Top 10 VR Video Player Windows [New in 2024]

If you want to play VR videos on your desktop, there will be a requirement for a compatible VR video player. To facilitate you, this guide offers the top 10 VR video player for Windows. Let's dive deep into their details!

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Updated on Feb 04, 2024

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Top 10 VR Video Player for Windows
Bonus Tip: Play MP4 VR Videos on a PC
FAQs about VR Video Player Windows

Though watching videos is a favorite task for many, virtual reality has made its way into this field. VR videos or 360 videos are becoming famous with the introduction of VR headsets, like Oculus, HTC Vive, etc. But a VR video player is a must for headsets and other devices to offer the best video-watching experience.

Whether watching a football match, watching people riding a roller coaster, or enjoying the starry night views, you will feel immersed in the screen using a VR player. So below are the top 10 excellent VR video players for Windows, along with the MP4 VR video player!

What is a Good VR Video Player?

💻Detect video files' orientation and dimensions: If the player you choose can automatically detect the orientation and dimensions of your videos and apply them automatically. Then, it can save a lot of your time from wandering through menus.

🕵️‍♂️Stream video from the internet: This means you can watch both local video files and live streaming ones.

✂️Edit your files: A VR video player with editing functions gives you a customizable and smooth watching experience.

🎨Apply post-processing effects: Some VR video players even add effects to your original files to make it funnier to watch.

Top 10 VR Video Player for Windows

Let's explore the list that offers you the 10 best VR video players for Windows users!

Tool 1. Virtual Desktop

One of the best streaming software for Windows is Virtual Desktop which serves as a general VR desktop viewer. It is more than just a video player famous for its versatile features. Since this software enables you to project any video from your PC to the VR headset, you can use it successfully as an alternative to a standard VR video player. Even it supports Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, and more.

Virtual Desktop VR Video Player Windows


  • Offer a highly safe and secure interface
  • Let you access and manage data from anywhere
  • Help you control the device infrastructure remotely


  • Only beneficial for trained & skilled people
  • Bring Driver instability for specific apps like scanning & printing
  • Running high-resource apps in software impact user experience

Tool 2. Magix

Magix is not only a remarkable VR video player for Windows and mobile phones but one of the best free video editors for PC. Its unique feature provides you with smooth VR video playback without any additional hardware device. Plus, you can wirelessly transfer VR videos to a VR-X player from Photostory Premium at a quick pace. Even it is possible to create unique virtual spaces and share them with others effortlessly.

Magix VR Video Player for Windows


  • Offer a simple and intuitive interface
  • Support an extensive range of videos
  • Help you overcome all the compatibility issues


  • Require a purchase to play some formats
  • Give rise to occasional bug issues
  • You may get it crashed sometimes

Tool 3. VR Player

If you are looking for a VR player for Windows that offers an immersive video-watching experience, VR Player must be your way to go. Since it supports up to 4K playback resolution, you will observe the original video quality. It also helps you in loading subtitles so you can understand the foreign language, especially language learners. Even playing videos directly from social platforms or Cloud is possible.

VR Player for Windows


  • Preview a VR video directly through YouTube URL
  • Support customized control with Bluetooth device
  • Help you organize videos by creating a playlist


  • It does not support 360 surround audio
  • Not a completely secure software
  • Lack the video editing features

Tool 4. SKYBOX VR Player

Another heavy hitter on this list is SKYBOX VR Player, which provides you with excellent features like 4K resolution support. The one that sets it apart from other players is identifying video file format, dimensions, and orientation and then applying it automatically during playback. With an intuitive interface, you won't have to waste time over the menu to get a smooth VR video viewing experience.

SKYBOX VR Video Player Windows


  • A completely free-to-use VR player
  • Support almost all stereo modes
  • Let you stream VR videos on the same network


  • Offer a slow and choppy playback
  • Not suitable for larger VR video files playback
  • You may encounter USB device disconnection

Tool 5. GoPro VR Player

GoPro offers powerful software to play your VR videos on various devices. Since it supports 3D stereo videos and equirectangular images, playback of VR videos with 360 degrees to 4K resolution is not a challenging task. Also, it is possible to personalize the default settings from the menu option of the main interface. Even you can connect your headset to your iPhone or Android device to watch videos online.

GoPro VR Video Player Windows


  • Offer a new, improved, and user-friendly interface
  • Work on devices like Windows, Mac, HTML5, etc.
  • Provide 360-degree player plugin for Premier Pro


  • Users report slow performance
  • Fail to work correctly from time to time
  • Updates often lead to crashing

Tool 6. Simple VR

Whether you are a beginner or just looking for a VR HD video player with an attractive interface and simple functioning, Simple VR proves to be a great choice. It offers 180/360-degree support with customizable controls to completely control video playback. The distance, height, and tilt can also be adjusted using the optional settings. Even it is not tricky to find the desired video with the file browser.

Simple VR Video Player Windows


  • Offer file navigation with a 3D menu
  • Let you pause, play, and stop the video
  • Resize controls with motion controllers


  • Give rise to occasional bugs often
  • Offer no updates and new features
  • Lead to a black screen problem

Tool 7. Opera VR Player

Opera VR Player is a specialized program that lets you watch VR videos without any additional software installation. You only have to plug in your VR headset to your device and start watching your videos. Even it detects the suitable video format to play automatically once you tap the video. Along with that, you won't need to turn on the VR settings for playback.

Opera VR Video Player for Windows


  • Play all the videos in VR mode
  • Synchronize the stereoscopy if required
  • Keep updating the 360-degree content library


  • Require a hardware device for playback
  • Unable to provide the reading mode or list
  • Load the large files slowly at times

Tool 8. Total Cinema 360 Oculus Player

If you want to enjoy optimized omnidirectional or live-action video content on the Oculus VR headset, this player works at its best. Its perfectly designed cameras allow you to capture live videos in good 360-degree quality. Plus, you can practice using its four sample videos to learn its controls entirely beforehand. Finally, watching videos on the web at an affordable price is possible.

Total Cinema 360 Oculus VR Video Player


  • Offer the best quality playback services
  • Support M4V, MOV, and MP4 video format
  • Let you zoom, adjust, and pause easily


  • Provide free but limited functionalities
  • The beginners may require a tutorial
  • It may fail to work correctly

Tool 9. LiveViewRift

LiveViewRift is considered an efficient VR video player by Windows users since it offers access to different media storage and helps you watch VR videos over Oculus Rift. What makes this player unique is its powerful distortion and view correction features. Even you can view photos and videos online in VR mode. Plus, adjusting view-pitch and FOV options is easier than ever.

LiveViewRift VR Video Player


  • Support easy MJPEG streaming over HTTP
  • Play a mixture of cinematic & panoramic images
  • Allow you to watch full-length movies


  • Get crashed from time to time
  • Play VR videos with a VR headset
  • Outdated program

Tool 10. BigScreen

For people who are searching for more than a VR video player, BigScreen comes in handy. It provides gaming and social experiences like playing games and watching movies with friends or family. However, you can use this powerful social program to mirror your desktop on the headset. Besides all, it is possible to optimize your experience as desired.

BigScreen VR Video Player Windows


  • Support VIVE, Valve Index, Oculus, and more
  • Let you collaborate in virtual reality for free
  • Support joining the Discord app easily


  • Play a limited variety of 3D videos
  • The interface is not attractive
  • Offer slow performance in comparison

Bonus Tip: Play MP4 VR Videos on a PC

To play MP4 VR videos, you can preview a video on your PC screen, record it with EaseUS RecExperts, and edit it effortlessly. Supporting 10+ formats, this Mac and Windows screen recorder is beneficial to record audio, webcam, games, and screen with audio. Plus, you can use the option to record in a full-screen, and a specific region is available.

Furthermore, it is also an excellent 4K video player, processing is easier because the software doesn't require registration. Even it is possible to change multiple settings like output format, frame rate, quality, and volume of the recorded VR videos. Last but not least, you can easily use editing features like trimming, adding an intro/outro, and slowing down or speeding up video playback.


  • Record the screen with or without audio effortlessly
  • Capture the system and microphone sound at once
  • Take a screenshot of the VR video playback with hotkey
  • Export the audio and videos in the desired format
  • Work as a qualified streaming video recorder

Now, you can download this software from the button below and follow the steps to play MP4 videos.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts, and click "Recordings" on the lower left to open the media player.

Recordings icon

Step 2. Click "Import" on the bottom right to load your media files. It allows you to import multiple files or a folder.

Import Media Files

Step 3. Then, you can enjoy your audio or video file with different playback speeds, from 0.5X to 2.0X.

View Your Recording

FAQs about VR Video Player Windows

Check the frequently asked questions related to this topic below.

1. Can VLC play VR videos?

The answer is yes. You just need to follow the steps below to playback a VR video.

  1. 1. Launch VLC Media Player and go to "Media" then "Open File".
  2. 2. Browse to the directory of the video file and double-click to open it. Or, you can press "Ctrl+O" and choose the video file to open it.

2. Which video player supports VR?

All 10 video players listed in this article can be used to play VR videos. Just choose the one you like to play your VR videos with easy operation.

3. Does Windows Media Player support VR?

The answer is yes. Windows 10 is equipped with a media player program named Movies & TV and it can play a VR video. If your computer is running this system, you may try this inbuilt software.


Streaming VR videos is not tricky with a professional and efficient VR video player. After exploring the above write-up, you can pick up the desired player and enjoy watching your videos right now. However, you must check the player's compatibility with your device, like a PC only requires a VR player for Windows.

In contrast, you can record and then play MP4 videos on a PC using EaseUS RecExperts. It even offers to edit all your recorded videos with multiple other features.

EaseUS RecExperts

One-click to capture anything on screen!

No Time Limit, No watermark

Start Recording

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