Upgrade to M3 MacBook Pro for Best Gaming Performance [2024]

Looking for all the information on upgrade to M3 MacBook Pro for best gaming performance? We have covered all the nitty-gritty details for your understanding.

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Updated on Jan 24, 2024

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Apple revealed its M3 family of chips at the "Scary Fast" event, kicking off the third generation of Apple's silicon with significant product updates. Apple announced an upgrade to M3 MacBook Pro for best gaming performance.

M3 represents more than a minor refresh to Apple's lineup. It's the first desktop chip to sport a 3nm process, offering a vast node advantage over the M1 and M2.

While we will walk through the newly-released M3 chips, their features, and the benefits of the upgrade, we'll also introduce a free Mac screen recorder with system audio to improve your recording experience. Let's look.

Newly Released M3 Chip Family: M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max

With the Apple M3 chip family: M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max, the MacBook Pro M3 lineup of laptops has arrived, promising to be the most powerful Apple laptop ever.

m3 chip family

With this new upgrade, you may be interested in knowing the differences between the MacBook Pro featuring M3 and M2 in terms of gaming performance, like CPU, speed, and GPU. Have a look at Apple M3 vs. M2.

Specification 14-inch MacBook Pro (M2 Pro/Max) 14-inch MacBook Pro (M3/Pro/Max)
Memory 16GB - 96GB 8GB - 96GB
CPU Apple M2 Pro 10-core or 12-core or M2 Max 12-core Apple M3 chip (8-core) M3 Pro chip (11 or 12-core) M3 Max (14 or 16-core)
GPU Apple M2 Pro 16-core / 19-core or Apple M2 Max 30-core Apple M3 (10-core), Apple M3 Pro chip (18-core) or Apple M3 Max chip (30 or 40-core)
Speed Up to 30 percent faster than M1 Max 80 times faster than the M1 Max

Apple has been taking online orders for the new MacBook Pro through apple.com/store and from the Apple Store app in 27 countries and regions (including the U.S.) since 30th October. But if you are looking for an Apple M3 release date in Apple Store locations and Apple Authorized Resellers, it will be available from 7th November.

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What Are New Features on the M3 MacBook Pro

Besides the upgrade to the M3 MacBook Pro for best gaming performance, Apple M3 chips feature a faster and more efficient CPU. Here's a thorough list of the new features of the Apple M3 family.

1. Dynamic Caching, Mesh Shading, and Hardware-accelerated Ray Tracing

Apple M3 has an all-new next-gen GPU with the most enormous leap forward in graphics architecture for Apple silicon. Its Dynamic Caching helps allocate only the exact amount of local memory needed in hardware in real-time.

Dynamic Caching

It also introduces hardware-accelerated ray tracing in Mac for the first time. Ray tracing helps the properties of light while interacting with a scene, enabling the applications to produce realistic and accurate images, primarily helpful for more accurate shadows and reflections, creating deeply immersive environments. The graphics architecture, too, enables pro apps to deliver up to 2.5x the speed of the M1 family of chips.

Hardware-accelerated Mesh Shading is another upgrade that helps deliver high capability and efficiency to geometry processing, producing more visually complex scenes in games and graphics-intensive apps.

Most importantly, Apple M3's GPU architecture enables these features and enhancements using nearly half the power and up to 65% more performance at its peak.

2. Unified Memory Architecture

Apple M3 chips have a unified memory architecture to deliver high bandwidth, low latency, and unmatched power efficiency. A single pool of memory in a custom package enables all the technologies in the chips to access the same data efficiently and quickly, improving performance and efficiency and reducing the amount of memory a system requires for the majority of tasks.

unified memory architecture m3 chips

Support for up to 128GB of memory enables AI developers to work with even larger transformer models with billions of parameters.

3. Neural engine and media engine

Apple M3 chips have enhanced Neural Engine (up to 60% faster than M1) to accelerate powerful machine learning (ML) models. Furthermore, Powerful AI image processing tools, like noise reduction and super-resolution in Topaz, get even faster.

neural engine m3 chips

These chips also have an advanced media engine, providing hardware acceleration to the most popular video codecs, including H.264, HEVC, ProRes, and ProRes RAW. The media engine also supports AV1 decoding, enabling power-efficient playback of streaming services to extend battery life further.

4. Powerful Gaming performance

M3 features 25 billion transistors with a 10-core GPU featuring the next-generation architecture (65% faster than M1 for graphic performance). It has an 8-core CPU, with four performance cores and four efficiency cores (up to 35% faster than M1 for CPU performance.), and supports up to 24GB of unified memory.

m3 chips gaming performance

M3 Pro features 37 billion transistors with an 18-core GPU (40% faster than M1 Pro for graphic performance. It has a 12-core CPU, with six performance cores and six efficiency cores (up to 35% faster than M1 Pro for CPU performance.), and supports up to 36GB of unified memory.

M3 Max features 92 billion transistors with a 40-core GPU (50% faster than M1 Max for graphic performance). It has a 16-core CPU, with twelve performance cores and four efficiency cores (up to 80% faster than M1 for CPU performance.), and supports up to 128GB of unified memory.

Benefits of Upgrading to the Apple M3 Chip

Apple M3 gaming is more than games. The performance upgrades have introduced several new features that benefit users and AI developers.

You may think, "What are the benefits of upgrading to the M3 MacBook Pro for gaming performance?" Apple has brought an upgrade to M3 MacBook Pro for best gaming performance and other aspects like graphics, speed, battery life, and price.

M3 chip performance delivers a battery life of up to 22 hours, storage of up to 8TB, and a front camera of 1080p.

Talking about the Apple M3 price

  • The 14-inch MacBook Pro with M3 starts at $1,599 (U.S.) and $1,499 (U.S.) for education
  • The 14‑inch MacBook Pro with M3 Pro starts at $1,999 (U.S.) and $1,849 (U.S.) for education
  • The 16‑inch MacBook Pro starts at $2,499 (U.S.) and $2,299 (U.S.) for education.

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Prominent features

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With Apple's upgrade to M3 MacBook Pro for best gaming performance, it has introduced the M3 chip family to cater to users' specific needs. While all three offer high performance, the M3 Mac chip truly stands out in terms of CPU and GPU. We have discussed a thorough comparison and details of the three M3 chip performance and how it benefits users. Furthermore, you can use EaseUS RecExperts to record your gameplay in a few clicks easily.

Upgrade to M3 MacBook Pro for Best Gaming Performance FAQs

We have detailed about the M3 chip performance. If you still have any queries, find the answers with these FAQs.

1. Are new MacBook Pros good for gaming?

Yes. M3 chips have introduced all new GPU features with Dynamic Caching, Mesh trading, and hardware-accelerated Ray tracing to the Mac systems that allow pro apps to deliver up to 2.5x the speed of the M1 family of chips, dramatically increasing the performance of the most demanding pro apps and games.

2. How fast is the M3 chip?

Apple claims its 8-core CPU is 35% faster than M1 and 20% faster than M2, while the 10-core GPU is 65% faster than the M1 and 20% faster than the M2.

3. Is M3 chip better than M1?

The next-gen CPU in the M3 series introduces architectural enhancements to both performance and efficiency cores. Compared to the M1 series, the performance cores are now up to 30 percent faster.

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