What is the Print Screen Key on Windows [All You Need to Know]

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Every system and computer gives users the option to take an image copy of the entire screen, a window, or multiple windows on the screen. Some even let users take a scrolling screenshot. And most of them achieve the screenshot function through a print screen key on the keyboard. Then, what is the print screen on Windows?

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Definition of the Print Screen Key on Windows

What is the print screen key on Windows? The print screen key on Windows is the keyboard shortcut to copy a still image of your entire screen to the clipboard. Basically, you will need to press only once to get the screenshot taken. Once captured, the screenshot is automatically copied to your computer clipboard.

Where is the Print Screen Key on Windows

Where is the print screen key on Windows 7 and other Windows PCs? The answer is on your keyboard. Although the function is the same, the print screen key can be written differently on your keyboard. For instance, it may be written as PrintScreenPrntScrnPrntScrPrtScnPrtScrPrtSc, etc., based on your different computer brands and models.

Print Screen Key on Windows

Windows Print Screen Key Usage

The answer varies with the hardware used on your computer. Here is how you use the print screen key on a Windows 11/10/8.1/8 PC:

1. To capture the entire screen:

  • On PC: Press the Windows logo + PrntScrn together.
  • On tablets: Press the Windows logo + volume down together.

2. To capture all active windows:

  • Press the PrntScrn key (or any other key that offers the same function) solely for once.

3. To capture a single active window:

  • Tap to select the window you want to capture and press the Alt + PrntScrn keys together.

What is Print Screen Key on Mac Keyboard with Windows

Many Windows keys can be found on the Mac keyboard in different shapes. Just like the Windows key on the Windows keyboard is roughly the same function as the Command key on the Mac keyboard.

The Print Screen Key on Windows can be found on the Mac keyboard as Shift + Command + 3(takes a screenshot of the entire screen) and Shift + Command + 4(takes a picture of the selected screen part).

Key Shortcut on Widnows and Mac

Image source: Apple

The Bottom Line

You read this article because you were not clear about the print screen key on Windows before. This post tells you what the print screen key on Windows used for, how to use it, and what is the print screen key on the Mac. I hope you find the information you want after reading it. Please share it with other people who have the same doubts as you.


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