2023 | How to Play FLAC on Mac without Losing Quality

If you want to play a FLAC file on a Mac computer without losing quality, you may need some useful media players. In this article, we give you the ones tested. You can choose one from them.

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Melissa Lee Updated on Mar 20, 2023| min read

Do you want to listen to FLAC audio on a Mac? FLAC is a widely used and open music format. With FLAC, audio is compressed without any loss in quality, but at half the size, making it perfect for preserving audio data. Therefore, many people like to store audio in this format.

Unluckily, Apple devices do not support FLAC playback, and if you want to listen to a FLAC file, you should get a music player for Mac. No worries. In this article, we find and list some useful media players and show you how to play FLAC on Mac in easy steps.


Play FLAC on Mac with EaseUS RecExperts
Play FLAC on Mac with VLC
Play FLAC on Mac with Elmedia Player
Play FLAC on Mac with Vox
FAQs about Playing FLAC on Mac

Part 1. Play FLAC on Mac with EaseUS RecExperts

To play video and audio files like FLAC, you will need EaseUS RecExperts. Although it is mainly screen recording software, it can also be used to play media files. For example, you can use it to play WMA on Mac, play MP4, MP3, AAC, OGG, and play WAV files.

Also, as a screen recorder for Windows 10 and Mac, EaseUS RecExperts can also be used to record the full or part of the screen, record internal audio on Mac, record the gameplay and webcam, etc. If you are working online, you can also record a Zoom meeting with it. Now, download it from the button below and follow the steps given to play FLAC with it.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts, and click "Recordings" on the lower right to open the media player.

EaseUS RecExperts Click Task Scheduler

Step 2. In this window, you can see all your recorded files, including MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, MP3, etc.

A List of Recordings

Step 3. Click the file you want to play to view it immediately. You can also trim the file by clicking the scissor sign on the bottom.

Play Recordings

Part 2. Play FLAC on Mac with VLC

There are a number of FLAC audio players for Mac, but one of the simplest to use is VLC. It is widely used and popular because it is a multi-talented and diverse video player.

It works well on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. So you can use the same app in almost any environment for playing your FLAC files. Now, let's check the steps to play FLAC on Mac with it.

Play FLAC on Mac with VLC

Step 1. Download and install VLC. Launch it on your Mac computer.

Step 2. Locate the FLAC audio file(s) on the Mac and drag and drop them into the VLC window.

Step 3. Click the "Play" button to start listening to your FLAC audio files on your Mac.

Part 3. Play FLAC on Mac with Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player is always mentioned when it comes to playing multimedia files. It is one of the most popular ways to play FLAC on Mac computers. Among many other players, Elmedia still stands out with its smooth performance.

It serves as one of the best music players for Windows 10 as well. And it provides an extensive playlist functionality, allowing a high degree of customization. No additional components are required to use this app. Now, let's follow the steps below to play FLAC on Mac.

Play FLAC on Mac with Elmedia

Step 1. Download Elmedia from the official website and install it on your Mac.

Step 2. In Elmedia, select "File" from the main menu, navigate to your file, and click "Open". Or, you can drop FLAC files on the player window to play it.

Part 4. Play FLAC on Mac with Vox

If you are looking for solutions for playing FLAC files on a Mac, you may have run into Vox. In addition to FLAC, Vox supports other formats like ALAC, DSD, and uncompressed formats like PCM, WAV, and AIFF. All in all, Vox is one of the best alternatives to Apple Music for Mac users.

With a subscription, you'll also get advanced audio settings like a built-in 10-band equalizer to tailor the sound to your tastes. More surprisingly, it has both Mac and iOS versions. So you can use it on different devices if you want. Now, follow the tutorial below to play FLAC on Mac.

Play FLAC on Mac with Vox

Step 1. Download Vox from the official website and install it on your Mac.

Step 2. Launch the app and drag-n-drop your FLAC file into the app.

Step 3. Click on the "Play" sign to play FLAC on your Mac.

FAQs about Playing FLAC on Mac

Let's check the questions below and find the answers you want.

1. What is the best FLAC player for Mac?

Among many media players, EaseUS RecExperts stands out because it can be used to record, play, edit, and even manage a FLAC file.

2. How do I turn on FLAC on Mac?

In the Music app on your Mac, select "Music" > "Preferences". Then click on "Playback". You can select the "Lossless Audio" tick box to turn on lossless audio, or select lossless audio quality when streaming songs.

3. How do I play a FLAC file in iTunes?

Just drag and drop the FLAC files you want to iTunes onto the "Fluke" icon, and they will be ready to play in iTunes in no time.


We have listed some useful ways to help you play FLAC on Mac computers easily. If you have chosen one tool, just follow the steps to play FLAC files. But if you haven't made up your mind, we suggest you download and use EaseUS RecExperts. It won't let you down.

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