Is It Illegal to Record Someone Without Their Knowledge [Updated!]

Learning about the ethics and laws of recording someone without their consent is important no matter in a private or a public setting. So, let's address the most asked question, is it illegal to record someone without their knowledge in the US?

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Melissa Lee

Updated on Mar 19, 2024

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In this digital age, it's common to quickly capture a photo or record conversations with a phone or camera. Going out in public involves a risk of being recorded, i.e., in the background of someone else's video, on security cameras, or someone saving a picture of your outfits. However, the expectations shift when you're on your personal property or in private places like dressing rooms.

That's why understanding the legality of secretly recording someone without permission is crucial. So, let's comprehend when it is illegal to record someone without their knowledge in Minnesota, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, New York, Michigan, Virginia, Texas, California, and other states of America.

Is It Illegal to Record Someone Without Their Knowledge in the US?

After the backlash for recording phone lines in 1960, the US government passed the Wiretap Act. This act declares recording electronic, telephonic, or oral communication illegal in a setting where the parties involved expect it to be private.

However, the legality of capturing someone without consent to the recording varies by state in the US due to the different laws regarding consent and privacy. Let's learn when it is illegal to record someone without their knowledge in Minnesota and other states of America:

The consent of only one party is required to legally record telephone, electronic, or oral conversations as long as there is no tortious or criminal intent for the states, including Minnesota, Georgia, Connecticut, Missouri, Nebraska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Iowa, Alabama, Alaska, North Dakota, Kansas, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennesse, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wyoming.

Record Video in Public

In contrast, consent to the recording is required from all parties involved, with a minimum notification or an audible beep in confidential conversations for states including California, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington. Otherwise, you will be subjected to felony or civil liability charges.

However, in other states, the laws differ for telephonic, oral person conversations, and electronic communication. For example, in Nevada, one-party consent is required for oral while all parties are in electronic communication. In New Mexico, one-party consent is needed for electronic communication, while the wiretapping laws for in-person conversations are unclear.

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🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻Here is a Reddit post for further information about the laws to record conversations in Massachusetts:

Is it Illegal to record someone in Massachusetts ?
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What to Do If You Want to Record?

Do you want to record someone, like making a video of your children in public, yourself in scenic spots, or your conversation with your boss? If yes, here are the must-do things in different cases to avoid violating other people's rights.

Recording your child in public: It is not illegal to capture your child's activities in public places because there isn't any privacy expectation. However, you should still stay mindful of other's privacy. So, avoid recording the strangers as much as you can without knowledge or informing them of your intention.

Recording yourself in scenic spots: You don't have to worry about recording yourself in the scenic spots as it's not a private place. However, always use the visible equipment so it can be seen by others. Also, it's a must to be aware of the local laws about consent and photography/filming in specific areas.

Recording the conversation between you and your boss: If you are in a one-party consent state, you can legally record the conversation as a participant. Otherwise, you should get verbal permission. However, be cautious about the potential consequences, especially in a professional setting.

Record A Conversation

Recording a telephone call: This depends on the state you are living in. For the two-party consent state, you should make the other party aware of the recording. Even for one-party consent states, you can only record telephone calls as a participant.

Hence, checking the state laws about consent to the recording is a must to ensure compliance.

What You Should Do If You Find Someone Is Recording You

Whenever you discover someone secretly recording you, try to remain calm & assess the situation first. You should politely ask the person to stop capturing without consent by expressing discomfort with the secret recording.

However, if the situation persists, you should leave the place for safety and seek appropriate guidance from the concerned authorities.

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Is It Illegal to Record Someone Without Their Knowledge FAQs

1. What to do if someone is secretly recording you?

You should immediately file a complaint against the person secretly recording you through a specialized lawyer. However, you need proof that the person is recording without your consent and against state laws.

2. Can I sue someone for recording me without my permission in Michigan?

Since Michigan follows an all-party consent system for recording in-person and telephone conversations, you can surely sue someone who is recording you without your consent. If proven guilty, the violator will be charged with a fine, felony, civil liability, or jail.

3. Can I record a conversation if I feel threatened in Massachusetts?

No, you can never record a secret conversation in Massachusetts, even if you are being threatened. This is because of the state's two-party consent system. Instead, you are supposed to file a complaint with the relevant authorities.

4. Can you record someone yelling at you?

You can only record someone yelling at you if the state you live in follows the one-party consent system. Otherwise, you must obtain consent from all the parties involved before recording.


This post has covered the relevant information to address: is it illegal to record someone without their knowledge? This depends on the intent, environment, and the state laws you are living in.

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