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I am a gaming enthusiast and have my own channel on a few platforms. I always use the Xbox Game Bar to record gameplay, but lately, the program seems to be having major problems. First, I realized that my voice wasn't being recorded, but I was able to make sure that my microphone was working. Now the whole Xbox Game Bar won't open. What should I do?

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Rel· Answered on May 11, 2024

Hi you. Based on your description, you are currently experiencing two issues with your Xbox Game Bar, unable to record the microphone and not opening properly.

🔎First, let's fix the Xbox Game Bar won't open situation.

When you press the shortcut key to open the Xbox Game Bar as usual, but the recording window doesn't appear, it's most likely because you've unconsciously disabled the Game Bar feature or there's some glitch in the system that causes the option to be changed automatically. So, to fix this problem, you just need to readjust the Xbox Game Bar settings.

Navigate to Settings > Gaming > Xbox Game Bar on your Windows PC, and enable the options here. Now restart your PC and try to press the keys to open Xbox Game Bar again.

🔎Once the first problem is fixed, let's fix it cannot record the microphone issue.

According to you, there is no hardware failure with your microphone, so the cause of the Xbox Game Bar not working is most likely that the microphone audio is disabled.

Navigate to Settings> Privacy&security> Microphone. Enable the Microphone access, and let the Xbox Game Bar can access your Microphone. Now, use Xbox Game Bar to record your screen, and check if your microphone is able to be recorded.

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