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I want to record a Zoom meeting, but does Zoom alert someone if I start recording? If it does, is there a way to avoid that?

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Hi you! Does Zoom alert someone if you screen record? In fact, there are two situations that need to be explained to you.

First, use the built-in function to record a Zoom

When you want to record a meeting using Zoom's built-in recording feature, you can request a recording license from the host. Once the host has given you permission to use this function, you can use the built-in feature to record the entire meeting.

Once you start recording, then everyone's screen has a red Recording logo in the upper right corner, signaling that the meeting is currently being recorded. And, in the participant list, everyone will also see your name with a corresponding symbol next to it, indicating that it is that participant who is recording.

So, if you're recording using Zoomd's built-in feature, Zoom will alert if you screen record.

Second, use a third-party tool to record a Zoom

If you don't plan to use Zoom's built-in program to record your meetings and use a third-party screen recorder as an alternative, then Zoom will not alert if you screen record.

If you don't already have a third-party tool in mind, then try using EaseUS RecExperts.

This screen recorder is extremely capable of capturing all the activities that can happen on your computer screen, including recording all kinds of streaming videos, Zoom meetings, PPTs, gameplay, and more.

Using it to record Zoom won't be known to anyone but you, but you have to make sure that you launch the program before you enter the meeting. Otherwise, there are chances of errors.

You can download this program for free and start a secret Zoom recording instantly.

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