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Hello, I want to know why Bandicam is so laggy. When I finished recording the screen with my own voice, I found that there was a lag between the screen and the sound. How can I fix this problem? Or can you recommend some other screen recorders for me?

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Jean· Answered on Mar 12, 2024

Hi there! I would like to answer your question: Why is Bandicam so laggy?

Based on my own knowledge and experience, screen recording with Bandicam uses a lot of resources, especially the free version. OBS, ScreenRec, and Screencast-o-Matic are free screen recorders that outperform Bandciam, but they are more suitable for experienced users. My all-time favorite is EaseUS RecExperts since it is the quickest and lightest screen recorder available, records PC screens without lags or watermarks, and has no time restriction.

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EaseUS RecExperts is compatible with Windows and macOS system devices. This excellent screen recorder can help users record gameplay without lag or FPS drop. You can download this software to try it.

Users can record both audio files and high-quality videos with EaseUS RecExperts. You have the option to record either the system sound or the microphone. To obtain high-quality audio files without sacrificing quality, you can open Settings and set the audio format to WAV before beginning the audio recording process. It also lets you record videos from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Disney, and other streaming providers.

EaseUS RecExperts has a few more noteworthy features.

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