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Genshin Impact Screenshot Folder [All You Should Know]

Rel Updated on Dec 01, 2023| min read

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Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG with great action-based fight systems. Run Genshin Impact, and you will enter a fantasy world composed of seven elements. You will travel freely in this vast world, make friends with others and carry out your own exploration.

Whether you see the beautiful scenery in the game world, find rare weapons, have a wonderful fight, or get a new character, players will want to take this scene as a souvenir. 

genshin impact screenshot

But when we succeed in taking screenshots, where can we find them? 

This article will tell you the location of the Genshin Impact screenshot folder on your PC, PS4, PS5, or mobile devices. At the same time, if you don't know how to take a screenshot of Genshin Impact, you will also find a satisfactory answer in this post.

If you're interested in gameplay recording, here are some posts offered:

Genshin Impact Screenshot Folder Location on PC

Genshin Impact Screenshot Folder on Windows

The Genshin Impact screenshot folder location on Windows PC is under C drive.

The full path is: C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact\r\ScreenShot

You can just:

Step 1. Open the File Explorer 

Step 1. Navigate to the Screenshot folder according to the path

open the file explorer

Or just:

Step 1. Put the address we gave above in the File Explorer search box and get there with great ease.

put the address and navigate to the folder

Genshin Impact Downloaded on Epic

If you downloaded Genshin Impact on the Epic platform, the screenshot folder would change. You need to find it in the following path:

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\GenshinImpact\Genshin Impact game\ScreenShot

Genshin Impact Screenshot Folder on Mac

At present, Genshin Impact does not support macOS systems, so you can only play this game on PCs running a Windows system. 

genshin impact system requirments

However, you can download Genshin Impact by installing a dual system for your Mac or through a mobile phone simulator on your computer.

In this case, the Genshin Impact screens folder may change. If you cannot find the corresponding folder according to the above address, you can:

Step 1. Directly right-click the Genshin Impact shortcut on the desktop.

Step 2. Select the open file location to navigate to its installation folder. 

Step 3. Then navigate to Genshin Impact Game >ScreenShot, and get your Genshin Impact screenshots here.

Genshin Impact Screenshot Folder Location on PS4

As a multi-platform compatible game, players can not only play Genshin Impact on their PCs but also log in to the same game account through their mobile phones and game consoles to continue their adventures. 

However, at present, Genshin Impact's game console partners only include Sony's PlayStation series, and Xbox cannot provide Genshin Impact's download for the time being.

Now let's check out how to find the Genshin Impact screenshot folder on PS4.

Step 1. Navigate to the PS4 main menu screen.

Step 2. Choose Library> Applications

Step 3. Find the Capture Gallery option, and hit it to open the folder.

Step 4. Now you will see folders separated by games. Find the Genshin Impact folder, and the screenshots are saved here.

find the capture gallery option

Genshin Impact Screenshot Folder Location on PS5

As the latest generation of PlayStation, it is easier to find the Genshin Impact screenshot folder on PS5:

Step 1. Navigate to the Home Menu

Step 2. Hit the Media Gallery, and you can get your Genshin Impact photos here.   

hit the media gallery option

Also, if you want to check the newest screenshot you just took while playing the game, here is a simple for you to view up to 15 of your recent screenshots.

The function provided by PS5 is called Recently Created Card. There are 2 ways for you to open it.  

Method 1. Press the Create key on the PS5 controller, and navigate to create menu.

Method 2. Press the PS key to open the Control Centre> Recently Created Card.

open the recently created card

How to Find Genshin Impact Screenshot Folder on Mobile

Genshin Impact supports iOS and Android. If you choose to use mobile devices to play games, you can use your phone's built-in features to take screenshots of Genshin Impact. 

These photos will be automatically saved in your phone's photo album. You only need to head to the corresponding Photo App of the mobile system to find these screenshots.

find the screenshot location on mobile

Pro Tip: The Best Way to Screenshot Genshin Impact on PC

How to Screenshot Genshin Impact? In fact, there are 2 original ways for you. 

First, you can use the Print Screen Windows 10 built-in function to take Genshin Impact screenshots by pressing Win + Print Screen keys or only the Print Screen key. 

Second, Genshin Impact offers a photo mode from the Paimon menu for all players to take photos easily.

take photo in genshin impact

However, although these two methods are simple, each has its own limitations, such as the inability to capture images within a fixed area, cannot being used in combat or swimming, etc.

So what is the best way to take a screenshot of Genshin Impact on PC? Let's meet EaseUS Screenshot, a totally free professional screenshot taker.

This is a fast screenshot software that makes it easier for every player to capture the full screen or take a partial screenshot on Windows.

At the same time, it also provides very rich functions. After taking a screenshot on the laptop or PC, you can use a number of editing tools to edit your image, such as adding text, lines, watermarks, and so on. Most importantly, EaseUS Screenshot is a lightweight software that will not have any impact on your game performance during use.

Now let's check out how EaseUS Screenshot works.

Step 1. Double-click to launch EaseUS ScreenShot on your device.

Launch EaseUS ScreenShot

Step 2. Go to the gameplay you want to take a screenshot and choose a mode. To take a screenshot of an area on your screen, click "Rectangular screenshot" or double-click "Ctrl".

Screenshot a Part of the Screen

Step 3. To take a screenshot of the entire screen, click "Full screenshot" or double-click "Alt".

Screenshot the Full Screen

Step 4. After taking a screenshot, you can use the tools below to highlight the content, add mosaic, text, and numbers on the screenshot, or delete the screenshot. After editing, save the screenshot or copy it to your clipboard by clicking "Save" or "Copy".

Edit and Save the Screenshot


We have provided you with a summary table to help you more clearly understand where the Genshin Impact screenshot folder location is on different devices.

Device Genshin Impact Screenshot Folder Location
PC running Windows system C:\Program Files\Genshin Impact\r\ScreenShot
Epic downloaded Genshin Impact C:\Program Files\Epic Games\GenshinImpact\Genshin Impact game\ScreenShot
PS4 Main Menu> Library> Applications> Capture Gallery> Genshin Impact Screenshot
PS5 Home Menu> Media Gallery> Genshin Impact Screenshot
Mobile Phone The Photo Album App

Meanwhile, if you want to take a screenshot of Genshin Impact with great effects, please try the free screenshot taker - EaseUS Screenshot.



1. How do I delete Genshin Impact screenshots?

You can navigate to the Genshin Impact screenshots folder, find the screenshots you do not need anymore, and delete them. 

For now, Genshin Impact can support PC, Playstation, and mobile devices. If you can find the Genshin Impact screenshots folder on your device after taking a photo in the game, you can get the answer in this post.

2. Why did my Genshin Impact screenshot folder disappear?

There may be multiple reasons why your Genshin Impact screenshot folder disappeared.

No 1. The Genshin Impact screenshot folder is deleted accidentally.

No 2. The folder is set as hidden.

No 3. Your Genshin Impact version is outdated.

No 4. Due to the virus or malware, the memory leak, and your screenshots are deleted.

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