How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos [2024 Best Guide]

Are you looking for a way to watch deleted YouTube videos? Although you can't watch deleted YouTube videos again, there are still 3 ways to help you find the videos you want. This article will bring you ways to watch deleted YouTube videos and provide you with more tutorials on how to record your favorite YouTube videos in time.

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Updated on Apr 19, 2024

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YouTube is currently the largest video uploading and sharing platform, hosting great videos uploaded by YouTubers from all over the world. 

These videos cover a myriad of topics, but due to various YouTube policies, some of them are hidden or simply deleted by YouTube after they are uploaded. Also, some videos are deleted by the creators due to dissatisfaction.

youtube video deleted

For the viewer, the content of these deleted videos may be very inspiring and interesting to them, and they are eager to find a way to watch them again. 

Don't worry, this article will bring you 3 solutions on how to watch deleted YouTube videos. Also, to prevent your favorite videos from being deleted, we have introduced a useful tool for you to record YouTube videos.

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How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos with URL

The first way to watch deleted YouTube videos is through the Wayback Machine, a digital archive of the World Wide Web that uses advanced algorithms similar to Google's to store published content on the Internet, including web pages, text, video, audio, images, and other types of data. To date, Wayback Machine has stored 500 billion digital archives.

If you know the URL of a video, you will be able to try to re-watch or even download the deleted YouTube video through Wayback Machine. If you don't have the URL, it doesn't matter. You can find the URL and title of the deleted YouTube video by using the following methods.

How to Find Deleted YouTube Videos Title and URL

Method 1. Navigate to Browser History

If you have previously used your browser to watch a deleted YouTube video, then you can find the URL of the video as well as the title in your browser's history.

Here we will use Google as an example to show you how to do it:

Step 1. Open Chrome and click the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the Navigation bar to open the Google menu and select the History> History option. Or you can just press Ctrl + H keys to open the History list.

navigate to google history

Step 2. In the browsing history, find your previous viewing history to get the title and URL of the video

find the deleted youtube video url and title

Method 2. Navigate to YouTube Video Listing

If you have recently watched, liked, or added a deleted video to your playlist, you can find it on the YouTube list and obtain its URL.

find deleted youtube video in the playlist

Watch Deleted YouTube Videos with Wayback Machine

After getting the URL, now let’s follow the tutorial below to watch deleted YouTube videos with the URL through the help of Wayback Machine.

Step 1. Navigate to the Wayback Machine web page.

Step 2. Put the URL onto the search box and hit Enter. Now you can see a calendar will pop up, and the specific year that Wayback Machine crawled the URL will be highlighted in the year bar above.

search video url on the wayback machine

Step 3. Click on the appropriate year, and you will see the specific date of the crawl. Click on any of the snapshots under that date.

click on any video snapshots

Step 4. A YouTube page with the video will appear, and the video may be able to play.

find and watch the deleted youtube video

Note that if a deleted video has not been uploaded long enough, the URL for that video has likely not been crawled by the Wayback Machine enough for you to get search results. 

In the event that Wayback Machine doesn't work, don't be discouraged. You can still try the following method.

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos without Wayback Machine

If you find that Wayback Machine can't help you, then you can use the Google search operator to find deleted YouTube videos. Google, as the world's search engine giant, indexes almost all internet data.

There are some YouTube videos that are shared by some viewers to other platforms before they are deleted. If you use Google to search for the unique video identifier of that video, there is a possibility that you can find and watch the deleted YouTube video on other websites.

Step 1. Find the URL of the deleted YouTube video and copy the unique video identifier of the video. The video identifier refers to the "v=xxxxxxxx" part of the URL. 

copy the video identifier

Step 2. Open Google and search for the video ID, and you will see the results for the relevant keywords. If the video has been uploaded to another website, click on the appropriate page to re-watch the video.

find the deleted youtube video with google search operator

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos without Link

Suppose you don't have the video URL and can't find the video in either your browser history or YouTube list. In that case, you can only try to find the page containing the video by its title using the Google search operator.

If the creator of the video re-uploaded the video on YouTube with the same title or posted it on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., then you can also access the page with the video through Google search.

But if you can't remember the video's title or find the corresponding URL, the chances of re-watching the deleted YouTube video are slim.

Pro Tip: How to Record YouTube Videos

As mentioned above, if you don't have the URL and title of the deleted YouTube video, you won't be able to re-watch them, which will be a blow to many viewers.

To prevent this, I suggest you download your favorite YouTube video in advance or use screen recording software to record the content of that video. Among the many screen recorders, EaseUS RecExperts is the best helper for recording YouTube videos.

easeus recexperts

EaseUS RecExperts has an extremely simple interface and is extremely friendly to both novices and professionals. It can record YouTube videos with sound for you without affecting the clarity of the original video. What's more, you can freely choose whether to add system sound, microphone, and camera. If you want to record a reaction video, EaseUS RecExperts can also meet your needs.

Besides recording YouTube videos for you, the power of EaseUS RecExperts can do more for you in these places:

  • Record Twitter space, zoom meetings, Webex meetings, TikTok, etc.
  • Capture the full screen, window, or a part of a screen.
  • Add video effects, trim videos, extract audio, and compress files.
  • Record gameplay with 4k resolution.
  • Schedule recording with smart functions.


How to watch deleted YouTube videos? This post has shown you 3 top ways to figure this problem out. But although you have the deleted YouTube videos' URL and title, the possibility of rediscovering these videos is not 100%. The best way to avoid losing the YouTube videos you like is to download them or record them with the help of the best screen capture software EaseUS RecExperts.

Also, if you want to get more recording tips, do not miss these posts below:


1. How to recover deleted youtube videos?

You can recover deleted YouTube videos in 3 ways:

Method 1. Download deleted YouTube videos from Wayback Machine. Put the video URL in its search box and navigate to the digital archive of this video.

Method 2. If you back your PC up, you can recover deleted YouTube videos from backups.

Method 3. Use professional data recovery software to recover deleted YouTube videos.

2. Are deleted videos on YouTube gone forever?

Yes, deleted videos on YouTube are gone forever. Due to some policy restrictions, YouTube will remove videos that violate the rules. Once deleted, these videos will not be recoverable via YouTube.

YouTubers will only be able to re-upload videos after modifying their content. Viewers who want to watch deleted YouTube videos will have to use the Wayback Machine or Google search operator to try to find them.

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