AnsweredHow Can I Record Gameplay at 1080P 60 FPS Quality Without Lag?

Hi! I used Xbox Game Bar to record gameplay when I was playing, but there were some lags. Then, my friends told me to record games at a 1080P 60 FPS quality, but I didn't know how to do it. Can anyone show me the direction?

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Jane Zhou· Answered on May 10, 2024

To create high-quality game recordings, most users prefer to record gameplay at 1080P and 60 FPS quality to avoid lagging. However, it is not easy to capture a game of such quality.

Many users, like you, use the Xbox Game Bar and set its settings to 60 FPS. However, it records at 20-30 FPS instead. That's why there are some lags in your recording. The easiest way to overcome this problem is to find an excellent 60 FPS screen recorder.

If you know little about the game recorders, I suggest you try EaseUS RecExperts. This software supports recording almost all popular PC games, including 2D and 3D, and allows you to record games up to 4K video resolution.

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Moreover, it offers different FPS options, such as 30 FPS, 60 FPS, 90 FPS, 120 FPS, and even 144 FPS, which means that there will be no lag during your recording. If needed, you can also choose to take screenshots while recording to save your highlights! Last but not least, it is straightforward to use. If you can handle Xbox Game Bar, you are able to operate this tool hassle-free! 

To record your gameplay at 1080P 60 FPS, you need to follow the below steps:

Step 1. Download and install this software on your computer, then launch it and your gameplay.

Step 2. Choose the setting button, click Video, and set Quality as High (default) and Frame Rate as 60.

Step 3. Then, go back to its interface and choose the gameplay icon on the left panel. 

Step 4. When it recognizes your gameplay, click REC to start recording.

Once done, you can get high-quality recordings! I hope you can adopt my answers.

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