5 Best Hidden Webcam Recorders [Free and Paid]

Are you looking for unique options for a hidden webcam recorder? You are at the right place to find the top 5 opportunities to record gameplay or an online meeting.

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Updated on Apr 19, 2024

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  • Show you the top 5 hidden webcam recorders with features, pros, cons, and user reviews.
  • Sum up what this article talks about and recommend the best webcam recorder for people.
  • Give answers to some related questions about hidden webcam recorders.

Nowadays, accessibility technology is available to everyone, including children, in an easy way wherein they are exposed to the internet daily. So, it becomes necessary for you to track the activities going on at your place in your absence. Similarly, recording a gameplay or presentation aids when the event gets over and you want to jot down the highlights.

So, we are here to help you with the top five webcam recorders that aid you without interrupting in your ongoing work. You can refer to the statistics about webcam recorders we tested to choose the best one.

✅How many we tested 9 webcam recorders
🎆Editions we tested The latest versions
⭐What we value Ease of use, video quality, features, and user review
⏰Time duration 1 week
🏅Most recommend EaseUS RecExperts

Herein hops in a hidden webcam recorder that aids in;

  • Surveillance and monitoring
  • Gathering evidence in case of online misconduct, harassment, cyberbullying, etc
  • Creation of video tutorials
  • Recording of your gameplay
  • Webcam recording with screen off

Top 5 Hidden Webcam Recorders

The market is filled with top-notch hidden webcam recorder variants, but finding the one that suits your needs takes time and effort. To get a fair idea about a webcam recorder, you can ponder its functionality, usability, customer support, platform compatibility, and user reviews. If this sounds too much, don't worry, as we have done most of it by sorting the top five variants for your ease.

Here is a list of webcam recorder variants that you need to check out;

1. EaseUS RecExperts

  1. Rating: 5/5
  2. Compatibility: Windows, MacOS
  3. Best Suitable for: video creators, gamers, and podcast creators for capturing complete or a part of the screen in top-notch video and audio quality.

EaseUS RecExperts is a robust full-screen recorder with superb video and crisp audio quality. It can also record a custom area or multiple screens in a 60fps facility. This software's AI background removal function makes it simple to record videos with a virtual background. Utilizing the AI background remover feature can help you get rid of the real background and replace it with a new background while you record a video.

easeus recexperts main interface

Consequently, you can select a hazy, scenic, studio, classroom, or any other type of background effect. It is recommended that you stay in a pure and steady situation in order to optimize the influence of AI. You may also upload a photo from your own device to use as the background.

ai background

Main Features:

  • Capability of embedded media player and video editor
  • Aids in recording 2D and 3D gameplay highlights without lagging or time limit
  • Availability of superb AI-powered noise remover to provide clean recording
  • You can also record the webcam using its online screen recorder
  • Allows capturing of any region of PC screen via webcam
  • Allows taking screenshots of a part or full screen while recording

You can download this software to have a try!


  • Aids to schedule recording as per your timeline
  • It helps in removing any background noise
  • Helps with upload of videos to popular platforms
  • The functionality of zooming and providing a spotlight


  • Editing features are limited
User Review:
EaseUS RecExperts is a fantastic screen and audio recorder that works brilliantly on Windows and MacOS. It records crisp sound, removing extra noise from the clip.

2. Webcam Surveyor

  1. Rating: 4/5
  2. Compatibility: Windows OS
  3. Best Suitable for: artists, presenters, video creators, or general people for scheduling recordings, uploading images on an FTP site, and motion detection.

Webcam Surveyor is a great hidden camera for Windows 10 with advanced settings to offer compression, customized video resolution, and frame rate to provide for absolute video recording. With its ease of use, it also offers sending and email alerts, running other apps, and playing an alert sound on motion detection.

Webcam Surveyor

Main Features:

  • Availability of motion detector
  • Streams media in one touch over the internet or other local network
  • Captures videos with time-lapse
  • Availability of hotkeys for controlling the background camera
  • Presence of auto-start functioning


  • Easy Management and Organisation of videos through a built-in file manager
  • Excellent compatibility for Windows users
  • Automated and scheduled capturing is available
  • Very easy to use


  • It cannot be used on Mac devices
  • Command line control may be difficult for beginners to manage
User Review:
Webcam Surveyor records video from the webcam efficiently along with the additional facility of running other apps. But they were limited to Windows users only.

3. Security Webcam Recorder

  1. Rating: 3/5
  2. Compatibility: Windows
  3. Best Suitable for: individuals looking to know about people who touch their systems or laptops in their absence.

Security Webcam Recorder

Main Features:

  • Detects face and records video
  • Saves recording automatically in Google Drive
  • Detects intruder's faces and saves them to Google Drive
  • It helps in monitoring the wrong use of the device
  • Works with real-time face recognition



  • It runs only on Chrome OS
  • Not an intuitive interface
User Review:
Works well for preventing intruder's activity on PC or laptop through the secret screen record option. However, recording regularly is not a great option due to limited features.

4. VLC

  • Rating: 3.5/5
  • Compatibility: Windows and MacOS
  • Best Suitable for: beginners looking for free options to equip screen recording with video and audio in various formats.

You can easily record your webcam with VLC on your Mac or Windows. It is an open-source, cross-platform software with built-in recording tools and screen-capturing capabilities. You can also take screenshots while recording is going on.


Main Features:

  • It helps in looping a section of your recordings
  • Helps in downloading YouTube videos
  • Convert your recordings in various formats
  • It helps in removing audio from your recordings
  • Aids in streaming videos to Chromecast


  • Easy to use
  • It helps in recording a wide variety of audio and video formats
  • Available for free
  • It can be utilized by Windows and Mac users


  • Advanced features like annotations are missing
  • It does not show mouse clicks or keyboard strokes
User Review:
VLC is an excellent screen recorder with a simple UI that can be operated by beginners and supports a wide variety of video and audio formats. However, its UI could be more exciting.

5. Movavi Screen Recorder

  1. Rating: 4.5/5
  2. Compatibility: Windows 10 or above
  3. Best Suitable for: tutorial creators, podcasters, presenters, etc., for creating high-quality, engaging content.

Movavi is a webcam motion capture software that gives you ample accessibility across 14 distinct languages that can be seen in its user interface. It is available for use for both online and offline purposes once downloaded and installed on your device.

Movavi Screen Recorder

Main Features:

  • Aids with high-quality sound along with studio effects, even while recording videos
  • Grabs webcam footage effectively
  • It can draw on the screen while recording the same
  • Saves actions taken by mouse along with keyboard for creating detailed tutorials
  • Aids in taking screenshots while screen recording


  • Very easy to use
  • Works well with Windows 10 PC variant
  • Allows webcam to record in full HD, HD, and 4K quality
  • Enables capture of digital media while streamlining your work


  • It is available as a hidden camera for Windows 10 only
  • The free edition has limited features
User Review:
Movavi aids in recording screen and webcam efficiently but is limited to Windows users only.

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Whether you want to keep an eye on the online content your kid is watching or record gameplay, online meetings, creating videos for your tutorials, etc., a hidden screen recorder helps with everything. Additionally, you can use it to record WhatsApp calls secretly to use it as evidence in extreme cases. We have discussed the top 5 variants for screen recorders that can be used privately, along with their features, pros and cons, and user feedback. However, EaseUS RecExperts tops our recommendation as, in addition to screen recording, it aids with editing capabilities for your videos.

Hidden Webcam Recorder FAQs

We hope to quench your thirst for an automatic webcam recorder with our top finds. However, if you have further queries, look ahead to find your answers in our FAQs.

1. How long can a spy camera record?

A spy camera works on a battery and memory. So, these two factors must be present if you are looking for continuity in recording time. However, you can get a recording time of 4 hours or less at a stretch.

2. Can hidden cameras record voices?

Usually, hidden cameras use software called Contacam, which aids in recording video and voice simultaneously. However, you can turn them off at any time by using a PC, phone, or tablet and camera application programming.

3. How do you record from a webcam?

If you want to record from a webcam, there are a few simple steps to follow:

Step 1. Type camera in the search box.

Step 2. Go ahead with launching a recording app and tap on the video icon.

Step 3. Make settings for the webcam along with the microphone.

Step 4. Tap on the "Take video" option to start the recording and tap on the "Stop" taking video option to end the recording.

EaseUS RecExperts

One-click to capture anything on screen!

No Time Limit, No watermark

Start Recording

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