How to Watch Bachelor Live Stream Free [2024 Guide]

To watch Bachelor live stream you can tune into ABC with a cable subscription. To watch The Bachelor without cable, subscribe to streaming partners like Hulu + Live TV, FuboTV, DirectTV Stream, etc.

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Jane Zhou

Updated on Mar 01, 2024

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After being heartbroken in the 20th season of The Bachelorette without finding the ideal match, Joey Graziadei made his debut on the new season of Bachelor to find his perfect match. This ABC show made its return for the 28th season with the tennis pro set on a love voyage to find his ideal partner among the 32 ladies. If you are a newbie or a Bachelor veteran, let us see how we can watch the Bachelor live stream.

Method 1. Watch The Bachelor on ABC

The first method is to use the cable subscription to watch the ABC streaming. If you have a valid cable or satellite TV login, you can tune into the latest episodes live as they air on the ABC website or app. ABC airs new episodes of The Bachelor every Monday at 8 p.m. EST live. The cable charges will depend on your location provider and the package selection.

Watch Bachelor on ABC.

If you are outside the US, you can use a VPN, but the streaming services do not recommend it. Even with the VPN, you need a valid US payment option to get the subscription. If you are not in a hurry and are good to watch the episodes after a week of its airing, you can watch them for free. The ABC unlocks the episodes to stream for free after a week. This way, a VPN is enough to binge-watch The Bachelor.


  • Live TV: Watch the Bachelor live as it airs on ABC without any delays.
  • Multiple viewing options: You can watch it on TV or the website or use the app to stream from anywhere.
  • No additional subscription: You can directly access the content without any additional subscriptions. 
  • Cable subscription benefits: Generally, you can bundle cable subscriptions with the internet and phone to enjoy additional benefits.


  • Expensive: Cable subscriptions can be costly with premium or additional packages.
  • Cable contacts: Cable providers often lock you in contacts extending to specific periods, making switching or canceling the subscriptions hard.
  • Commercials: You'll encounter commercials during the show.
  • Channel customization: You will be paying for channels you don't want, as cables come with packages of various channels beyond your interests.

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Method 2. Watch The Bachelor on Streaming Services

If you are out of the US or wish to watch The Bachelor without cable, you can opt for streaming services to watch The Bachelor. Popular streaming services carry the ABC broadcasting channels and provide you with on-demand content with subscriptions.

1. Hulu + Live TV (7-day free trial)

The Hulu + Live TV offers live streaming with all the Hulu content on-demand. You can witness how things unfold in the new season of Bachelor with the comprehensive package of $76.99/month. Alongside ABC, you can catch local channels like ESPN, ESPN2, and ACC networks with additional sports add-on packages for complete coverage. Hulu offers HD streaming quality, select 4K content, and on-demand content from previous weeks. You may face regional restrictions, blackouts, and additional terms for Live plans.

You can go with the regular Hulu subscription if you want a budget package. For just $17.99/month, you can unfold the latest Bachelor episodes a day after airing without any ads. The downside is you cannot catch up with the content live. Check out the experience with the 30-day free trials for both and decide which one to buy.

Hulu + Live TV.

2. DirectTV Stream (free trial)

DirectTV Stream offers live access to The Bachelor with the CHOICE package. The options feature local channels, including the ABC, ACC Network, ESPN, ESPN2, and many more. You can watch every rose ceremony live and get access to extra sports entertainment. All channels come with an HD viewing experience, even the selected 4K content.

The CHOICE subscription starts at $84.99/month, a higher price point. Also, you may face blackout restrictions due to local broadcast rights. Unlike Hulu, you cannot catch up on the previous episodes on-demand once you miss the live streaming.


3. fuboTV (free trial)

Another way to catch The Bachelor without cable is to get the fuboTV subscription. You can watch the Bachelor live with the Pro or Elite plan. You will have live access to the ABC to catch every episode live. Additionally, you will get ACC Network access and Cloud DVR storage. ACC Network is needed for some Bachelor episodes, and DVR lets you record and store content for later viewing. All of this, including the HD streaming and 4K content costs $69.99 per month.

The budget can be an issue for some, knowing the limited local channel availability of fuboTV. It can be a deal breaker if you are into sports and news. Including the regional restrictions, you may have to face issues with fubo.

Fubo TV.

Bouns: Screen Record The Bachelor Full Episode for Offline Viewing

If you cannot binge the Bachelor episodes live or want to share them with anyone outside the US, offline viewing helps you do it. You can record the stream with the EaseUS RecExperts and use it for offline viewing. The streaming video recorder lets you bypass the streaming platform's encryption and capture the screen in HD to view the series later.

EaseUS RecExperts

Moreover, this software captures the video and desktop sound in HD quality to give you a great viewing experience. You can remove the noise, trim the unwanted parts, and enhance the quality. With advanced algorithms, you can easily bypass any blocker on the screen by streaming giants and recording the video in HD resolution. Download it now, and record Bachelor to watch it later.

What is "The Bachelor" about

The Bachelor is an American dating reality show with a man choosing a potential partner from a pool of diverse and captivating women. The series follows the romantic journey of the Bachelor with extravagant dates, heartbreaking departures, and intense competition. The 28th season starts with former tennis star Joey Graziadei taking center stage as the Bachelor.

Every episode features Joey going on group dates and one-on-one dates with women to connect and dive into personalities, interests, and emotional vulnerability, hoping to have a shot at finding his perfect match. At the end of every episode, Joey eliminates women with whom he does not see a future and finally chooses a potential lifelong commitment.

The format promises to be filled with twists, emotional and physical turmoil sometimes, and connections. Apart from the romance, the concept makes the participants delve into introspection, vulnerability, self-discovery, and complexities of human connection. Additionally, you can see glimpses of luxury hotels, travel, and dates, appealing to viewers to enjoy the element of escapism.

The Bottom Line

The Bachelor TV series has been raking television charts for a long time, and there is no slowing down one of the biggest successes of reality TV. To watch the Bachelor live stream, you can opt for cable connection and streaming services. Learn about the subscriptions and streaming parts in this post. To watch The Bachelor for offline viewing, you can use the EaseUS RecExperts to screen record it in HD quality.

How to Watch The Bachelor FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions on how to watch the Bachelor live stream.

1. Where can I watch The Bachelor live online?

You can watch the Bachelor season 28, live online on Hulu + Live TV (free trial), with DirecTV (free trial), or with Fubo (free trial). If you have an ABC cable subscription, you can use the website or app for online viewing.

2. Can I watch The Bachelor live on YouTube TV?

Yes, YouTube TV broadcasts the live stream of the Bahelor series every Monday at 8 p.m. EST

3. How can I watch The Bachelor in the UK?

You can use VPNs (virtual private networks) to watch The Bachelor in the UK. Or choose a streaming partner that airs The Bachelor in your country.

4. How old is Joey from The Bachelor?

Joey Graziadei is 28 years old and a tennis pro from Collegeville, Pennsylvania.

5. Where can I watch all the Bachelor seasons?

You can watch all the Bachelor seasons on Hulu, ABC, Amazon Prime, etc.

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