12 Best Games for YouTube Channel in 2024

If you have excellent gaming skills and looking for the best games for YouTube channel, you have them right here. Check out the list of the 12 most popular and happening YouTube games to showcase your exceptional skills and build a gaming community for yourself.

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Jane Zhou

Updated on Apr 19, 2024

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Many gamers start their YouTube gaming journey with their favorite game. But if you are still figuring out the best games for YouTube channel to attract viewers and foray into new games, you have to explore. There are plenty of games to play, but choosing the one that entertains you and your audience is tough.

Here in this post, we will list down the 12 best games for YouTube channels you can choose from to stream on YouTube. Pick the one that excites you the most, and start streaming. Moreover, we also offer an excellent game recorder you can try in the end.

Top 12 Popular Games for YouTube Channel 

As we have discussed, there are plenty of games one can choose from, but we have selected 12 games that can be played on a range of devices like computers, mobiles, and consoles. 

Top 1. Hogwarts Legacy

  • 📊Game Genre: Action role-playing
  • 💻Platforms: Windows, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One.

Hogwarts Legacy really surprised gamers with its graphics and creativity. It takes you a deep dive into the Hogwarts premises, being the most realistic Harry Potter game to date. Just like Hogwarts, you can fly around the castle using the brooms, fight with the wands, and ride the fantastic creatures in the forbidden forest. You can easily record Hogwarts Legacy and upload the recordings to start growing your YouTube channel!

Hogwarts Legacy

Top 2. FIFA 23

  • 📊Game Genre: Sports
  • 💻Platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Stadia.

Sports always have global appeal in any medium, and Football is the most popular sport in the world. FIFA 23 is the latest installment of the FIFA game. With its huge player base, realistic gameplay, and tons of extraordinary features. Also, it is a great multiplayer game to collaborate with various people on YouTube. 


Top 3: Minecraft

  • 📊Game Genre: Survival adventure, Sandbox.
  • 💻Platforms: Almost every platform, from mobile phones and computers to gaming consoles.

Minecraft is what made YouTube gaming a thing. It literally defined gaming on YouTube, and even today, you can find many Minecraft YouTubers on the Internet, like Mr.Beast playing it on their channels. You get to explore, build, and customize things more than any other game. With this one, everybody is your target audience with the scope of collaboration.


Top 4: Fortnite

  • 📊Game Genre: Survival, Sandbox, battle royale
  • 💻Platforms: You can play it on almost every platform.

Another popular all-platform game that boasts a loyal fan base on YouTube. Fortnite is a battle royale game developed by Epic Games, and released in 2017. In the game, a bunch of players land on a map, and the last one or group to survive wins it. The colorful graphics, modes, features, and updates make it the most entertaining for playing and viewing. Similarly, you can use some screen recorder software to capture Fortnite gameplay for YouTube.


Top 5: Halo Infinite

  • 📊Game Genre: First-person shooter.  
  • 💻Platforms: Windows, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One.

Halo Infinite is the latest installment of the popular Halo franchise. You will have great glitches, intuitive multiplayer, and various customizations in this game. While this may seem like every other Halo game, you can see some new features, maps, and accessories. As it is a beloved franchise, there will be enough audience to watch this gameplay. So, don't hesitate; just start recording Halo Infinite gameplay now.

Halo Infinite

Top 6: God of War Ragnarok

  • 📊Game Genre: Action Adventure, Hack and Slash
  • 💻Platforms: Play Station.

God of War is a popular console-only game with a lot of scope to attract people on YouTube. It all started in 2005 with PS2, and the video game has become a flagship game for PlayStation. The game follows a story of ancient mythology, where the principal character fights with mythological pantheons to complete the levels. 

God of War Ragnarok

Top 7: League of Legends

  • 📊Game Genre: Multiplayer online battle arena.
  • 💻Platforms: Windows and macOS.

LOL (League of Legends) is one of the most popular battle royal games worldwide. Even in the esports tournaments, you can find a lot of LOL enthusiasts. With the battle royal arena and multiplayer concept, you get intense action, close saves, great escapes, outplays, and wholesome encounters with fellow enthusiasts. 

League of Legends

Top 8: Pokemon Legends: Arceus

  • 📊Game Genre: Action role-playing
  • 💻Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Legends really went a step ahead, considering how much an open-world game can offer. The story follows the protagonist going to the Hisui region to complete a roaster of the region's Pokemon. It's great for YouTube because of its exploration, Easter eggs, thrilling escapes, discovery, and various soundtracks. 

League of Legends

Top 9: Hot Wheels Unleashed

  • 📊Game Genre: Racing
  • 💻Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Play Station, Windows, Xbox series X/S, and one.

I don't know whether racing games are still popular, but they were a complete ball game a few years back. The Hot Wheels lets you build the car, track, and customize cars with various features to unleash your excellent racing skills. The bright, vibrant sets, adrenaline, and realistic gameplay with fast-paced racing really is an attention grabber. 

Hot Wheels Unleashed

Top 10: Among Us

  • 📊Game Genre: Party, social deduction.
  • 💻Platforms: Supports every platform.

Among Us is a really popular game. The multiplayer game allows you to do small tasks and puzzles to find the imposter. The imposters have the ability to cause chaos and eliminate other players. It has gotten popular on YouTube as it focuses on finding one imposter and lets all the other players talk, analyze, and joke. 

Hot Wheels Unleashed

Top 11: Elden Ring

  • 📊Game Genre: Action role-playing.
  • 💻Platforms: Microsoft,PS4, PS5, Windows Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One.

A game of quest to derive the balance of the lands, Elden Ring. It is a Dark Souls game set in the mystical world to uncover the truth of the Elden Ring. You will make your custom character and go on a voyage of hard battles, stunning graphics, and extraordinary storytelling, making it a great game to play and watch.

Elden Ring

Top 12: Baldur's Gate

  • 📊Game Genre: Action role-playing.
  • 💻Platforms: macOS, PS5, Xbox Series X/s, Windows.

Baldur's Gate is a single and multiplayer game where players make one or more characters to play the game along with the pre-generated villains to explore the game. This role-playing game's unique ability to make a flexible quest system to approach various levels makes it a great game to glue the audience to the screen.

Baldur's Gate

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Final Words

It's very important to keep a few factors to choose the games for YouTube. Your skills, target audience, and the game's relevance play a major part. Here in this post, we introduce you to the 12 best games for YouTube channels to select from. The list contains popular games for computers, consoles, and mobiles. Choose the one you want to play and start gaming on YouTube.

To stream or record your gameplay, you need a professional screen recorder like EaseUS RecExperts to capture your gameplay with a webcam in HD quality. Get the software now, and start recording your gameplay.

Best Games for YouTube Channel FAQs

Here are some of the most frequent FAQs asked on the best games for YouTube channels. I hope you find these queries helpful. 

1. What games are doing well on YouTube?

Here's a list of popular games on YouTube.

  • 1. Minecraft
  • 2. Fortnite
  • 3. God of War Ragnarok
  • 4. Grand Theft Auto
  • 5. League of Legends
  • 6. FIFA

2. Who is 1 trending for gaming on YouTube?

The top 1 gamer in YouTube right now is PewDiePie with over 111.0M followers and an influence score of 88.

3. How do I grow my YouTube channel for gaming?

  • 1. Choose the game you are interested in playing.
  • 2. Target the right audience.
  • 3. Get the right equipment for the gaming channel.
  • 4. Become a part of the gaming community and start playing.

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