Is 123Movies Safe? [Alternatives in 2024]

While considering the perks of 123Movies, you must also know about its security risks. Is 123Movies safe to use in your country? Is it safe to download from? If yes, how to do it? This post addresses all your questions with its 10 best and safest alternatives.

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Melissa Lee

Updated on Apr 08, 2024

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No one can deny the popularity of 123Movies among users due to its broad range of popular movies and TV shows across various genres. With the closure of this streaming platform in Vietnam and the US due to legal issues, sites like 123Movies emerged in the market. However, these websites can put you at risk of malware and viruses, copyright infringement, and other issues.

All this makes the users wonder if 123Movies is safe or not. This post provides the legality of this site in your region and how to stay protected by choosing a safer alternative.

Is 123Movies Safe to Use?

Since 123Movies comes up with pop-up ads, malware, and viruses, the general perception is that it's unsafe. However, the legality of sites like 123Movies relies on the copyright laws of your country. Let's check the online piracy rules in different countries:

Is 123Movies Illegal in the US?

No. Using 123Movies is strictly illegal in the US due to its legal framework to protect copyright laws. You may have to face legal repercussions, emphasizing the need to use safe alternatives.

Is 123Movies Safe in Germany?

No. Clearly, using 123Movies is Illegal in Germany because of the strict copyright infringement laws and strong actions against violators. So avoid these free streaming websites operating in a legal gray area.

Is 123Movies Safe in Canada?

No doubt, copyright laws exist in Canada; they are not actively persecuted like in the USA and Germany. This doesn't make 123Movies legal, but the laws are focused mainly on those distributing the pirated content rather than the individual viewers.

Is 123Movies Safe in India?

Similar to Canada, Indian laws discourage the use of sites like 123Movies by blocking access to them, but the enforcement against violators is not as severe as in some regions. However, it is better to use legal and safe alternatives to avoid the risks.

Is 123Movies Safe on Mac?

Since the original 123Movies streaming was shut down, only the clone sites are working now. Although it may not be safe to use them directly on your Mac, you can effortlessly use them by getting online protection and masking your IP to get rid of viruses.

Is 123Movies Safe to Download from?

Whether you need to download movies and TV shows from 123Movies to watch offline or save them for later use, EaseUS RecExperts is the ultimate solution for Windows and Mac users. You can effortlessly screen record your favourite content from 123Movies with different capturing modes, i.e., full screen, part of the screen, internal & external audio, and the webcam. It also lets you record the video and audio separately. Furthermore, with its Task Scheduler feature, you can capture videos anytime without hassle, which automatically performs the recording tasks.

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123Movies Safe Alternatives

Are you looking for 123Movies alternatives to avoid the security risks associated with the illegal streaming of this website? Look no further. Below are some sites like 123Movies, offering a secure and smooth streaming experience:

1. Netflix

Netflix tops the list when it comes to 123Movies alternatives, with billions of followers worldwide. With a subscription-based model, it provides various TV shows and movies, including stand-up comedy and documentaries. Its easy navigation and personalized recommendations make it stand out among competitors. However, the libraries vary in different countries.


2. Crackle

Crackle is another free streaming platform that delivers a limited but unique collection of TV series, shows, and movies. You can access high quality videos and sound for free, but with advertisements. It also offers an advanced search option with length, genre, and alphabetic order filters. However, it is only available in some regions and requires registration before use.


3. Amazon Prime

Although Amazon Prime is like Netflix, this streaming platform is cheaper and comes up with some exclusive shows. It offers various TV series, movies, and prime originals. However, you can rent or purchase titles that are not included in the subscription. It even equips a 30-day free trial before subscription.

Amazon Prime

4. Hulu

Known for live streaming and on-demand content, Hulu is a fantastic 123Movies alternative with roughly 40 million subscribers. This old and biggest streaming platform facilitates you with Hulu Originals, besides popular movie and TV shows. However, it is only available in the US and a limited library in Japan.


5. Disney Plus

For those who are interested in the old classic Disney movies, Pixar cartoons, and TV shows with live TV and the latest content, Disney Plus is an excellent solution. It assists you in watching all things Disney, including Star Wars, Marvel, and more. Though it is available in different countries, the content libraries vary from one location to another.

Disney Plus

6. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a premium yet reliable anime and movie streaming site that provides a complex library of on-demand content. The best thing is that it is available worldwide and lets you enjoy the dubbed content in different languages. Developed in 2006, Crunchyrool has 125 million users because of its free and legal nature.


7. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a free and legal streaming website, offering a good content collection. You can access the desired TV shows and movies from various genres. Although it doesn't need registration or subscription to access its content, this site displays ads on the interface that may ruin your viewing experience.


8. Vumoo

For those who are seeking a no-cost but secure and attractive 123Movies alternative, Vumo should be the way to go. It helps you check movies from different genres with a brief introduction about each movie. Since it doesn't require registration or signing in, you don't have to provide any personal information.


9. Kanopy

Kanopy is an interesting ads-free streaming site that facilitates smooth movie playback with an option of simultaneous streaming. It also lets you access free movies by registering on its website or application. However, you can access only a limited content compared to other websites.


10. YIFY

YTS or YIFY is a remarkable 123Movies alternative, providing a broad range of movies for streaming through BitTorrent. It also allows downloading in the desired resolution. So, you can quickly enjoy the latest films for free with high quality sound without having to provide personal information. It lets you find your favourite titles with its search box.


Is 123Movies Safe FAQs

1. What is the official 123Movies site?

The official 123Movies platform is no longer available, but users often go for mirror websites. However, you may face legal and technical troubles when using these sites.

2. Does 123Movies still work?

No. 123Movies was banned a few years back due to the violation of copyright laws. Although proxy websites offer the same content, consider using its alternatives for legal protection.

3. How to get rid of viruses from 123Movies?

To remove malware from 123Movies, try scanning through a secure antivirus software to detect these viruses first. You can also consider using a VPN and ad blocker for added security.


This post clarifies that the 123Movies official site no longer exists, and the mirror sites contain suspicious links, malware, and viruses, thus exposing your personal information. Hence it provides 10 safe alternatives to choose from.

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