AnsweredHow Do I Record Nintendo Switch Gameplay Without a Capture Card?

Hey, guys. I want to record Nintendo Switch gameplay but don't feel like buying a capture card. Could you please tell me how I record Nintendo Switch gameplay without a capture card? I'll appreciate your answers.

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Rel· Answered on May 10, 2024

Hi. Do you want to record Nintendo Switch gameplay without a capture card? OK. Before answering your questions, I must note that recording gameplay without a capture card is viable but not wise.

📍There are two methods to choose from. Check them below:

1️⃣ - Tap the Record button on your Switch every 30 seconds: Use a video editor to link all videos together after recording. The editing process might be tedious and time-wasting. 

2️⃣ - Record with an external camera straight to your Switch screen: This method also has a flaw. The video quality might be so bad that viewers won't enjoy your videos. 

As you see, both recording methods without a capture card have drawbacks. If you have decided to start a career of recording gameplay on Nintendo Switch, I suggest you buy a capture card to save time and effort. 

After connecting with the capture card, I recommend you record Nintendo Switch gameplay with third-party software like EaseUS RecExperts. This great recording software provides you with multiple recording modes, and you can record almost all games on the market. You can record your gameplay without any time lag. Just click the button below and find more functions by yourself.

I hope I have solved your problem. Good luck!

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