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[6 Ways] How to Screenshot Genshin Impact Easily

Rel Updated on Feb 21, 2024| min read

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Genshin Impact is an anime-style role-playing game developed by MiHoYo. It builds a development world for players that brings together 7 different elements and supports players to explore as their wish in this world. 

The game screen of Genshin Impact is very exquisite, with full characterization and distinctive combat mode and skill design. It makes people want to take photos during the journey and share them with their friends.

screentshot genshin impact

Currently, Genshin Impact supports Windows, PlayStation 4/5, Android, and iOS. This article will show you the simplest solutions on how to screenshots Genshin Impact on different devices. After the screenshot, you can quickly go to the Genshin Impact screenshot folder to view the images.

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The Best Way to Screenshot Genshin Impact on PC

The best way to screenshot Genshin Impact on PC is using a third-party tool - EaseUS Screenshot.

EaseUS ScreenShot is a completely free screenshot software that allows you to obtain screenshots of any content on a Windows PC. You can freely choose the entire screen, take a partial screenshot, and choose individual windows or fixed rectangular areas to determine the composition and content of the image you want. At the same time, EaseUS ScreenShot has a shortcut key function that allows users to customize hotkeys to perform screenshot tasks quickly.

After taking a screenshot on a laptop, screenshots, you can also use the additional features provided by EaseUS ScreenShot to edit your pictures. You can add comments, text, and more to your screenshots in a simple and intuitive interface.

Now let's follow the simple steps here to screenshot Genshin Impact now.

Step 1. Double-click to launch EaseUS ScreenShot on your device.

Launch EaseUS ScreenShot

Step 2. Go to the gameplay you want to take a screenshot and choose a mode. To take a screenshot of an area on your screen, click "Rectangular screenshot" or double-click "Ctrl".

Screenshot a Part of the Screen

Step 3. To take a screenshot of the entire screen, click "Full screenshot" or double-click "Alt".

Screenshot the Full Screen

Step 4. After taking a screenshot, you can use the tools below to highlight the content, add mosaic, text, and numbers on the screenshot, or delete the screenshot. After editing, save the screenshot or copy it to your clipboard by clicking "Save" or "Copy".

Edit and Save the Screenshot

Screenshot Genshin Impact with Built-in Photo Mode

Genshin Impact has a built-in screenshot tool that allows you to turn on Photo Mode.

Here are 4 steps you need to follow:

Step 1. Confirm the character and background you want to capture.

Step 2. Press the Esc key or click the Paimon icon to open the Paimon menu.

open paimon menu

Step 3. Select the camera icon and open the photo mode.

open the photo mode

Step 4. You can customize your desired photo effect and press Enter to capture the image.

press enter to take a photo

Genshin Impact provides players with various photo settings, where you can pan, zoom in on the background, and even set character gestures and facial expressions.

After saving your screenshot, you can navigate to the Genshin Impact screenshot folder to find your photos.

Photo mode cannot be used in combat or when your character is in dynamic situations such as walking or swimming.

Screenshot Genshin Impact with Kamera Gadgets

In addition to the camera features provided by Genshin Impact, players can obtain some photographic props in some activities, such as Kamera.

These props can compensate for the drawbacks of the Genshin Impact photo mode, enabling players to take screenshots in many situations where the Photo option is unavailable, such as during combat or swimming.

To use these camera props, press B to open your backpack, click the toggle button to equip it, and press Z to take a photo.

kamera gadgets

These gadgets are limited and can only be obtained during certain activities. And players don't have many opportunities to pose to their satisfaction.

Screenshot Genshin Impact on Windows

If you want to get a screenshot of a character while it's in motion, and you don't have props like Kamera, there are two other ways for Windows users to achieve your goals.

Using Print Screen Key

You can press the Print Screen key or Win + Print Screen keys to take a screenshot of the whole screen. This built-in Windows feature can help you capture any moment in the Genshin Impact.

press the print screen key

However, it should be noted that Print Screen can only help you capture full-screen content and cannot be automatically saved. You can only open other software that can read images, paste screenshots into this software, and finally choose to save.

Using Snipping Tool

In addition to using the Print Screen key, you can rely on the Windows Snipping Tool to screenshot Genshin Impact.

Here are 3 steps you can follow.

Step 1. Enter Snipping Tool in the Windows search box to find and open it.

open the snipping tool

Step 2. Set the settings you like and run Genshin Impact

hit win shift and s keys

Step 3. Now you can hit the Win + Shift + S keys to take a photo of Genshin Impact easily.

Although Snipping Tool is very useful, Genshin Impact often prevents it for some reason. Therefore, using the Snipping Tool to take screenshots is limited by the game itself.

Screenshot Genshin Impact on Mobile

Mobile phone users also face the problem that the Genshin Impact photo mode cannot be applied in all situations. However, whether it's iOS or Android, players can use the built-in features of their phones to take screenshots.

take a screenshot on mobile


This post has shown you 6 solutions on how to screenshot Genshin Impact. No matter you use what device, you can find an effective way to get your photos. But rather than using the photo mode provided by Genshin Impact and the built-in screenshot feature of Windows, we recommend that PC users download the free software EaseUS Screenshot

This lightweight software can complete screenshots anytime in the game without affecting the game process. It definitely is one of the best screenshots makers to choose from.


1. How do I open Genshin Impact screenshots?

You can open Genshin Impact screenshots by navigating to C drive> Program Files> Genshin Impact> ScreenShot folder on PC.

2. What is the Genshin screenshot folder called?

The Genshin screenshot folder is called ScreenShot. You can find it under the C drive> Program Files> Genshin Impact.

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