Top 6 Popular Gaming Streaming Sites in 2023

Want to watch a live streaming gaming video? This post covers the top 8 popular gaming streaming sites, and you can choose anyone to enjoy streaming videos.

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Jane Zhou Updated on Dec 30, 2022| min read

Nowadays, the game streaming market is booming, and many gamers share their gameplay to demonstrate their skills on game streaming platforms worldwide. Some of the platforms are free, some are not, and choosing a good gaming streaming site is extremely important no matter you are a streamer or a viewer. This post covers 6 popular gaming streaming platforms. Go on reading to find the one that suits your needs.

Top 6 Popular Gaming Streaming Sites You Should Know

What are the best gaming streaming sites for streamers and viewers? You will find the answer after reading this part.

#1. Twitch

Twitch is a large live-streaming gaming platform with a huge number of users. This site allows gamers of all kinds to broadcast and stream themselves playing their games online. Unlike other streaming websites, Twitch's streams are all alive, and what you and viewers see at this moment is happening right now.  

Besides, it is also a social gathering of people spectating a gamer on an online platform, where viewers can type whatever they wish and the streamer can respond through the stream with a chat box.


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How to Record Twitch Stream

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#2. YouTube Gaming

Being a part of YouTube, YouTube Gaming offers options for gamers to demonstrate their skills and share gaming videos, and it is considered as one of the best alternatives of Twitch. To stream games here, you only need a YouTube account, and then you can do whatever you want on YouTube Gaming.

While streaming, it supports video in 4K at a 60 fps frame rate, and fans or viewers can interact with others through a chat window it offered directly.

YouTube gaming

#3. Mixer

Mixer is an American video game live streaming platform, which focuses on interactivity, with low stream latency, and a platform for allowing viewers to perform actions that can influence a stream. In addition, Mixer enables the streamer to mix and match with other streamers on the platform (a maximum of 4 users can stream their games at a time).

For the viewers who watch the live gaming streaming, they can use the buttons below a stream to make an interaction with it like using special effects and many more.


#4. Azubu, primarily a streaming eSports website, now has become one of the most popular live gaming sites. On these gaming streaming sites, there are lots of streaming experts working with Azubu to boost its audience. And it provides the organized high-quality content, which makes it easy for viewers to find and watch their favorite game streams quickly.


#5. SmashCast TV

SmashCast is well-known in the world. Different from Twitch, it is specialized in a particular area – e-sports and competitive gaming outside Asia. So it mainly features e-sports games like Dota 2, CS:GO, and others. Apart from the website, it is also accessible via an app, which is available for both iOS and Android. If you are a viewer, you can cheer for your favorite gaming video directly.

Most importantly, it has a good set of tools and guidelines that help you become successful with your streams if you are a new one.


#6. Dlive

Dlive is the first online video platform on Steem, which can be seen as a Twitch on the blockchain Steem included but not limited to game content. It bills itself as a streaming site that does not take a cut of streamers' revenue, and 90.7% of subscription and gift revenues will go directly to streamers.

While the other left will go to the sites. If you are a gaming video streamer, you may try this site.

Dlive - gaming streaming site

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The Bottom Line

No matter you are a viewer or a streamer, you can find the best gaming streaming site that suits your needs in this post.

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