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Although is a popular choice of users for AI speech-to-text transcription services, you might need something else. So, looking for the best alternative is necessary for innovative features. Let's explore the top 15 alternatives with their in-depth details!

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Melissa Lee

Updated on Jul 10, 2024

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Whether you struggle with taking notes during online meetings or getting the text version of a recorded audio and video file, using AI transcription software becomes crucial. If you are thinking of, it is undoubtedly a well-known real-time transcription service. But if it does not fulfill your transcription needs, you should check the alternatives once.

Fortunately, this article compiles the 15 best transcription software in the market. You will learn about their features, pros, cons, and reviews, thus helping you choose the best alternative. Let's begin!

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Best Alternative Free

EaseUS RecExperts is an all-in-one screen recording and editing software for Windows & Mac users that stands out as a free alternative. So, it not only assists you in recording audio and video separately (or together) but also converts them to text with its AI Assistant tool. It also lets you import the pre-recorded audio and video files or folders for transcription.

More so, you can transcribe your calls and meeting discussions in the desired language, and that's also without any cost. Even the transcription task will be quick, thus bringing accurate results. Download this alternative now!

EaseUS RecExperts AI Assistant


  • Provide a user-friendly interface
  • Support 16+ languages to transcribe
  • Offer 24/7 live customer support online


  • It does not support real-time transcriptions
  • Export transcripts in only TXT format
👨‍🎓Software Review⭐⭐⭐⭐
EaseUS RecExperts isn't the cheapest screen recording software, but it boasts a wide range of features like 4k resolution, 60 fps recording, and audio capture. - From TechRadar

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Top 14 Alternatives

Now, let's dive into 14 other alternatives with their unique features, pros & cons, and reviews:

1. Tactiq

Tactiq is a Google Chrome extension that provides meeting transcripts with timestamps and speaker identification from Zoom and Google Meet in real time. It aids you in taking notes, highlighting action items, and sharing meeting notes.

You can also transcribe speech in various languages without getting distracted by add-ons. However, the transcription accuracy is just like the, so you need to sift through its mistakes.

Tactiq Transcribing Speed to Text


  • Record conversations from online meetings
  • Let you enable auto-captions on the calls
  • Save notes automatically to Quip, Slack, Google Docs, etc.


  • Provide poor customer support
  • Glitches in transcribing non-native speakers' English
  • Voice recognition and capturing aren't fully developed
👨‍🎓Software Review⭐⭐⭐⭐
Awesome tool for anyone wanting to make the most out of their calls. I'd recommend it to both professionals and students. - From Product Hunt

2. Sembly AI

Another fantastic Chrome extension is Sembly AI, which offers unlimited recording and transcribing of your meetings with speaker identification. It provides automated transcription on your favorite apps, such as Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, etc.

Hence, you can complete your work effortlessly and quickly. It generates smart meeting transcripts with a summary and discussed topics. This way, analyzing it to extract important details gets easier.

Sembly AI Chrome Extension


  • Support various video conferencing software
  • Specialize in AI meeting notes and tasks
  • Let you search your past meetings in a click


  • Only support English language
  • Not intuitive to work at the beginning
  • Unable to identify speakers correctly sometimes
👨‍🎓Software Review⭐⭐⭐⭐
By leveraging several Sembly AI features, we can significantly enhance our internal and client-facing communication processes, ultimately driving efficiency and success. - From G2


If you seek a simple yet powerful AI meeting assistant that allows recording, transcribing, summarizing, and analyzing online calls, Fireflies is the ultimate solution. It offers a short meeting recap, so you don't have to review the detailed notes.

Furthermore, you can enjoy transcription in 30+ languages with 90% accuracy. It even lets you create your integrations through its API. Alternative


  • Offer Chrome extension to transcribe calls automatically
  • Compatible with 50+ apps, video conferencing, and dialers
  • Provide Smart Search, Soundbites, and advanced Analytics


  • The login process is not user-friendly
  • A short recap is not valuable sometimes
  • Pricing is expensive
👨‍🎓Software Review⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I am using to take notes during my virtual meetings. It helps me automatically transcribe all of my meetings from Google Meet and other various meeting platforms I use daily. - From TrustRadius

4. Vowel

Vowel is a fantastic tool that combines Zoom's meeting functionality with the transcription service to transcribe conversations. It allows for highlighting important moments and capturing timestamped action items for future reference.

You can also see collaborative tools like agendas and notes during meetings to stay on track. It even generates AI-powered summaries and searchable transcripts.

Vowel AI Transcription


  • SOC2 Type II complaint
  • Support multiple transcription languages
  • Offer live transcription with speaker identification


  • Unstable on mobile devices
  • Users often report experiencing delays in the startup
  • Flakey playback of meeting recording during collaboration
👨‍🎓Software Review⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I especially love the auto-transcription service and the ability to do a text search on a customer or brand name and go straight to that spot in the meeting. Wonderful system. - From Product Hunt

5. tl;dv

If you are looking for a free and easy-to-use meeting tool for recording and transcribing, tl;dv must be your way to go. Its free plan facilitates highly accurate transcriptions in 20+ languages with highlighting and speaker identification features.

More so, generating notes and summaries with this powerful AI program is just a click away. You can easily integrate with MS Teams, Zoom, Chrome, and other platforms for collaboration.

tldv Transcription Program


  • Offer timestamps and tagging features
  • Search your meetings via keywords in transcripts
  • Share documents with Google Docs, Notion, and more


  • No specialized note-taking feature availability
  • It is more costly than other meeting transcription software
  • The free version offers access to recordings for only 7 days
👨‍🎓Software Review⭐⭐⭐⭐
tl;dv has impressed me with its simplicity and user-friendly interface. It's easy to use, making the platform enjoyable and hassle-free. - From G2

6. Dialpad

Dialpad is an interesting alternative that offers automatic real-time transcriptions of calls and meetings with messages, phone calls, and video conferencing. It is capable of identifying industry-specific jargon that helps you transcribe niche meetings.

You can start/stop recording calls and make transcripts effortlessly in a single click. Later, it is possible to discuss the transcripts with team members.

Dialpad Meeting Transcripts


  • Work on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and browsers
  • Generate a call summary with a recap automatically
  • Offer real-time voice recognition with NLP technology


  • It does not work in every country
  • Transcription is only an add-on feature
  • There is no support via phone call in the standard plan
👨‍🎓Software Review⭐⭐⭐⭐
Dialpad has doubled down on its AI-based voice transcription and smart alerting features since our last review, in addition to broadening its library of integrations with other software. - From PC Magazine

7. Descript

If you need speech-to-text transcription software for podcasts or videos, Descript is the best choice. It lets you record and transcribe meeting sessions on online conferencing software. You can also upload recorded audio and video files.

Moreover, it aids you in post-conversation audio-visual editing by changing the transcriptions using automated or human-powered capabilities.

Descript AI Meeting Notes


  • Support multi-user collaboration
  • Offer live video recording and transcription
  • Bring good-quality transcriptions


  • Only one hour of transcription in the free mode
  • Customer support is not good
  • No copy and paste feature for video clips
👨‍🎓Software Review⭐⭐⭐
Descript's key feature is how it transcribes your audio and converts it into an editable Word document. Transcripts are attractive and are designated by individuals. - From Capterra

8. Rev

Rev is a popular alternative that offers an automated transcription service with a 90% accuracy rate. The auto speech detection is supported in almost 36 languages. However, you can use the Human Transcription feature for 99% accuracy through professionals.

You can easily upload your existing audio or videos to place an order, and the average turnaround will be five hours. This service also allows annotating and file sharing.

Rev Transcription Services


  • Offer on-screen subtitles for your videos
  • Allow video tagging and audio extraction
  • Provide training resources like eBooks & webinars


  • Offer a free trial with limited features
  • Most expensive services in comparison
  • It does not offer collaboration & live meeting recordings
👨‍🎓Software Review⭐⭐⭐
I worked with Rev years ago and did not have the best experience. Working again, I can see the strides they have made as a company, and I could not be happier with the results and the service. - From Trustpilot

9. Trint

Trint is another audio recording and transcription assistant that helps you convert uploaded videos or audio files to text. You can transcribe in 30+ languages and translate in 50+ languages.

It also supports tagging, highlighting, and adding comments while collaborating with other team members. You can avail yourself of various customer support options and translation features.

Trint Alternative


  • Offer ASR, ISO-certified security, and iOS app
  • Provide editable closed captions feature
  • Let you review and edit transcripts with a text editor


  • Support a few third-party integrations
  • They are expensive and require a subscription
  • Unable to record live audio from a desktop or laptop
👨‍🎓Software Review⭐⭐⭐⭐
Trint generates decent-quality transcripts from clear recordings. We just wish they had a business plan for occasional users alongside regular transcribers. - From TechRadar


If you are searching for an efficient app to get automated note-taking and AI meeting summaries, Colibri should be your way. It also syncs well with the most popular web conferencing software and lets you easily record live meetings.

It provides transcripts in real-time and creates short & searchable meeting notes that can be shared with your colleagues.

Colibri Real Time Transcriptions


  • Come up with a simple and clean interface
  • Offer pretty good automatic transcription
  • Allow uploading text and audio files


  • The customer service is not great
  • It has a 40-minute recording limit
  • Not a mobile-friendly version
👨‍🎓Software Review⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Simultaneous transcription and ease of upload of text and audio files are very helpful. Support is terrific! - From G2

11. Sonix

Sonix is an excellent online audio and video transcription software known for automatic subtitles and translation using its speech to text transcription algorithms. With its cutting-edge transcription, you can transcribe podcasts, meetings, films, etc., in 40+ languages.

This only requires you to upload the audio/video files from your Cloud storage. Its built-in editor lets you search, edit, organize, and share your transcripts.

Sonix Automated Transcription


  • Generate concise summaries of transcripts in seconds
  • Let collaborators upload, comment, and edit files/folders
  • Allow syncing with Zoom, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.


  • The pricing is confusing
  • Offer only 30 minutes of free transcription
  • Users may face inaccuracy if there are multiple speakers
👨‍🎓Software Review⭐⭐⭐⭐
An easy-to-use transcription service, is designed for business users who aren't concerned with the high cost of use. Not the most accurate solution, but it is quick, and the interface is very straightforward. - From TechRadar

12. Avoma

If you need to grab insights from prospects and customers as a member of sales and customer-facing teams, Avoma is a remarkable solution. It offers AI note-taking, live bookmarking, snippet sharing, calendar syncing, etc.

Its conversation intelligence helps you identify objections in speeches, auto-extract action items, and highlight positive moments during meetings.

Avoma Speech to Text Transcription


  • Help you manage the entire meeting lifecycle
  • Integrate with CRMs, sales engagement platforms, etc.
  • Support agenda collaboration and sharing


  • The interface may be considered clunky
  • Expensive for individual users
  • May find difficulty in syncing with Zoom
👨‍🎓Software Review⭐⭐⭐⭐
The transcript is so helpful to review the conversation and catch any missing details from the notes I take while on the call. - From TrustRadius

13. is a conversation and revenue intelligence tool that helps you record and transcribe meetings from any video conferencing platform, like Zoom, Slack, etc. It offers action items, like how to improve sales pitch and overall performance.

You can pull out surface insights like customer monologues and reps' talk ratio by transcribing calls and examining the transcription.

Gong Transcription Software


  • Support more than 70 languages
  • Searchable calls to unlock market insights
  • Let you book a live demo


  • Pricing could be reasonable
  • Inaccuracy in note-taking sometimes
  • Search functionality is a bit confusing
👨‍🎓Software Review⭐⭐⭐
It's been tough onboarding some of my teammates to the software. That's been the biggest and only struggle. - From GetApp

14. Notta

Notta is another remarkable AI transcription and meeting notetaker that assists you in transcribing audio/video calls, in-person meetings, and presentation demos. You can also schedule and transcribe Zoom, Teams, Skype meetings, etc.

It will generate an automated summary with action items, takeaways, etc. You can even enjoy live transcription with timestamps and autocorrection features.

Notta Otter Alternative


  • Support 104 transcription languages
  • Allow sharing transcripts with Salesforce
  • Schedule events through Google Calendar


  • Require a stable internet connection for live transcription
  • Lack of forecasting capabilities, unlike
  • It does not provide advanced analytics
👨‍🎓Software Review⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
It's one of my most used productivity tools! Powered by AI, it's handy for recording meetings and taking meeting minutes! - From Product Hunt

Why Do You Need an Alternative? has a vast user base due to its wide range of AI transcription features, but some of its alternatives take the lead differently. Here are some compelling reasons why you need an alternative:

✅Transcription Limits: Although offers a free plan, it has several limitations. You can't get the transcription of more than 30 minutes per meeting and 600 minutes per month. Moreover, the Otter AI pricing for the advanced version is expensive compared to its alternatives.

✅Multilingual Support: offers transcription only in the English language. So, looking for alternatives is necessary to transcribe in multiple languages.

✅Workflow Integration: seamlessly integrates with multiple software, but sometimes, it gets clunky, like working with Zoom. Hence, you might need other apps for a smooth workflow.

✅Transcription Quality: does not offer the best transcription quality. You may find funny & entertaining mistakes, and the correction takes too much time.

✅Customer Support: Since this tool provides only email support, it won't be timely. However, some advanced alternatives offer other services, like phone calls, live chat, video conferences, etc. Alternative FAQs

1. Is there a better transcription than Otter?

Yes, EaseUS RecExperts AI Assistant offers better transcription services than Otter. You can effortlessly transcribe your audio and video recordings in four different languages free of cost.

2. Which is better, Fireflies or Otter?

Regarding AI features, both Fireflies and Otter are efficient automated transcription tools. However, Fireflies takes the AI to an advanced level by providing meeting summaries and action items.

3. Is Fathom better than Otter?

Choosing between Fathom and Otter depends on your specific needs. Fathom mainly focuses on customer interactions; however, Otter is suitable for various meetings with transcription and summarizing capabilities.


Finding the right alternative can enhance your transcription experience. This post has provided the top 15 alternatives to help you choose the best fit for your demands. However, EaseUS RecExperts AI Assistant is highly recommended due to its free & accurate transcription services with an intuitive interface and multilingual support. Let's download this tool and begin with your transcription tasks.

EaseUS RecExperts

One-click to capture anything on screen!

No Time Limit, No watermark

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