How to Add Chat to OBS [All Platforms Included]

Learning how to add chat to OBS can amplify the live-streaming experience for the audience. Irrespective of the streaming service (Twitch, Kick, YouTub, etc), the chat interaction with the viewers makes a lot of difference. We will see detailed steps to add chat to OBS for various streaming apps.

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Melissa Lee

Updated on May 11, 2024

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Adding live chat to the stream improves the whole live streaming. Interacting with your viewers, talking to them, making jokes, nicknames, and bonds. This happens only if you add chats to your OBS overlay and respond to your viewers. Irrespective of the platform, you can add chat to any streaming platform. Let us see how to add chat to OBS in this post.

How to Add Twitch Chat to OBS

You can view the chat in OBS if your Twitch account is linked. With some simple steps, you can add the chat overlays to OBS. If you know how to record in OBS and stream on Twitch, let us see how to add Twitch chat to OBS:

Step 1. Go to the StreamLabs website and log in.

Step 2. Navigate to Widgets > Chat Box.

Select Chat Box from Widgets

Step 3. Search for Chat Box Widget Settings via the search bar.

Step 4. Copy the Widget URL, and not share it with anyone.

Copy the Widget URL

Step 5. Now, on OBS, select the scene to use for Chat Box. We can use the Browser scene for this instance.

Step 6. Add the Source as Browser source, and rename it as Twitch Chat Box.

Step 7. Place the Link in the URL input, and click OK to save the connection. You can also adjust the width and height of the chatbox to get the best possible layout while streaming.

Step 8. Now, you can click Start Streaming to stream with the embedded chat window on your OBS.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑Check out this Reddit thread for more details:

how to get twitch chat in obs
byu/enforcer884 inobs

How to Add YouTube Chat to OBS

Adding YouTube chat to OBS is easy. Since it is the biggest live-streaming platform, the options are quite flexible. Find the steps below:

Step 1. Open YouTube on any browser.

Step 2. Login to your account, and click on your Channel (top-right corner).

Step 3. Click on Go Live through the Camera icon's menu.

Click on Go Live on YouTube

Step 4. Select the Popout chat using the three dots menu, and copy the URL of the popup chat box.

Step 5. Use the Pop-out chat URL to create a Custom Browser Dock in OBS. (refer to the video below)

Step 6. Launch OBS and click on the scene for the chat box. We will use the Browser scene for the chat window.

Step 7. Select Browser as the source, rename it YouTube Chat Box, and save.

Add a YouTube Chat Box

Step 8. Change the URL with the popout chat window, and alter the height and width of the box to adjust to the screen layout.

📺Check out this video to learn how to add YouTube chat to OBS using Studio Custom Docks.

  • 00:20 - get the YouTube chat URL
  • 00:45 - Set up Custom Browser Dock
  • 01:20 - Add Browser Source and set up chat
  • 01:35 - Demo

How to Add YouTube Chat to OBS StreamElements

StreamElements offers a separate customizable chat box feature. So, the process is a little confusing as you have to select an overlay to fit the chatbox feature. Learn how to add YouTube chat to StreamElements.

Step 1. Open your YouTube account, and click on Go Live from the Camera dropdown.

Step 2. Select Popout chat from the menu using three dots, and copy the Popout chat URL.

Step 3. Login to the StreamElements website and select Streaming Tools > Overlays from the left pane.

Select Overlays in StreamElements

Step 4. Click on Create New Overlay.

Step 5. You have to select the Overlay resolution matching the resolution of your live streaming before clicking on Start.

Step 6. Name the overlay chatbox and save it. Now, click on Add Widget.

Step 7. Navigate to Stream tools and select the Your Stream's Chat option. You can see a black chat window on the screen. Move the window around to choose the best payout for your chatbox.

Step 8. Copy the URL via the link icon from the top-right corner.

Step 9. Open the OBS and select a scene for the chat. The most preferred one is the Browser scene.

Step 10. Select Browser as your source, rename the source, and click OK.

Step 11. Place the URL with the Chat URL, adjust the windows' width and height, and click OK to save the changes.

How to Add Kick Chat to OBS

If you are on Kick and wish to embed your chat into your live streaming, follow the steps below. These steps are similar to the above methods, too.

Step 1. Launch Kick and click on the Avatar in the top-right corner.

Step 2. Select Channel from the dropdown menu.

Select Channel from Account Settings

Step 3. In the next window, navigate to the Chat section.

Step 4. Now, locate the gear icon (Settings) and open it. Select Popup chat from settings.

Step 5. Copy the Kick chat URL from the popup chat window.

Copy the Kick Chat URL

Step 6. Open OBS, go to Docks, and choose "Custom Browser Docks."

Step 7. Give a name to your Dock, and paste the Kick Chat link in the URL. Click Apply.

Step 8. To check the Kick Chat dock, click on the Docks dropdown and select it.

Step 9. Now, use the Dock to set up the Browser source to add the Kick Chat to OBS streaming.

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How to Add Chat to OBS FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about how to add chat to OBS.

1. How do I add a chat link to OBS?

To add the chat link to OBS, click the + button from Sourcese and add Browser as Source. You can get the chat link in the following windows and add it as a URL.

2. Does OBS have a live chat?

No, OBS does not have a live chat. To add the live chat, you need to add Browser as a source and paste the URL link to see the live chat.

3. Does OBS have a built-in chat?

OBS Studio does not have any built-in chat feature. Anyhow, you can display the chats using third-party alerts with the help of Browser Source.

4. How do streamers see chat?

Most games have in-game overlays to add to the chat while playing. The streamers can read chat, see stream status, viewer count, and more. 


Interactive gaming is a must now. It makes the whole streaming experience immersive for users, and chat is the best way to do it. You can add chat windows to OBS from almost all the streaming platforms. The post details how to add chat to OBS through various platforms. Find the detailed guide above.

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