Top 8 Best Free Video Player for Mac (2024 Update)

Apart from QuickTime, there exist other free video player for Mac that you need to know. These tools will allow you to play videos of different formats and also modify them according to preference. This article discusses the top 8 best free video players for Mac. Read on to know them.

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Jane Zhou

Updated on Feb 04, 2024

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A good video player should support different media formats and allow you to modify your videos whenever you wish. Although your Mac comes with QuickTime as the default video player, it may not always serve all your needs since it has some features lacking. As a result of that, it's important to know the different video player for Mac options that are freely available.

In this article, we'll list the eight best video players for Mac that are free to use. The overall best video player you should consider today is EaseUS RecExperts. Read on to learn the unique attributes of this free software.

8 Best Video Player for Mac Free Download

#1. EaseUS RecExperts- Best Overall

EaseUS RecExperts tops our list of the best video players for Mac because it not only works as a media player but also as a Mac and Windows screen recorder. For playing media files, this tool supports 4K HD videos and allows you to play videos of different formats. It will enable you to play videos shutter-free and adjust the playback speed whenever possible.

This free video player with speed control also allows you to save your playback history, making it convenient to search and play your videos another time. Its screen recording feature lets you directly play recorded videos through quick player access.

EaseUS RecExperts

Additional features of EaseUS RecExperts include the following:

Easy file management- this video player allows you to conveniently manage your audio and video files, whereby you can move files to different locations or delete recorded videos.

Record screen with audio- EaseUS RecExperts allows you to record internal audio on Mac through its support for screen capture with audio or sound from the microphone.

Video input and output support-  this software allow you to input and output videos in up to thirteen formats. You'll just need to drag and drop any video format to play it on RecExperts.

Extract audio from recording- as a screen recorder, this software allows you to extract audio from video, and export it in your desired formats.

Save recordings to 10+ formats- as a top-notch screen recorder, EaseUS RecExperts allows you to set the frame rate of recorded media files and save them in formats like MP4, WMA, OGG, MKV, MP3, AVI, MOV, FLV, etc.

#2. IINA- Worth a Try

IINA has an attractive user interface and incorporates the natural Apple design language. It comprises Mac-specific features like Picture-in-Picture, Touch Bar, Dark Mode, and Force Touch. Unlike other video players, this app seeks to make your video-watching experience beautiful and seamless.

To complement its attractive interface, IINA provides better performance concerning playing high-quality videos. Like most top video players, it supports most file formats and comes with playback controls. IINA also allows you to play videos with subtitles, complementing its performance and capabilities.

inna video player


  • Easy to use the media player
  • Supports multiple file formats
  • Come with audio and video editing features
  • Has subtitle support


  • Consume a lot of storage space and CPU

#3. MPlayerX- Fastest Video Player

MPlayerX is considered the fastest video player for Mac. It allows one to play high-resolution videos from digital files. This video play will enable you to enjoy the lossless sound without needing any third-party plug-ins. This free player also supports different features, including auto-encode for subtitles, multi-touch, and gesture.

The application allows you to play videos downloaded from YouTube, Vimeo, and other video platforms. Moreover, the player supports languages like English, Hebrew, Arabic, Latin, Eastern Asian languages, etc. 



  • Converts subtitle automatically to media files
  • Works as a stand-alone video application
  • Supports different output formats


  • Occupies too much disk space
  • Has pop-up ads
  • You sometimes encounter problems when launching the application

#4. QuickTime- Screen Record Feature

QuickTime is the default video player on Mac. It allows you to easily watch videos from the internet, personal media, or HD media trailers. This media player allows you to watch videos directly from the internet using the URL, and therefore you won't need to download the videos before watching them.

This free video player is lightweight and convenient to use. It allows you to watch videos in different resolutions, including 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K. With its screen recorder feature, QuickTime allows you to record a movie or track while it's playing. You can also extract videos as audio.

quicktime player


  • It doesn't require additional installations to play videos
  • Supports video recording
  • It comes with video compression technology to ensure your videos occupy less space


  • Limited video format support
  • Has few video support options and features

#5. VLC Media Player- Best Feature Combination

VLC Media Player is a cross-platform, open-source video player that allows you to perform MPEG, DivX, and AirPlay streaming. The player allows you to easily navigate through videos since it offers a playlist view of multiple videos on your device. VLC Media Player for Mac allows you to play CDs, VCDs, and DVDs and supports network streaming.

What more? This free video player for Mac allows you to open zipped media files even without unpacking them first. Also, it comes with user-friendly playback controls that allow you to adjust the audio volume from zero to 200%.

VLC Media player


  • Supports most video formats
  • Come with extra features like video conversion and recording
  • Has multiple settings for audio and videos
  • Allows you to adjust the video playback speed


  • VLC Media Player has an outdated user interface
  • Little delay when opening media files

#6. Elmedia Player- Friendly Interface

Elmedia Player supports various file formats, including MP3, MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV, SWF, FLV, etc. It has a friendly user interface that allows you to play any video you want. It will enable you to customize videos and audio to your taste and liking. This includes playback controls, picture modes, improved audio controls, and subtitle support.

With Elmedia Player, you can fine-tune your media files for the best experience. Through its “playlist creation” feature, this application allows you to sort and manage your videos or audio, starting with the most favorite. The app also comes with screenshot-support features.



  • Supports wireless video streaming
  • Supports different playback controls
  • It allows you to play different video and audio formats


  • It only supports Mac devices

#7. Plex- Massive Media Library

Plex is a unique video player because it supports a massive media library. This tool allows you to access 50,000+ online media sources and watch free music, shows, movies, line TV, etc. Apart from checking videos online, Plex allows you to watch movies and videos on your local storage.

It comes with an intuitive user interface that lets you easily start watching your favorite videos on Mac. Also, you can watch different online movies, including documentaries, thrillers, comedies, action, and dramas, by typing their names in the search box and checking them out via Plex.



  • Supports multiple video platforms
  • It provides access to a large volume of videos to watch
  • Intuitive user interface


  • The picture quality isn't very clear
  • Need you to download third-party plug-ins

#8. RealPlayer- Recognizes Files Automatically

This video tool has a great advantage since it plays all video formats. It automatically recognizes the format of your video or audio file before playing it. It supports popular video formats like WMA, MP4, and AVI.

Additionally, it has an attractive user interface that makes it simple to play videos. You can also cast your videos to a larger screen to enjoy a seamless view. To get the best out of RealPlayer, you need additional third-party applications. 



  • It comes with features that enable video download and conversion
  • Locates media files automatically
  • Supports various visualization tools


  • It may work slowly sometimes
  • It may fail to load some operations

Wrapping Up

The best video players on Mac should allow you to conveniently watch your videos and perform different activities, including video recording and video trimming. In this article, we've learned that the eight best video players for Mac include EaseUS RecExperts, Cisdem Video Player, MPlayerX, QuickTime, VLC Media Player, 5KPlayer, Plex, and RealPlayer.

The overall best video player on Mac is EaseUS RecExperts. This tool serves as a video player and screen recorder. It supports 4K HD videos and allows you to play videos of different formats. Also, it allows you to play videos shutter-free and adjust the playback speed whenever you want. You can also pause your video and take screenshots of different scenes.

Video Player for Mac FAQs

Below are common questions about video players for Mac.

1. Which Is the Best Video Player for Mac?

The overall best video player for Mac is EaseUS RecExperts. This tool doubles up as a screen recorder and video player, giving you the best experience. It allows you to record audio and videos on your mark and modify them through editing and trimming. You can also take screenshots of given video sections and generate GIFs.

2. Is VLC Good for Mac?

Yes, VLC is among the best video players for Mac. It supports multiple video formats and includes extra features like video conversion and recording. It also supports multiple video and audio settings. This media player allows you to play CDs, VCDs, and DVDs and supports network streaming. Since it's open and cross-platform, you should consider VLC Media Player when looking for an alternative video player for your Mac. 

3. Is VLC better than QuickTime on Mac?

VLC Media Player for Mac and QuickTime are similar in many ways. They're both efficient in providing you with the best experience viewing Mac videos. VLC is cross-platform and can support both Mac and Windows. Although QuickTime is limited to Mac, it also works tremendously and is difficult to ignore.

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