AnsweredSnapchat Screen Recording Not Notify on Samsung?

Is it just me, or does screen recording not notify on Snapchat on our Samsung? Normally when you screen record, it tells them on like iPhone. But for Samsung's built-in screen record, it doesn't. Is this normal?

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Melissa Lee· Answered on Dec 01, 2023

No, Snapchat doesn't notify screen recording on Samsung. In fact, Samsung will black out Netflix, Disney, Hulu, some banking apps, and even incognito tabs, but not Snapchat. So it is normal if you find your phone not notifying you of screen recording on Snapchat.

However, screen recording takes up too much space on your mobile phone, which many people find frustrating. Therefore, if you want to take a long screen recording, we suggest you do it on a PC with EaseUS RecExperts. Start by downloading it from the button below!

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  • Record the Snapchat screen without a time limit
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Easy steps to record Snapchat screen on Win/Mac:

Step 1. Run EaseUS RecExperts on your device, and choose to record "Full Screen" or "Region".

Step 2. Select to record the webcamsystem soundmicrophone, or record none of them as you like.

Step 3. Then, click the red "REC" button to start recording. You may click on the white double vertical bar to pause the recording or click on the red square sign to end the recording.

Step 4. After recording, you will be led to the recording list interface. You can play, trim, or manage the recordings here.

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