AnsweredWhy Does YouTube Keep Buffering? [Answer and Solution]

Has YouTube been buffering much more lately for anyone else? Nothing has changed on my end (as far as I know). I have never seen YouTube pause to buffer before. But in the last few days, it stops and buffers on almost every video. I have a really good internet connection, and I live in Norway. Could you tell me the reason?

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Melissa Lee· Answered on May 10, 2024

Does YouTube keep buffering on your browser? This may be because the DNS of your browser is not the best for YouTube. This could cause YouTube to stop playing and buffer randomly. In this case, you may try other browsers like Firefox. Some people say this works for them.

Other fixes you may try:

  • Change to a faster and steadier internet
  • Exit the app and enter again
  • Update the YouTube app
  • Clear browsing data and cookies

However, if this problem still exists and your internet is fast and steady, you may take down the internet speed, how long the buffering lasts, and anything else you think is relevant to this issue.

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