Top 120 Best Minecraft YouTubers to Watch and Follow in 2024 [Ranked]

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of the modern era. But which YouTubers are making the most of it? This article lists the top 120 best Minecraft YouTubers for you to watch and follow.

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Updated on Apr 19, 2024

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The YouTube gaming community has many niches and categories. Some play every new game that arrives, while others specialize in specific games. One such game is Minecraft, which is a cross-generation favorite, and over 130 million people play it every month.

So, which Minecraft YouTuber is making the most out of it? And which famous Minecraft YouTuber should you be watching in 2023? Let's find out the best MC YouTubers today.

What Is A Minecraft YouTuber?

A Minecraft YouTuber is someone who streams and uploads videos regarding the Minecraft game only. As YouTube's official report shows, those Minecraft YouTubers created videos exceeding one trillion views in 2021!

These YouTubers upload various kinds of videos on their channel, including:

  • Collaboration videos across various channels with other famous YouTubers
  • Speed runs and challenges, including building immense structures
  • Tutorials and lessons regarding the game or community in general
  • Speed builds for structures
  • Transformations and mods

The most famous Minecraft YouTubers usually upload collaboration videos with other top Minecraft YouTubers. However, it can vary depending on the channel size, channel type, etc.

Top 120 Best Minecraft YouTubers in 2023

There are many YouTube channels that you can call the best mc YouTubers. However, it comes down to taste and the type of videos you prefer watching. But, based on channel subscription, and general fame, we've compiled a list of the 120 best Minecraft YouTubers in 2023. So, let's get started.

1. Dream

Dream is one of the most popular YouTubers in today's YouTube gaming landscape. You can also say he is the most popular Minecraft YouTuber in 2023, as he has churned up 2.85 billion views in over 110 videos. And he has the most subscriber out of all, amounting to 31.5 million as of this writing. He is also the world record keeper of the most viewed single Minecraft gameplay video on YouTube, which landed more than 118M massive views.

Besides that, Dream is trending on Twitter and Twitch equally well. This is what makes this channel perhaps one of the best MC YouTubers today.

Dream YouTube channel

2. DanTDM

DanTDM is widely considered one of the top Minecraft YouTubers today. This British YouTuber has gained an astounding following of over 26 million since 2012, and his videos have garnered over 19 billion views in the past 10 years or so.

However, his primary niche has been Minecraft since that was his first video back in 2012. And in the last decade, he has posted hundreds of videos, stretching across various types of MC videos.

DanTDM YouTube channel

3. Jelly

Jelly is another outstanding Minecraft channel and is considered the best Minecraft YouTuber out of the Netherlands. With over 23.3 million subscribers, Jelly's channel has over 14.5 billion views across hundreds of Minecraft videos.

Recently, he also dived into the music scene, which has made him even more famous on the global level. But he's mainly considered one of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers.

Jelly YouTube channel

4. SSundee

SSundee is one of the best Minecraft YouTubers in the United States today. Starting his channel back in 2013, SSundee has garnered over 13 billion views across 3000+ videos and through his 21.8 million subscribers.

SSundee is usually known for his funny commentary and ability to turn any boring gameplay into an entertaining one. He also collaborates with other Minecraft YouTubers from across the world.

SSundee Youtube channel

5. PopularMMOs

PopularMMOs is (was) the channel of an American duo, Pat and Jen. The channel has had over 14.5 billion views since 2012 and more than 17 million subscribers. Widely considered one of the best Minecraft YouTubers, even Pewdiepie couldn't challenge their videos at one point.

However, the channel has fallen into decay since 2021, since the alleged breakup of two stars of this channel. But the videos are still up, and you can go through the comments to see the love their community has for them.

PopularMMOs Youtube channel

6. Technoblade

Technoblade has been one of the leading Minecraft YouTubers since 2013 and has had over 15.8 million followers. The channel also has 1.57 billion views across 980+ videos. However, the MC community was saddened that Alexander, the person behind the Technoblade channel, lost his battle with cancer in June 2022.

On his behalf, his father uploaded a goodbye video titled "so long nerds," which has over 91 million views as of this writing. However, the memories of this cherished YouTuber will live on through his videos.

Technoblade YouTube channel

7. Aphmau

Aphmau is another popular gaming channel that has become a very famous Minecraft YouTuber in recent years. The channel has over 15.3 million subs and more than 15 billion video views—most of which stem from Minecraft content.

The channel usually focuses on various roleplays within the game, which makes for interesting building videos.

Aphmau YouTube channel

8. PrestonPlayz

PrestonPlayz is one of the most famous American YouTubers, and his channel has over 14.1 million subscribers. Primarily a Minecraft YouTuber, Preston has also dived into games such as Among Us and Roblox.

However, most of his 5.21 billion views have come from his Minecraft videos. Thus, making him another popular MC YouTuber from the USA.

PrestonPlayZ YouTube channel

9. Stampylonghead

Stampylonghead is a British Minecraft YouTuber who usually plays as his original character called the Stampy Cat. With over 8 billion views, the channel of 10.6 million subscribers has seen a lot of success since 2011.

Nowadays, the channel still uploads Minecraft videos, garnering over 1 million views on average.

Stampylonghead YouTube

10. CaptainSparklez

CaptainSparklez is one of the leading Minecraft YouTube channels in the United States. Since 2010, the channel has uploaded many videos, but it has mainly been based around Minecraft. In that time, the channel has gained over 11.4 million subs and more than 4 billion views.

The channel uploads frequently and has three Minecraft videos each week on average. Besides that, CaptainSparklez also has a booming Twitch surrounding Minecraft streams.

CaptainSparklez YouTube channel

11. LDShadowLady

LDShadowLady is a British Minecraft YouTuber, and she has just over 7 million subscribers. The channel posts frequently, and it usually posts about mining crystals and building structures. This has earned the channel just over 3.26 billion views since 2010.

The channel also collaborates with other MC YouTubers and posts episodic videos of each series.

LDShadowLady YouTube

12. AuthenticGames

AuthenticGames is a Brazilian YouTuber with over 20.1 million subscribers. Garnering over 1.57 billion views since 2013, this YouTuber is widely considered the most popular Minecraft YouTuber in Brazil. So much so that he has also made various appearances on Brazilian Nickelodeon.

The channel is also advertised as child-friendly, so Minecraft videos are usually free of profanity or any other obscene commentary. Making this MC channel one of the most popular in the world today.

AuthenticGames YouTube

13. WiederDude

WiederDude is another Minecraft YouTuber from the United States who has over 12.6 million subscribers. The channel has a little over 2.45 billion views in total, and it has been one of the best MC YouTubers since 2016.

The channel usually deals in creating building challenges, as the videos are based on building large structures, speed builds, etc. Making it one of the leading MC Tutorial channels today.

WiederDude YouTube

14. Black Plasma Studios

Black Plasma Studios is a group of individuals running the channel of the same name. Now, this is one of the most unique MC channels today, with over 10 million subs and a bit over 2.2 billion views. What makes it unique is its style.

As the channel focuses on creating outstanding videos about Minecraft animations. They use in-built animations cleverly to create stories within the game. Making the channel one of the best MC YouTubers today.

Black Plasma Studios YouTube

15. UnspeakablePlays

UnspeakablePlays is another famous American YouTuber with over 7.4 million subscribers. The channel has generated just over 2.3 billion views, and it regularly posts Minecraft content and videos related to it.

UnspeakablePlays also posts a variety of MC content, as it indulges in Mods, speed builds, etc. This variety is what makes it a popular channel among subscribers.

UnspeakablePlays YouTube

16. Sky Does Everything

Sky Does Everything is another popular Minecraft YouTuber who has just over 11.1 million subscribers. The channel was formerly known as SkyDoesMinecraft, and the videos have garnered over 3.83 billion views since 2011.

However, the channel fell into decay in 2020, when alleged claims came forward about the channel. Nowadays, channel uploads rarely, and when it does, the comments are usually disabled.

Sky Does Everything YouTube

17. Grian

Grian has over 8 million subs and more than 2.15 billion views. This UK YouTuber posts regularly and is perhaps one of the oldest channels on this list, as it was made in November 2009. The channel usually follows commentary and episodic-style videos.

Most of the Minecraft videos are related to building and creating structures. Despite having a comparatively lower sub count than other channels, each of the videos on this channel has just above 1 million views.

Grain YouTube channel

18. TheAltanticCraft

TheAtlanticCraft is a very intriguing MC YouTuber who has 6 million subscribers. Uploading MC videos since 2012, the channel has gained a little over 2.8 billion views. This American YouTuber usually posts creative videos over various MC topics.

But, a lot of the channel's videos are focused on creating large-scale battles and war videos in the Minecraft world.

TheAtlanticCraft YouTube channel

19. Eystreem

Eystreem is a family-friendly YouTuber who has played various games but largely focuses on Minecraft. The channel posts all kinds of videos, including mods, and plays various versions of Minecraft. Thus, it has earned over 6.3 million subscribers and has just over 1.86 billion views as of this writing.

Eystreem YouTube channel

20. camman18

The channel camman18 is another famous Minecraft YouTuber who has burst into the scene recently. While the channel is relatively new—established in 2021, it has already gathered over 6 million subscribers and over 5 billion views.

While the channel's owner is mainly a streamer, they upload edited videos for YouTubers and average around 1.5 million views per video.

camman18 YouTube channel

21. iBallisticSquid

The channel iBallisticSquid is popular for its collaborations with Stampylonghead. The channel was established in 2011, but it has mainly focused on Minecraft in the past 10 years or so. And this has gathered the channel over 4.2 million subscribers.

The channel focuses on Minecraft challenges of various kinds, including battles, speed builds, etc. The channel has also earned over 2.8 billion views, averaging around 100 thousand views on each video.

iBallisticsSquid YouTube channel

22. TommyInnit 

TommyInnit has been one of the most trending YouTubers in the past couple of years, and it has earned the channel just over 11.8 million subscribers. While the channel is primarily focused on Minecraft, it also uploads other games occasionally.

This has helped TommyInnit earn just over 1.6 billion views in 300+ videos. The videos on this channel vary in type, and it includes challenges, builds, and even pranks.

TommyInnit YouTube channel

23. ExplodingTNT

ExplodingTNT is one of the most popular Canadian YouTubers/gamers. The channel itself is mainly focused on Minecraft, and it has just over 5 million subs and around 1.51 billion views. The channel took a hiatus in January 2020.

While the channel did make a comeback in November 2021, it's yet to post another video since. This has fans hopeful that 2023 is finally going to be the year ExplodingTNT comes back swinging.

ExplodingTNT YouTube channel

24. JeromeASF

JeromeASF is one of the leading Minecraft mods YouTubers from the United States. The channel has gained over 5.5 subscribers since 2011. And Jerome has racked up 2.3 billion views from an astounding 9k+ videos.

This makes him one of the most consistent YouTubers from the US today. So, if you wish to follow a channel with lots of good mods, then this one is it.

JeromeASF YouTube channel

25. GEVids

GEVids is another American YouTuber with over 5.2 million subscribers today. The channel has just over 2.6 billion views, and instead of focusing on the common YouTube video type, this channel uploads regular Minecraft shorts. And that's why it's also dubbed the best Minecraft shorts channel.

GEVids YouTube channel

26. Bajan Canadian

Bajan Canadian is one of the best MC YouTubers today and another popular Canadian at it. This YouTuber has almost 5.7 million subscribers and more than 1.8 billion views. This is yet another channel that focuses on everything Minecraft related.

So, you will find mods, speed builds, versus matches, and even collaborations with other YouTubers.

Bajan Canadian YouTube channel

27. MagmaMusen

MagmaMusen is another Popular YouTuber, but perhaps the most renowned one from Denmark. The channel totally focuses on Minecraft and has just over 5 million subs as of this writing. The channel has racked up just over 1.23 billion views.

Now, the videos and shorts on this channel focus on classic Minecraft gameplay, including building large structures and creating fantasy worlds within Minecraft.

MagmaMusen YouTube channel

28. GeorgeNotFound

GeorgeNotFound is one of the most popular US YouTubers, and the channel primarily focuses on Minecraft. The channel has more than 600 million views across 47 videos, racking up over 10.5 million subs in just over 8 years.

GeorgeNotFound YouTube channel

29. SB737

SB737 is another UK YouTuber who has earned a name through Minecraft videos. This MC YouTuber has garnered just over 3.9 million subs and more than 1.4 billion views. The channel posts a variety of videos, including long-term world-building and speed runs.

SB737 YouTube channel

30. EthosLab

EthosLab is another popular name in the Minecraft community, and this channel focuses on mods and intricate structure building. The channel has a subscriber count of just over 2.4 million, but the video views are more than 867 million. So, if you're an avid Modder, then this Canadian YouTube channel is for you.

EthosLab YouTube channel

31. Keralis

Keralis is another episodic Minecraft YouTuber who uploads all sorts of videos. The channel stands at 2.37 million subs as of this writing. This Swedish YouTuber has been around since 2007, which also makes him one of the oldest YouTuber channels today.

And in that time, it has gained over 510 million views, most of which come from Minecraft Videos.

Keralis YouTube channel

32. Lemon Craft

Lemon Craft is one of the best MC YouTubers in terms of gameplay. The channel, with over 3.14 million subscribers, has gained just a little over 1 billion views in its videos. And, considering it was made in 2021, it's even more impressive.

Lemon Craft YouTube channel

33. Trolero

Trolero is one of the most famous Spanish YouTubers, and the channel has gained that status through Minecraft videos. The channel racks up 500k views on average, sitting at just over 8.1 million subscribers.

That's why, Trolero has over 2.6 billion views from videos that usually include mods, hacks, and other unorthodox Minecraft gameplay.

Trolero YouTube channel

34. xNestorio

The channel of xNestorio makes many different types of Minecraft videos. As of this writing, they have more than 5.1 million subs. The videos usually include various mods but also a lot of classic gameplay. Thus, it has earned a little over 1 billion views across plenty of videos.

xNestorio YouTube channel

35. Skip the Tutorial

Skip the Tutorial sits at almost 7(6.97) million subscribers, and the channel has more than 1.1 billion views across many Minecraft videos. Skip the Tutorial focuses more on YouTube shorts nowadays, but they also upload various other types of videos, such as Minecraft facts, features, mods, etc.

Skip the Tutorial YouTube channel

36. Maizen

Maizen is perhaps best known for modding and building immense structures in Minecraft. The channel sits at 4 million subscribers as of this writing. Across the variety of videos, in just over 2 years, the channel has more than 2.8 billion views—which is largely thanks to its intriguing modding videos.

Maizen YouTube channel

37. Craftee

Craftee is one of the best Minecraft YouTubers today and is best known for its challenges and build videos. Craftee sits at 3.6 million subs today, and it has more than a billion views. Considering that this channel was made in 2021, that's very impressive and makes it a YouTuber to look forward to in 2023.

Craftee YouTube channel

38. Forge Labs

Forge Labs is another channel popular for its mods. This YouTuber simulates other games within the Minecraft world, and this unique approach has earned them just over 5.1 million subscribers as of this writing. Today, the channel has more than 575 million views and 1200 videos.

Forge Labs YouTube channel

39. WadZee

WadZee is one of the ultimate builders of Minecraft. The reason it's considered one of the best MC YouTubers is because of its structure-building ability. Thus, the channel has more than 4.8 million subscribers and a little over 598 million views.

WadZee YouTube channel

40. Wisp

Wisp is a popular UK YouTuber with commentary videos on Minecraft. The channel has 4.96 million subscribers as of this writing, and the videos vary from custom speed builds to minor modding. This has pushed it towards 922 million views in total.

Wisp YouTube channel

41. Luke TheNotable

Luke TheNotable is another famous Minecraft modder. The channel with 4.4 million subs is considered by its fans the best MC YouTuber for mods + commentary, and that's why it stands at 812 million views across 475 videos.

Luke TheNotable YouTube channel

42. TooBizz

TooBizz is another popular channel for mods and is considered one of the best MC YouTubers in terms of regular uploads. The channel with 4.2 million subscribers usually posts extremely modified Minecraft videos, and that has earned it about 730 million views.

TooBizz YouTube channel

43. aCookieGod

aCookieGod is another one of the best Minecraft YouTubers, and this Canadian is known for its extreme building videos. The channel has gained more than 3.8 million subscribers and stacked up around 510 million views.

aCookieGod YouTube channel

44. Sapnap

Sapnap is a Minecraft YouTuber from the US, who has created all sorts of Minecraft videos, including mods, builds, speed runs, etc. Thus, the channel has more than 4.6 million subs and around 119 million views.

Sapnap YouTube channel

45. BBlocks

BBlocks sits at around 3.2 million subscribers, and the channel has gained all these followers because of its unique gameplay. The creator makes various videos where they create unique structures. And that's why they have had more than 882 million views since 2019.

BBlocks YouTube channel

46. LoverFella

LoverFella is an American YouTuber with over 3.1 million subscribers. The 954 million views are because of the commentary videos on Minecraft. This Minecraft YouTuber usually posts regularly, and the videos vary from mods, builds, collabs, etc.

LoverFella YouTube channel

47. VintageBeef

VintageBeef is another Canadian Minecraft YouTuber with 1.57 million subscribers. The channel posts episodic videos, which follow specific stories and seasons in modded, and Pixelmon videos. And this has made the channel rack up more than 573 million views.

VintageBeef YouTube channel

48. Smallishbeans

Smallishbeans is one of the best Minecraft YouTubers in terms of building large structures within the game. The channel with 3.55 million subscribers has more than 970 million views. And these views are largely thanks to its episodic and large-build videos.

SmallishBeans YouTube channel

49. Beesechurger_73

Beesechurger_73 is another funny ad famous MC YouTuber who posts shorts more than they post long videos. The channel has gained more than 2.8 million subscribers in a little over two years, and the views have surpassed 1 billion only recently.

Beesechurger_73 YouTube channel

50. AyoDen

AyoDen is an increasingly popular Minecraft YouTuber with just over 2.8 million subscribers. The channel owner has recently taken a break but plans to make a comeback in 2023. Thus, as of this writing, the video views are at around 690 million.

AyoDen YouTube channel

51. ProBoiz 95

ProBoiz 95 is another popular Minecraft modder and YouTuber who has made a name for himself by creating unique and intriguing mods in the game. The channel with 2.81M subs is extremely active, with 3 videos each week—and that's why the channel has 679 million views.

ProBiz 95 YouTube channel

52. EpicDipic

EpicDipic is popular because of modding videos and speed runs. The channel posts fascinating and unique videos, which has earned it over 2.2 million subs and around 563 million views. Moreover, this is one of the few Indian YouTubers on this list.

EpicDipic YouTube channel

53. Ph1LzA

Ph1LzA is a common collaborator of TommyInnit, and the channel has more than 3 million subs today. Focusing on Minecraft Hardcore lately, this YouTuber/Streamer posts videos almost regularly and has more than 265 million views across 650+ videos.

Ph1LzA YouTube channel

54. SpeedSilver

SpeedSilver is another Minecraft YouTuber who has made a name for himself in just over two years. The videos on this channel usually focus on mods and buildings. And that's why the channel has gained more than 196 million views from its 2.5 million subscribers.

SpeedSilver YouTube channel

55. sandiction

sandiction is primarily known for creating large buildings and speed runs. This incredible Minecraft YouTuber has just over 2.3 million subscribers. The channel has focused on Minecraft hardcore lately, and this has helped it surpass 176 million views in just under two years.

sandiction YouTube channel

56. TrixyBlox

TrixyBlox is a Minecraft builder, and the channel is filled with building large structures, including whole maps from other games. This has made TrixyBlox a popular channel in the MC community, with over 2.29 million subs and just over 167 million views.

TrixyBlox YouTube channel

57. Glebo

Glebo is another popular YouTuber who creates Minecraft shorts, as the owner is primarily a Twitch streamer. However, even this specific category has earned the channel more than 2 million subscribers and a little over 469 million views.

Glebo YouTube channel

58. Bronzo

Bronzo is a Minecraft modder and episodic Minecraft YouTuber with just over 2 million subscribers. The channel has more than 324 million views. And the most recent trend on this channel is to post 100-day survival videos on Minecraft.

Bronzo YouTube channel

59. Spifey

Spifey is another commentary Minecraft channel with videos focusing on various mods, speed builds, etc. It has surpassed 1.9 million subs recently, as the videos have amounted to more than 302 million views. Once again, this YouTuber is primarily a streamer but uploads frequently.

Spifey YouTube channel

60. Shulkercraft

Shulkercraft is one of the leading Minecraft Survival YouTube channels. This YouTuber has gained a little over 1.8 million subscribers recently. And the attractive survival modes and world-building videos have gained this channel a little over 375 million views. Considering this channel was made in 2019, it's impressive how far it has come.

Shulkercraft YouTube channel

61. Jeracraft

Jeracraft is another Minecraft YouTuber who focuses solely on creating large buildings and structures in the Minecraft world. The channel has more than 1.78 million subscribers as of this writing. The videos have varied lately, from survival mode to building large structures, which has gained this channel just above 202 million views.

Jeracraft YouTube channel

62. Rizzial

Rizzial is one of the most unique Minecraft YouTubers today, as this content creator creates modern houses in Minecraft. The channel started in 2015, and since then, it has posted tutorials about building houses, which has earned it 1.78 million subscribers and more than 254 million views.

Rizzial YouTube channel

63. GeminiTay

GeminiTay is another Minecraft Builder, and she has over 1.55 million subscribers as of this writing. Her channel usually focuses on building and creating large structures, such as castles, houses, etc. The channel has been around since 2011, and her videos have racked up over 216 million views in over 11 years.

GeminiTay YouTube channel

64. Katherine Elizabeth

Katherine Elizabeth is another Minecraft YouTuber who largely focuses on creating large structures. Her YouTube, with 1.44 million subs, uploads once every week, and sometimes they are episodic, and other times they are structure-based. This roleplaying Minecraft YouTuber has created many videos, and it has gained a little over 314 million views across her videos.

Katherine Elizabeth YouTube channel

65. Noobas – Minecraft

Noobas – Minecraft is a comparison channel that usually uploads videos comparing the gameplay of a noob, hacker, pro, and god mode. This American YouTube posts frequently and under various settings, including Minecraft Battle. The channel has more than 1.4 million subscribers, and the videos have racked up around 149 million views as of this writing.

Noobas - Minecraft YouTube channel

66. Mysticat

Mysticat is a popular modder in Minecraft, and the YouTube channel has popped up in recent times, despite being around since 2015. The channel posts regularly and creates various mods, builds, and speed runs. In over 130 videos, Mysticat has earned more than 1.39 million subs, and the videos have had more than 124 million views.

Mysticat YouTube channel

67. MrCrayfish

MrCrayfish is one of the most famous Minecraft modders in the community. The channel popped off back in 2018-19, but since 2020, the modder has focused on mods more than on videos. In 2023, the channel is supposed to make a comeback, as MrCrayFish has over 1.19 million subs and more than 183 million views.

MrCrayfish YouTube channel

68. Purpled

Purpled is a popular American YouTuber in the Minecraft community. He's a commentary YouTuber who plays common mods in Minecraft and collaborates with other Minecraft YouTubers on the horizon. Today, the channel sits at 1.14 million subscribers. The channel was made in 2017, and since then, it has had over 117 million views.

Purpled YouTube channel

69. Orion

Orion is another popular Brazilian YouTuber who has gained popularity because of his frequent uploads of YouTube shorts. The channel mainly posts in Portuguese, so it attracts a South American audience mostly and still has over 1.16 million subscribers and a little over 160 million views.

Orion YouTube channel

70. Pixlriffs

Pixlriffs is another Minecraft YouTuber who focuses on various types of MC videos. However, this channel's primary content is episodic Minecraft Survival videos lately. The channel sits as 917k subscribers as of this writing. Now, this may not sound like a lot, but considering the fact that this channel has over 229 million views, that's impressive.

Pixlriffs YouTube channel

71. Cash

Cash is one of the best Minecraft YouTubers, solely because this channel focuses on creating collabs with other MC YouTubers. The channel has over 1.2 million subscribers right now, and the type of videos posted includes shorts, Minecraft pranks, speed builds, mods, etc. This type of variety has caused the channel to stack up 223 million views.

Cash Minecraft YouTube channel

72. SheepGG

SheepGG is another YouTuber who is known for their outstanding building abilities. The channel posts regularly about building large houses, castles, and other structures. With over 873k subscribers, the videos get a lot of attention from subscribers and Minecraft lovers. This has allowed the channel to get over 80 million views across videos.

SheepGG YouTube channel

73. Crave

Crave is another one of the popular Minecraft YouTubers who mainly focuses on creating YouTube shorts on Minecraft. However, the channel frequently uploads videos such as builds, mods, collabs, etc. This Canadian YouTuber sits at just over 740K subs and has stacked up over 237 million views since the channel's inception in 2021.

Crave YouTube channel

74. NY Gamer

NY Gamer is another modder who has many intriguing videos on his channel. This Indian YouTuber posts regularly, and it's usually a mix of modding and collaboration with other YouTubers. The channel has just over 758k subscribers and 72 million views across its videos.

NY Gamer YouTube channel

75. RainbowGamerPE

RainbowGamerPE is another incredible Minecraft YouTuber who has racked up more than 677k subscribers in a couple of years. The channel posts incredible structure-building videos, which usually focus on building houses. This has caused the channel to get more than 123 million views throughout its videos.

RainbowGamerPE YouTube channel

76. fruitberries

fruitberries is a Minecraft YouTuber who does speed runs challenges. The channel also posts various other kinds of videos, such as Minecraft mods and collabs with other MC YouTubers. The channel has been around for a while, so they have quite a few videos, which have gotten them 597k subscribers and just over 81 million views.

fruitberries YouTube channel

77. Folli

Folli is another Minecraft YouTuber who does long-building videos. This channel focuses on creating various structures, such as castles, houses, and other types of buildings. Folli mostly creates build guides, so the videos usually have commentary. And they have just over 598k subscribers and around 62 million views across videos.

Folli YouTube channel

78. ChrisDaCow

ChrisDaCow is another incredible Minecraft YouTuber who builds immense structures in these videos. In a recent one, Chris managed to create a large-scale Universe model, which gained over 11 million views. As of now, the channel sits at just over 737 subscribers. And it has a total tally of 18 and a half million views.

ChrisDaCow YouTube channel

79. Gorillo

Gorillo is another incredible YouTuber who has large-scale build videos across his channels. The channel also posts comparison videos and time lapses of builds, time, etc. This has gained the channel just over 700k subs as of this writing. As for the videos, they are very popular and have gained this channel around 89 million views since 2021.

Gorillo YouTube channel

80. Eider

Eider is another Minecraft YouTuber who does fun mods and comparison videos. The channel has just over 667 subscribers as of this writing. Eider usually creates videos that are intriguing videos because they focus on unique ideas, such as Google Translating Minecraft mobs. This approach has earned Eider just over 104 million views since Feb 2021.

Eider YouTube channel

81. BlueNerd

BlueNerd is one of the best Minecraft YouTubers today because of their ability to create large structures in the game. This YouTuber has created a lot of videos in Minecraft Hardcore mode, and they create complex designs, structures, etc. This has earned them just over 628k subscribers and around 85 million views.

BlueNerd YouTube channel

82. IlluminaHD

IlluminaHD is a streamer YouTuber who does long streams of Minecraft gameplays. However, the channel usually posts average-length videos about building, collaborations, speed runs, and challenges. This has earned the channel just over 631k subscribers and a little over 79 million views.

IlluminaHD YouTube channel

83. andyisyoda

Andyisyoda is another incredible YouTuber who creates large-scale builds and tutorial videos about Minecraft. The channel is known for its substantial input into videos and for creating outstanding structures, which has earned andyisyoda just over 572k subs and a little more than 94 million views.

andyisyoda YouTube channel


JINTUBE is one of the best Minecraft YouTubers and perhaps the only one known as the Minecraft Architect. The channel regularly uploads immense builds, which impress over 586k subscribers and millions of other people. The channel has over 63 million views as of this writing because of being known for great building videos.

JINTUBE YouTube channel

85. ezY

ezY is another channel that focuses on Minecraft Hardcore and creates structures, challenges, and speed run videos. While the channel posts all sorts of videos, it focuses on creating episodic videos for various challenges. As of today, this channel has more than 574k subscribers and just under 40 million views.

ezY YouTube channel


HALNY is another incredible Minecraft Builder who has a growing channel. This Ukrainian YouTuber has posted plenty of tutorials on building houses, apartments, and other forms of structure. This has stacked up the sub count to 520k, and the videos have 35+ million views in total.

HALNY YouTube channel

87. WelcominTV

WelcominTV is another remarkable Minecraft YouTuber who creates modes, building videos, and survival modes and plays Minecraft Hardcore as well. The variety of videos on this channel surely makes it a must-watch in 2023. And the channel has 512k subs and a total of 48 million views.

WelcominTV YouTube channel

88. Wenzo

Wenzo is another MC YouTuber to watch in 2023, as this channel posts various types of Minecraft-related videos. The MC community loves it because Wenzo posts building videos, speed runs, and challenges. This has earned the channel 502k subs and around 34 million views.

Wenzo YouTube channel

89. Nico

Nico is a roleplaying Minecraft YouTuber who posts as a character of the same name. The roleplay videos don't usually have an episodic or story-wise method. Instead, these videos take up specific challenges and stories in each video. This has earned the channel just over 759k subs and just around 170 million views.

Nico YouTube channel

90. Dallasmed65

Dallasmed65 is one of the leading Minecraft Survival mode players. The channel also uploads other videos, but as of this writing, it's on episode 499 of the survival mode campaign. This has caused the channel to stack up 77 million views and around 446k subscribers.

Dallasmed65 YouTube channel

91. IrieGenie

IrieGenie is one of the leading YouTubers in terms of tutorials about houses and other structures. This Korean YouTuber posts regularly and has around 451k subscribers as of this writing. And, since the tutorials are in both English and Korean languages, IrieGenie has gained 58 million views across various videos.

IrieGenie YouTube channel

92. JhondPrincsS

JhondPrincsS is a Peruvian YouTuber who posts Minecraft Mods and plays Minecraft on mobile phones. This unique approach has made this channel one of the leading names in the community and has gained him over 325k subscribers and around 68 million views.
JhondPrincsS YouTube channel

93. Tootsie

Tootsie is an American YouTuber who has created many videos, including large structures and challenges. This YouTuber plays Minecraft Hardcore and uploads frequently. The channel has just over 338k subscribers and 23 million views.

Tootsie YouTube channel

94. Avomance

Avomance is a renowned Minecraft builder and tutorial maker. The UK channel has many videos and a very frequent upload rate, which includes building, challenges, and basic gameplay. The 287k subscriber count is increasing every day, as the channel has more than 76 million views across 1500+ videos.

Avomance YouTube channel

95. OinkOink

OinkOink is another roleplaying Minecraft YouTuber who plays the channel's titular character. While this YouTuber focuses mostly on Tutorials, it does so while roleplaying. This has made this channel pile up just over 250k subscribers and 40 million views.

OinkOink YouTube channel

96. Ei Natsu

Ei Natsu is a Brazillian YouTuber who streams, uploads, and plays Minecraft like a champ. This channel has uploaded many tutorials to create houses, buildings, and other sorts of intricate structures. The channel has piled up a little more than 22 million views while sitting at just over 252k subs.

Ei Natsu YouTube channel

97. Minecraft & Chill

Minecraft & Chill is a UK Minecraft channel that does many different types of videos. The usual ones include best versus worst videos, top 10/20 elements in Minecraft, or challenges and speed runs. As of this writing, the channel has more than 232k subscribers and just over 50 million views.

Minecraft & Chill YouTube channel

98. Cubius

Cubius is yet another comparison Minecraft channel, which does occasional building and challenges videos. The channel usually posts the top 10 and best vs. worst videos. As of today, it stands at just over 227k subscribers and a little more than 35 million views.

Cubius YouTube channel

99. Lomby

Lomby is another outstanding YouTuber who does comparison videos on Minecraft. This German channel is just over a year old and already has over 211k subscribers. Posting tips, tricks, and easy mods/hacks, the channel has gained a bit more than 16 million subscribers as of today.

Lomby YouTube channel

100. Kelpie The Fox

Kelpie the Fox is another commentary YouTuber who collabs with other MC players through their videos. This channel stands at 172k subs as of this writing. The variety of videos, such as buildings, challenges, and tutorials, have helped this channel stack up just over 9.2 million views.

Kelpie The Fox YouTube channel

101. disruptive builds

Disruptive builds, as the name suggests, is a Minecraft-building YouTuber who builds large structures and posts tutorials. Videos also include Minecraft Hardcore and Minecraft survival mode. And the channel has 172k subscribers and just over 17 million views.

disruptive builds YouTube channel

102. ItsMarloe

ItsMarloe is another incredible Minecraft-building YouTuber. However, the channel has all sorts of videos, from hidden stuff to Minecraft Hardcore and episodic videos. That's why it has just over 167k subscribers and more than 21 million views as of this writing.

ItsMarloe YouTube channel

103. Goldrobin

Goldrobin is another incredible Minecraft builder who creates complex structures and posts ideas and tutorials. The How-to videos from this channel are the most popular, and the subscriber count is almost at 148k as of this writing, as the views are up to 9.5 million.

Goldrobin YouTube channel

104. clayzers

Channel of clayzers is known for posting mods and Minecraft hacks. The videos vary, but most of them are about building mods. The channel is just over a year old, and it already has 142k subscribers, including more than 35 million views.

clayzers YouTube channel

105. Timtenth_Buildings

Timtenth_Buildings is one of the most incredible Minecraft YouTubers today, and the time lapses posted by this video are something to behold. The channel creates immense structures and posts them in short time-lapse videos. It has earned Timtenth just over 136k subscribers and more than 14 million views.

Timtenth_Buildings YouTube channel

106. Borschy

Borschy is also a building YouTuber, but the channel posts all kinds of videos. This includes content such as building ideas, building hacks, tutorials, mods, and Minecraft Survival mode videos. The channel stands at 128k subs and just over 16 million views.

Borschy YouTube channel

107. Spudetti

Spudetti is another great Minecraft YouTuber who posts comprehensive tutorials about buildings. The videos vary from Minecraft 1.18 Episodic content to Minecraft Survival or Hardcore mode. Right now, the channel has 12 million views and a little more than 123k subscribers.

Spudetti YouTube channel

108. Cobey

Cobey is another comparison and mods Minecraft YouTuber who has posted many intriguing videos since the channel's inception in 2022. The family-friendly channel posts intriguing mods, and in a short time, it has racked up 138k subs and around 36 million views.

Cobey YouTube channel

109. Rectic 7

Rectic 7 posts outstanding mod videos, as well as incredible buildings. The channel varies from speed builds to tutorials and has around 93k subscribers as of this writing. The channel's videos have gained just over 6.6 million views.

Rectic 7 YouTube channel

110. BigTonyMC

BigTonyMC is another tutorial video channel, and the tutorials vary, but they're mostly about houses, mansions, and other structures. The intricate nature of their videos has earned BigTonyMC a little over 88k subs and 10.7 million views.

BigTonyMC YouTube channel

111. Foxel

Foxel posts incredible Minecraft tutorials about building houses and other structures. The intricate details in Foxel's videos have earned them more than 66k subscribers in a few months. And the views of this channel have been just around 5 million.

Foxel YouTube channel

112. Minecraft Fantasy Builds

As the name suggests, Minecraft Fantasy Builds posts videos about building large structures, including buildings from fantasy movies, shows, books, and other games. The channel has just over 50k subscribers and more than 3.68 million views.

Minecraft Fantasy Builds YouTube channel

113. WBC Builds

WBC Builds an incredible Minecraft YouTuber who posts highly detailed structure tutorials and builds time lapses. The roleplaying YouTuber also makes structures from early English architecture. This has earned them a sub count of 48.5k and around 4.45 million views.

WBC Builds YouTube channel

114. SheraNom

SheraNom is a very detailed Tutorial Poster that creates how-to videos about building houses and other structures. The channel also posts long Minecraft playing videos, which have earned them around 45k subscribers. Whereas the videos rack up just over 2.85 million views.

SheraNom YouTube channel

115. Mia Bloom

Mia Bloom is a remarkable Minecraft building ideas poster. Their videos vary from tutorials to build ideas, which usually entail detailed build videos of houses. The channel stands at 43.2k subscribers and just over 3.47 million views.

Mia Bloom YouTube channel

116. SixWings

SixWings brings other fantasy and games to Minecraft, as they build the structure from various other games. Their time-lapse videos include structures from games such as Dark Souls. The incredible YouTuber has a little over 32k subs and just over 2.5 million views.

SixWings YouTube channel

117. Lomedy

Lomedy is a Minecraft YouTuber who posts various kinds of videos. The videos range from usual gameplay to long-term time lapses, and the channel has more than 38k views and a little over 3.6 million views.

Lomedy YouTube channel

118. EWEN Minecraft

EWEN Minecraft is a tutorial poster that creates large and impressive structures. This channel only has a view of videos in the last 8-10 months since the channel was made. However, it already has 29.5k subscribers and a little over 2.4 million views.

EWEN Minecraft YouTube channel

119. Akila Gaming

Akila Gaming is a Minecraft YouTuber who usually posts long and detailed tutorials about building houses in Minecraft. This interesting channel has many different builds, and each one makes for a great view, earning it 26.3k subs and a little more than 4 million views.

Akila Gaming YouTube channel

120. Nanaroid

Nanaroid is the last channel we have on this list, and this MC YouTuber focuses on builds, how-to tutorials, and YouTube shorts. The channel stands at 18.1k subscribers and just over 1.6 million views.

Nanaroid YouTube channel

Best Minecraft YouTubers Infographic

You can also check the top 120 best Minecraft YouTubers via the infographic below.

Best Minecraft Youtubers Infographic

Final Words

There you have it, folks, the 120 best Minecraft YouTubers that you need to watch in 2023. The list has Minecraft YouTubers on all levels, builders, tutorial makers, commentary videos, etc. But all of them have something to offer for each viewer, so check out these incredible content creators.

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