10 Sites to Download Free PC Games [Legal]

Do you like playing games online and looking for the best platforms that offer free PC games? If yes, this post features 10 sites to download free PC games with some worth-playing offline games to add to your collection. Continue reading for their details!

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Melissa Lee

Updated on May 11, 2024

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Playing games online has been an interesting way to relax and have fun. However, unlike mobile games, PC games often come at a high price. In this scenario, gamers always look for websites that offer the best PC games for free download without making their operating systems susceptible to malware.

If you are also an online video game fan seeking a variety of games, this article will help you by providing the best sites to download free PC games with a screen recording program to save game highlights.

Is there a safe site to download cracked games without a virus? I have a new PC and want to play some good games, but I don't want to get a virus.

___From Reddit

10 Best Sites to Download PC Games for Free - Full Crack

Below are the ten best sites to download free PC games. Let's dig into their details, including their reviews and pros & cons:

1. Origin

Origin is one of the leading sites for downloading free PC games, offering the best gaming experience with automatic game patch installation. It also has a large library of premium games and classic games. With the best and cheapest deals, it occasionally puts up a few games for sale as "on-the-house specials."


  • Support profile management, networking, and video streaming
  • Sharing your game library on social media, Xbox, Playstation Network, etc.


  • Too frequent updates with unresponsive customer service
 Software review
If I could start over, I would not get the origin because it takes forever to load, and then it says it is unavailable.
_____from Sitejabber

2. Steam

Steam by the Valve Corporation is considered the best digital gaming platform, covering the world of PC games, from indie to action genres. Its user-friendly interface, broad game library, automatic updates, sales & discounts, high accessibility, and advanced security measures make it stand out among its competitors. You can quickly find the Free to Play games in the genre section.


  • Come up with occasional discounts on famous premium games
  • Offer video streaming to stream games as tutorials, movies, etc.


  • Feature-rich but a bit complex for beginners
 Software review
With titles and user-friendly features, Steam continues to be the best PC game store on desktop, laptop, or Steam Deck.
_____from PC Mag

3. Epic Games

Epic Games is a prevalent platform that offers a variety of games, including World of Warships, Fortnite, Rocket League, Spiderman, Fall Guys, GTA V, etc. It features one paid game for free every week with daily discounts on famous games, thus helping you save money. You can even add friends to play together.


  • Provide an active gaming community to get more games
  • Add new titles and update existing ones regularly


  • The downloading speed of games is really slow
 Software review
I contacted Epic Games via live chat because I could not link my Playstation and Nintendo Switch accounts. The agent told me they would look into it and never responded. Now, 8 hours later, there is still no response.
_____from Trustpilot

4. GOG

GOG, or Good Old Games, is a digital distribution platform offering the latest games and movies that can be downloaded or purchased online. You can install & play your favorite game with a single click without additional software or a special client. It saves your game progress on cloud storage, syncing across all devices.


  • Offer a DRM-free service
  • Games are not pricey, with occasional sales and gift cards


  • It does not support multiplayer gaming feature
 Software review
GOG.com may not offer the newest Call of Duty game in its library, but the video game distribution service keeps classic computer games alive on PCs.
_____from PC Mag

5. Blizzard

Blizzard, previously known as BNET or Battle.net, is a fantastic site where you can find free yet safe PC games like World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, Diablo, Hearthstone, etc. It also presents social features for connecting with your friends online. You can access both free and paid versions as desired. It even lets you try the paid games for free before purchasing.


  • Offer a clean and easy-to-navigate interface
  • Let you claim paid games for free while on a discount


  • Most of the game titles are paid ones
 Software review
I spent significant in-game currency and did not get what I paid for. I opened a support ticket that was closed a couple of hours later. I was redirected to unrelated general self-help.
_____from Trustpilot

6. G2A

G2A is a rapidly growing digital marketplace that acts as a mediator between customers and clients. With over 12M customers and 2M sellers, you can easily locate your favorite game. It doesn't provide games but gaming platforms such as Xbox, Steam, Gameforge, Origin PC Games, GOG, etc. You can access various genres like racing, song games, sports, action, simulation, and more.


  • Accessible in almost 20 languages
  • Provide gift cards for different platforms


  • Risk of being scammed by sketchy sellers
 Software review
G2A.COM is the largest digital marketplace worldwide for gamers & geeks. Hundreds of thousands of sellers offer a vast range of products here.
_____from Trustindex

7. Acid Play

Acid Play is one of the great sites to download free PC games. It offers a customized search feature to find the exact video game you want to play. It offers a variety of games, from action to arcade, puzzles, and card games. Most of the available games are free to download. Plus, you can check the rating of a particular game before downloading.


  • Feature a simple layout with the direct download option
  • Offer indie games developed by individual aspiring creators


  • It isn't updated, so no new games are introduced

8. Mega Games

For hardcore gamers who want to play games 24/7, the Mega Games platform is a blessing. It doesn't only provide mods, trainers, and cheat codes but also helps you download programs for improvement, check player reviews, and share games with the community. It also offer free PC games and full versions of certain games to download.


  • Allow downloading PS4 games on your PC
  • Provide gaming news, videos, and emulators


  • Too many ads with some games containing viruses

9. Ocean of Games

Ocean of Games is an effective website for quickly downloading the latest PC games because its homepage displays the download links for cracked games. It offers pirated versions of FIFA, GTA, Call of Duty, and other games. Working on different operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux), this platform supports single-player and multi-player games.


  • Offer a community forum for networking
  • Provide a great customer support service


  • Not updated and well-protected, thus exposed to scams
 Software review
I downloaded a game, and after opening the setup.exe file, nothing happened. I got a notification that malware was detected.
_____from Trustpilot

10. FitGirl Repacks

FitGirl is another digital distribution website for downloading pirated video games. As the name implies, it significantly repacks all available games so they can be downloaded and shared easily. This torrent site does not crack the games. Instead, it takes the existing installers or pirated files and compresses them to a smaller size.


  • Suitable for gamers with limited storage space
  • Offer customized installation with language packs


  • It isn't safe as it offers copyrighted games to users for free
 Software review
I got a virus. My antivirus marked it as non-severe, so it's fine. Get a decent antivirus software, and feel free to use it.
_____from Trustpilot

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Free Offline Games Download for PC Full Version

After learning about the different sites to download free PC games, let's dig into some free offline games for PC full version:

Fortnite: This browser-based action video game by Epic Games was released in 2017. It has six different modes…

Gacha Club: It is a free roleplaying game with gacha technicians, in-depth character customization…

Minecraft Beta: This is a popular version of the sandbox game by Mojang that lets you test new features…

Need for Speed Rivals: Here is an action-packed street battle for gamers, where players fight in the streets of Redview County…

FIFA 22: This football simulation video game by EA Vancouver lets participants contest in a famous mode of FIFA…

World of Warcraft: This multiplayer web-based role-playing game by Blizzard Entertainment was released in 2004 …

29 Card Game: This card game allows users to play 29, a popular Indian trick-taking cad known as Twenty-Eight…

Rocket League: Here is a vehicular soccer video game developed by Psyonix, with easy-to-understand controls and fluid…

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Sites to Download Free PC Games FAQs

1. How can I download free PC games that cost money?

Some websites, such as Origin, Steam, Epic Games, etc., offer cracked versions of paid PC games. You can utilize these sites to download free PC games.

2. Can you install paid games for free?

Yes, you can get the desired paid games installed for free directly from several trusted distributors that provide full and legal PC games. These include Epic Store, GOG, and more.

3. What is the best free PC game ever?

Since a single game couldn't be considered the best, some of the best free PC games ever are Fortnite, League of Legends, Gacha Club, Dota 2, Warframe, etc.


This post has provided ten amazing sites to download free PC games with their details. So you can use the one that fits your needs. However, if you need to save the game highlights for sharing or later viewing, try EaseUS RecExperts. This comprehensive software offers advanced recording and editing capabilities to ensure quality output. Download this tool now and start recording your gameplay videos!

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