AnsweredHow Do You Record Vocals with Just the Laptop

I'm an absolute newbie to music production, and I can't find tutorials on youtube for this anywhere. I just want to record my vocals on my laptop, and I don't care about sound quality because I'm planning to just sing to get the notes up. Can anyone help me?

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Jane Zhou· Answered on Mar 18, 2024

Hi! If you want to record your vocals with just the laptop, all you need is an excellent vocal recording software for PC.

Actually, there is a built-in tool on your laptop called Voice Recorder, which lets you record your voice quickly with a few simple clicks. But, you need to keep in mind that you can only record up to 2 hours. Moreover, the quality is not guaranteed. 

Considering that you are going to record your vocals to make songs, I suggest you try a professional audio recorder, like EaseUS RecExperts. This software is capable of capturing all sounds from your device, including the internal audio and microphone sound. 

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It provides numerous features for recording microphone audio. For instance, you can enable the Microphone Boost option to improve your sound recording quality. Plus, if you are in a noisy room or office, you can rely on the noise reduction feature to eliminate all background noise with one simple click. Most importantly, it allows unlimited recording time, which means you can record your vocals for as long as you want!

Now, you can check the following guide to record vocals on your laptop:

Step 1. Download and launch this tool on your laptop, then choose the Sound icon on the left panel.

Step 2. Enable the Microphone option by clicking on it. Then, click the down arrow icon next to the microphone to adjust the advanced settings.

Step 3. When you are ready, hit REC to start your vocal recording!

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