AnsweredCan I Screen Record Facebook Live on MacBook without Notifying?

If I know there's going to be a Facebook live video that I know I would like to see again, can I screen-record that Facebook Live on my MacBook without notifying the person posting that I have done so?

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Melissa Lee· Answered on Oct 23, 2023

Yes, you can screen-record Facebook Live video without notifying the person posting it. However, you may need a third-party screen recorder to do so. EaseUS RecExperts is such a tool. Download and install it first.

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This screen recorder for Mac and Windows is capable of capturing the screen without being notified to anyone. Therefore, you only need to go to the Facebook Live window and launch it to start recording.

No matter how long the live content you want to record is, EaseUS RecExperts can record the whole process as long as you can launch it on time. It's OK if you can't be there to start recording when the Live is started.

This recorder offers an automatic recording feature to start recording Facebook Live automatically. All you need to do is confirm the starting time of the Live, set the recording task, and EaseUS will do the rest for you.

Check more features of it below:

  • Record Live content from YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and more
  • Capture the screen, audio, and webcam at the same time
  • Record your gameplay in a high-quality
  • Export the Facebook Live recordings in MP4, MOV, GLV, etc.

🚩Steps to screen-record Facebook Live video without notifying:

Step 1. Go to the Facebook Live interface. Launch EaseUS RecExperts and choose to record the "Full Screen" or a "Region".

Step 2. Select to record the webcamsystem sound, or microphone as you like. Then, click the "REC" button to start recording.

Step 3. Click on the "Stop" button to finish the recording. Then, you will be led to the recording list interface.

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