[2023 Updated] How to Set Up Green Screen in OBS

To learn how to use the green screen in OBS, follow this post as it shows the full explanation for you. In three tasks, you can set up the green screen for streaming. Also, you can learn how to record a green screen webcam in this post.

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Crystal Chen Updated on Dec 30, 2022| min read

Chroma key is an updated technology for visual effects, removing a color background from images. It's included as a filter in OBS which can help change and remove backgrounds for streaming. If you want to apply this function, then some preparations are needed. Here, you know how to use green screen in OBS fully. 

Practical Tasks Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Task 1. Green Screen & Lighting Prepare a green screen and adjust the lighting for streaming to a suitable level... >> More
Task 2. Set Chroma Key filter in OBS Open OBS Studio and find the Filter key by clicking the "Scene" option. Then, choose Chroma Key in... >> More
Task 3. Adjust Chroma Key Settings To optimize the visual effects, you can adjust options like similarity, smoothness, etc... >> More

Simultaneously, you can know the recording method to meet your special needs. Click this link to read more. 

Bonus Tips>> How to Record Green Screen Webcam

How to Use Green Screen in OBS

Green screen setup for streaming is not an easy task, especially when you use it for the first time. While this part provides the full information for you. It shows OBS green screen setting in three tasks. 

#1. Prepare Green Screen & Set up Lighting

For streaming, you need to prepare a green screen first. If you haven't prepared it yet, collapsible backgrounds for the green screen are recommended choices for most of you. 

After that, adjust the lighting to a suitable level. To obtain high-quality streaming, the lighting for the background is also essential. Usually, it's advisable to adjust it to medium lighting. 

#2. Choose Chroma Key Filter in OBS

As a visual effect technique that can remove the color background from images, Chroma key function is provided by OBS effectively. Many movies use the green screen to replace different scenes. You can use the OBS Chroma Key filter for the green screen in video capture sources, with a webcam. 

Here is a list of steps on selecting Chroma Key button in OBS: 

Step 1. Download OBS Studio from the official website. Then, open it and create the new Scene by clicking the "+" icon from the lower left side. 

Step 2. Remember to add the Camera source in OBS. Now, it's ideal if you stand in front of the green screen and the video's background is in the green screen fully. Here, you can crop the video to meet the suitable size. 

Step 3. On your Video Capture Source, right-click the dock and choose the "Filters" option. 

obs filters for green screen

Step 4. You can see there is the "+" button at the bottom side. Click it and select the "Chroma Key" option. 

setting obs chroma key

#3. Adjust Chroma Key and Settings

To learn how to use a green screen for live streaming, you can also change some settings. When adjusting options like similarity, smoothness, and contrast, you can view the effects and adjust these options as you like. The green screen for streaming in proper settings can result in a better green screen experience.

obs adjust green screen

Here are some suggestive settings for the OBS Chroma Keying effect:

  • Similarity: The reasonable level is from 200 to 400
  • Smoothness: Advisable adjusting level is from 20 to 50
  • Key color spill reduction: You can set it from 10 to 100

You can change other options like contrast, gamma, opacity, etc. While the settings will be different, depending on the quality of your webcam and green screen, the external lighting, etc. 

Bonus Tips: How to Record Green Screen Webcam

If you want to record the green screen webcam, choose practical recorders like EaseUS RecExperts, which allows recording the webcam without compromising quality. Meanwhile, you can select the audio resources like the microphone sound. What's more, it has presets for choosing the output formats (video/audio). 

It's functional to adjust the quality/frame rate for video and bitrate/sampling rate for audio. 

Without a time limit, you can start recording it! Click the button below to download this recorder. 

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After downloading this recorder, you can read the below post to learn more details. 

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How to Record Green Screen Webcam?

To avoid losing quality when screen recording, choose the dedicated software to set frame rate, bitrate, and more.  

FAQs About Green Screen in OBS

Believe that you know how to use OBS green screen. By using the Chroma Key in OBS, you can also edit it. Here, some other relevant questions are gathered from the public and you can grab some useful tips.

1. Can you change streaming background without OBS green screen?

Yes, there is an acceptable way to change the background without OBS green screen. Likewise, try programs like ChromaCam when you want to remove the background. It can edit a video by applying virtual effects, etc. 

Firstly, download and install ChromaCam. Choose the green screen background from this app. Then, open OBS and add the video source from ChromaCam. Followed, remove the video background in OBS. 

2. Does OBS has green screen?

OBS is a good choice for green screen streaming. It has the Chrom Key in filter for green color. Also, you can add an image in green color to this software. 

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