 

Besides, it can use the schedule recording to record videos automatically. You can choose the start time and when to end the task. Also, you can record the full screen or custom screen as you like. Moreover, to record the screen in GIF, this software can make it as well. The whole capturing process is easy and suitable for beginners. 

Key Features:

To help you record all protected videos without black screen, all you need is the below excellent screen recorder. Just hit the button to get it!

Here is a list of steps for recording protected videos via EaseUS RecExperts:

Step 1. Launch the EaseUS screen recorder, and click on the "Online Video" button that looks like a small TV on the left panel.

Launch EaseUS RecExperts

Step 2. Here you can see popular streaming sites, like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, Hulu, etc., and choose your desired one. If you cannot find the streaming site you want here, click on the "+" button.

Choose streaming site

Then, a pop-up window will appear, and select the "Restart" option.

Restart RecExperts

Step 3. After restarting this program, you need to select the recording area, audio source, webcam devices, or more according to your needs. Then, click on the REC button to start the video recording. 

Start video recording

To pause or stop the recording, you can choose the corresponding button on the floating toolbar.

Stop recording

Step 4. When the recording is over, you can preview the recorded videos with the built-in media player easily and quickly.

View recordings

Following the copyright laws, copyright-protected contents are against recording with DRM protection. You have the duty to obey app's Terms of Use and Digital Millennium Copyright Act. When using EaseUS RecExperts, follow the streaming video recording guide to record protected videos (for personal use only). 

Screen Record Protected Videos with External Phone

This method is free as you don't need to buy any recording software from the market. You only need to prepare an external phone with a camera. When trying this method, the recordings will never show a black screen. 

It's a low-cost method. However, when using this method, ensure the background and light are in good condition. Also, you need to control the noises to ensure the quality of the recording. 

mobile phone capture


  • Computers or phones to play the protected videos
  • Another phone with a camera to record protected videos

Record DRM protected videos via external phone:

Step 1. Prepare one external phone with a camera to record the videos. Fix the camera on the tripod. Also, adjust the recording angle to ensure it captures the complete screen. 

Step 2. After changing the camera position, you can start recording. Remember to perform the protected videos. 

Step 3. Once done, turn off the protected videos and your phone camera. 

Bonus Tip: What is Screen Protected Video?

If the screen recording is blocked, you may face screen-protected videos. So, what are screen protected videos? Usually, videos like Netflix shows and Amazon Prime videos are under DRM protection because of copyrighted laws. Protected videos aren't advised for commercial use. If you record and share them online for commercial use, it will lead to a violation of the law. 

FAQs About How to Screen Record Protected Videos

Here are some frequently asked questions gathered from the public. 

1. How can I record a protected video on my computer?

Some streaming platforms have the cloud DVR function to record this video. If not, try screen recording software that allows this function. Unblocked recorders like EaseUS RecExperts are able to record screen protected videos on the computer. However, it doesn't work for commercial recording. You can only use it for personal use. 

Also, this screen recorder helps on how to record Zoom meeting without permission

2. Why is the website black when you screen record?

It's possible that you face screen-protected videos. When the videos are under DRM protection, you will see a black screen once you use other recorders to record them. 

3. Can I screen record copyrighted video?

For copyright laws consideration, you can not screen record these DRM-protection videos. Some people record them for commercial use, it can be regarded as a violation of copyright law.

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