How to Watch Prime Video Without Ads: Unlocking Ad-Free Prime Video

As there will be ads on Prime Video starting January 29, 2024, many people are looking for ways to know how to watch Prime Video without ads. You can read this article to find the best method for yourself.

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Updated on Apr 15, 2024

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  • Amazon announced that it will start showing ads on its platform Prime Video on January 29, 2024, but subscribers can pay an additional $2.99 per month for an ad-free option.
  • Users can choose to watch Prime videos without ads by paying an additional subscription fee. For those on a budget, this may not be an ideal option. Therefore, you can download videos or record videos to enhance the viewing experience.
  • In addition, users can also choose some plugins that skip ads on the market, but they need to consider their legality because they may violate the legal terms of the streaming platform and cause unnecessary disputes.

Amazon Plans to Add Ads to Prime Video

After months of testing, Amazon announced in September that its AD service, which will launch in early 2024, will help it continue to invest in compelling content and will continue to increase its investment long into the future. The official launch date is set for January 29.

plans add ads to prime video

The ads will be available to users in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada at that time before expanding to France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and Australia. If you want to know how to watch Prime Video without ads, you'll need to opt for the ad-free plan, which will cost an extra $2.99 per month.

How to Watch Prime Video Without Ads

There are three methods for users to learn about, and you can choose the most suitable one for yourself.

Method 1: Pay Additional Subscription Fee for Removing Ads

The first way is to pay extra to remove ads so you can watch Prime Video without worrying about ads. However, according to the official announcement of Amazon Prime, users will have to pay $2.99 per month.

pay additional subscription

  • If you're wondering whether you should pay this extra subscription fee to get rid of ads, here are some things to consider:
  • Frequency of use: Consider how often an individual uses Prime Video. If you're an average user who spends a lot of time watching content on the platform, the extra cost of an ad-free experience may be worth it.
  • Budget and Value: Evaluate the overall value of your subscription. If you feel that the content and convenience Prime Video offers are worth paying extra for ad-free viewing, then it may be a reasonable expense.

In a word, whether you should pay for it or not depends on your own preferences, viewing habits, and budget. If you do not think the additional subscription fee is worth investing in, you can consider other methods like downloading or recording Prime videos.

Method 2: Recording Prime videos to improve the viewing experience

The second method is to use a screen recorder, EaseUS RecExperts, to help you watch videos without the disturbance of annoying ads on Prime videos. It is an excellent screen recorder for most Windows and macOS users. You can use this unlimited screen recorder to record streaming videos, like YouTube, Crunchyroll, Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and Disney. Besides, it can support many kinds of video output formats, like MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV, and so on. Therefore, you can record Prime videos without any watermarks and lag before watching them with ads.

easeus recexperts

More importantly, this screen recorder can help you record internal audio on a Mac, so you do not need to worry about the mismatch between sound and images. In addition, it also allows people to record Zoom meetings, gameplay, or online courses. What you need to remember is that the recorded files from streaming platforms like Netflix and Prime Video can not be used commercially, or you may violate the copyright.

Now you can download this software to have a try.

Method 3: Using ad blockers

The last method is to use some ad blockers to help you watch Prime Video without ads. Of course, it's debatable whether or not to use AD blockers to watch streaming videos without advertisements. By eliminating advertisements, AD blockers can offer users a more seamless and uninterrupted viewing experience. Therefore, users who find adverts annoying or irrelevant will find this helpful.

remove ads in prime video

However, from the point of view of the content creator or website owner, AD blockers can have a negative impact. Advertising is often an important source of revenue for content creators and websites, enabling them to monetize their content and provide it to users for free. When users block ads, it can directly affect the revenue streams of these creators and websites, and it can affect their ability to continue producing content.

Besides, using AD blockers may be considered a violation of the Terms of Service and may result in the account being banned or other forms of penalties. In addition, even if a user successfully uses an AD blocker, they may encounter technical obstacles that prevent them from viewing content properly.

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In a word, this article has talked about three helpful ways for users to know how to watch Prime Video without ads. It is believed that paying additional fees for watching movies or TV series on Amazon Prime Video will be the fastest method, but it is not suitable for people on a budget. Therefore, if you are careful about the budget, you are advised to choose another way: EaseUS RecExperts will be a better choice to some extent. You can record the streaming videos for a better viewing experience without paying an extra Prime Video subscription.

FAQs About How to Watch Prime Video Without Ads

After learning about how to watch Prime Video without ads, there are some related questions for you.

1. How Much Is Amazon Prime Video Without Ads?

Currently, Prime Video is available to all Amazon Prime members. The monthly fee of Amazon Prime is $14.99, or $139 yearly. The monthly fee for Prime Video is $8.99 for those who are not Amazon Prime subscribers. The monthly fee for members who choose to continue watching Prime Video without advertisements will increase by $3.

2. Is It Possible to Just Pay for Prime Video?

A $15 monthly or $139 annual Amazon Prime subscription gets you access to Prime Video. For $9 a month, a stand-alone subscription to the service is also offered.

3. Is Prime Video Better Than Netflix?

Both services provide 1080p HD and 4K UHD streaming, but Netflix's 4K movie selection is limited to approximately 600 titles if you choose to sign up for its most costly Premium plan. Netflix offers a greater selection of 4K content than Prime Video, even with a single subscription.

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