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Do you want to use secret screen recorders to monitor your kids' devices? This article has listed some of the screen recorders you can try. Check it out!

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Melissa Lee Updated on Nov 08, 2022| min read

As stated before, there are occasions when we need to screen record the computer or other devices. Parents need to be aware of their kids' activity on their device to prevent harmful conversation from taking place. Or, we might need to install it on our own device so that we can know who has been using our device. This is especially important if your device is confidential and is forbidden to be used by others.

Seeing the various scenarios where a screen recorder is used, users need to know the secret screen recorder you want to use for the mentioned things before. Behold, here are the screen recorders you can use for yourself or for your beloved.

Top 1. iKeyMonitor

If you need a secret screen recorder that works well on all devices, whether it's a phone or a computer, then you ought to try iKeyMonitor. The software that has been used in more than 100 countries is especially useful for monitoring every aspect of the device, from a text message to recording phone calls.

You're also in control of the device's permissions, so you can tweak the device without having to hold the device physically. The features are optimized for total surveillance, making this application perfect for parents who want to know their kids' device history.

Secret Screen Recorder - iKeyMonitor

Features of iKeyMonitor

  • Monitor text messages and phone calls
  • Allow the the GPS tracking of the device
  • Customization such as screen time and ads customization
  • Instant notification when a situation arises


  • All-in-one features for parents
  • Flexible for all kinds of devices
  • Customer Support for parents


  • The free plan only offers the most basic features
  • The business version only supports Android phones
  • iOS devices need to be jailbroken to use iKeyMonitor

Top 2. Presence

An option you can use if you want to focus on phones-only is Presence. Presence is another phone-compatible application that can be used to monitor the surrounding live. It is thanks to its camera feature that it can monitor movements if you install the sensors from the software. The recording is done in real-time, allowing you to monitor any time you want. Presence is simple and does the job well for those who want a simple surveillance camera.

Secret Screen Recorder - Presence

Features of Presence

  • Live tracking through live recording
  • Allow more than one user to view the live streaming
  • Sensors alert the user for any movement
  • Instant notification for out-of-the-ordinary activities detected


  • Compatible for both Android and Apple
  • Flash control for better streaming of capturing
  • Manual for easy installation guide


  • The free version only allow the camera usage
  • Users will need to purchase the paid version to increase their storage
  • Sensors are sold separately, making it expensive to get sensors

Top 3. TheOneSpy

Do you need a secret screen recorder with an easy layout? If that's the case, then you should give TheOneSpy a try. The well-known surveillance software has a minimalist layout that allows its users to access many of its features within just a few clicks. From monitoring the phone calls to limit its screen time, you can easily master and access the features in less than thirty minutes. Its hassle-free interface makes the software perfect for parents who wants to do surveillance without having to spend their entire time on it.

Secret Screen Recorder - TheOneSpy

Features of TheOneSpy

  • Temper-free
  • Monitor all kinds of social media
  • Can break into the the device's password
  • Real-time tracking and recording


  • More than 250 surveillance tools accessible
  • Does not create noise that can alert the person
  • Works worldwide


  • Limited features for Mac
  • Cannot keep track of more than one device using one license
  • Does not support Chinese TCL

Top 4. Cocospy

Do you need a secret screen recorder with easy interface and installation? Cocospy is the answer for you. The software boasts compatibility with any phone device, easy installation, and easy mastery of the software. It is all thanks to the interface that is optimized for mastery so that users can use the feature to their max. So if you're a beginner when it comes to surveillance and would like a beginner-friendly software, Cocospy is the one for you.

Secret Screen Recorder - Cocospy

Features of Cocospy

  • Monitor social media activity
  • Stealth Mode to prevent user from being caught
  • Track Snapchat's history
  • Allow users to read deleted messages


  • Easy interface and installation
  • No root is necessary
  • Geofencing feature to track movement outside the fenced area


  • Premium features are locked by paywall.
  • Users wlll need to upgrade plan to monitor more devices
  • Refund is only available within 7 days after purchase

Top 5. SP Camera

For those who want to use a secret screen recorder directly on their Apple phones, then SP Camera is the answer for them. The application is designed with Apple phones in mind, making it optimized for Apple phones and the phone's features. Its easy installation access (Apple Store) is also perfect for those who want to solely use their phones for their surveillance process.

Secret Screen Recorder - SP Camera

Features of SP Camera

  • Gallery viewer to monitor the phone's gallery
  • Device control such as the feature to take pictures and start recording
  • Auto recording when the camera detect motion
  • The feature to record using two cameras at the same time


  • Password-protected application
  • Separate pictures taken from the application to another folder
  • Easy mode for easy usage


  • No haptic response for photos
  • Easy mode can be unresponsive at times
  • Touch-sensitive features that can easily be turned off if you accidentally tap the screen

Top 6. Hidden Screen Recorder

Do you prioritize simplicity over everything for your secret screen recorder? Look no more because Hidden Screen Recorder is the one you need the most. The straightforward name explains how the application works – set up a live recording session for the screen you want to track, and you're done! There's no need to worry for hindrance as the application pretty much records everything on screen, be it Facebook or any other application. All you need to do is to install it, that's it. Easy, isn't it?

Secret Screen Recorder - Hidden Screen Recorder

Features of Hidden Screen Recorder

  • Compatible for all kinds of Android 
  • Record all kinds of applications smoothly
  • Built-in video editor
  • Password-protected application


  • Easy interface for beginners
  • Sufficient video editor with plenty of features
  • Hide the recording from the phone's gallery


  • Not compatible for Apple phones
  • Sometimes the video cannot be processed
  • Cannot pause the recording in the middle of the session

Bonus tips. A Screen Recorder You Can Never Miss

If you don't want a windows screen recorder that blocks most of its features behind a paywall, then you ought to check EaseUS RecExperts. EaseUS RecExperts is a minimalist screen recorder that allows you to record any part of the screen, whether it's record the whole screen or a portion of it (yes, you can highlight the area you want to record). Once you've recorded the session, you can edit it using the built-in video editor. You can take screenshots on your screen too! There are lots of features you can try using EaseUS RecExperts, but you'll have to install it first!

Features of EaseUS RecExperts:

  • Save videos to images such as GIF
  • Scheduled recording to automatically start
  • Auto divide for easy trimming
  • Record screen with your webcam
  • Lots of different types of file extensions


As you can see, there are plenty of secret screen recordings you can use to monitor your children. Some are free, while some need extra money to access its premium features. If you want a hassle-free screen recorder, you can use EaseUS RecExperts. It has lots of features that are easy to master. Most important of all, it's free! Why don't you download it now to find out more about it?

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