How to Record Guitar on Mac [Easy Steps]

Learning how to record guitar on Mac can be tricky for a beginner. To assist all beginners, we have shared 2 effective and simple ways to accomplish this task.

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Jane Zhou

Updated on Feb 29, 2024

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Every guitar enthusiast tries to share their work with the audience through recording. It is common for such a person to think of ways to record guitar on their device. Undoubtedly, it can be tricky for the first time as you have to pick multiple devices.

But if you have a Mac device and want to connect a guitar for recording, you should read this guide. In this guide, we will share two easiest ways to let you learn how to record guitar on Mac. Let's get started!

🛠️Method 👍User Experience
Use Microphone You can easily and quickly record the guitar on your Mac via this method. But, the premise is that you need to choose an audio recording software as well as a microphone.
Use Direct Input It is a direct way to record guitar on Mac without much extra preparation. But there might be much noise if your audio interface isn't strong enough.

Method 1. Record Guitar on Mac using Microphones

Sometimes, you may be unable to use a DAW because of its complex interface. That's why we have listed the method to record guitar on Mac using a microphone and recording software. Read here how to set up the system and record your guitar's music.

1. Preparations

🎤Choosing an excellent microphone

First of all, you should make sure that you have an excellent microphone. Without choosing a reliable device for recording audio, you will get distortion in your voice. If you don't know which one is better, choose an XLR microphone.

🎵Audio recording software

Once you have selected a good-quality microphone, it is time to move to the next step, i.e., selecting the music recording software. It is the most challenging task as you will get confused among many software claiming to be the best. 

We have researched for your ease and found that EaseUS RecExperts for Mac is the best choice. It is the best software that can record your audio as well as video while playing guitar. The best feature of this software is its advanced features like noise cancelation, which means you can record voice without background noise. So, we recommend you download this recording software and use it for guitar recording on a Mac. 

🛖Create a Silent Environment

The last step that you should take before recording is a silent environment. Keep in mind that if you are sitting in a room with noise from outside or getting interruptions like this, you will never be able to record the guitar properly. If you have done so, you are ready to learn how to record guitar on a Mac using a microphone. 

2. Start Recording Guitar on Mac in High Quality

Follow these steps to record the guitar on a Macbook with high-quality sound.

  • ✨Set up your microphone using a stand, and keep enough distance between the mic and the guitar (about 3 feet is the best). Then, launch EaseUS RecExperts and follow the below tutorial:

Step 1. Launch this Mac screen recorder, then click the "Audio" button on the main interface.

Main interface

Step 2. Next, select the audio source by clicking "Sound" on the lower left. Here you can choose to record system sound, microphone, or both simultaneously, and even adjust the volume. Once done, click on the "OK" option.

Select audio source

Step 3. When you are ready, hit the "REC" button to start the audio recording.

Start audio recording

Step 4. Once done, you can preview the recorded music files by clicking "Recordings" on the homepage. If needed, you can trim unwanted parts by clicking the Scissor icon at the bottom.

View audio recording

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Method 2. Record Guitar on Mac via Direct Input

Another effective way to record guitar on Mac is through the Direct Input (DI) method. Undoubtedly, it is a reliable way to record because you don't have to perform multiple activities for preparations. 

But it also has some drawbacks, like you will hear too much noise if your audio interface isn't strong enough. So, it would be best if you chose the right audio interface for recording and a reliable DAW like GarageBand. Let us show you how to prepare the setup for this and start recording.

1. Preparations

First of all, you should make a stable connection between your guitar and the audio interface. It is recommended to connect the guitar directly with an audio interface using its built-in port. By doing this, you will be able to create a smooth connection between devices for recording.

Also, you should ensure that your audio interface has enough power to record the sound without distortion. If it doesn't have enough power, you will end up with a sound full of noise. In turn, you can't hear your guitar via headphones or share a nice tune with others.

2. Begin Recording Guitar on Mac via GarageBand

Once you have set up everything for DAW like GarageBand, it is time to follow these steps to record guitar on Mac.

Step 1. Open "GarageBand" and tap "Empty Project" from the screen.

Launch Garageband

Step 2. Go to "Preferences" under the "GarageBand" option given in the menu bar, then select your "Microphone" as an input device from the "Audio/MIDI" option.

Select microphone

Step 3. Choose "Audio Track" as per your requirements.

Choose audio track

Step 4. Select "Presets" as GarageBand enables you to have some high-quality built-in presets.

Adjust presets

Step 5. Use GarageBand's built-in plugins, like the "Pedalboard Plugin", to get started with quality outcomes. Once done, click the "Red Record" button to get started.

Start recording guitar on Mac

Following these steps, you can easily record guitar on Mac without complications. We have shared the simplest ways to accomplish this task. So, you should follow these steps in the same way we have discussed to avoid any problems.

Tips for Getting Better Guitar Recordings

Undoubtedly, you have learned how to record guitar on Mac in different ways with effective results. But you still need to take care of some factors. Here, we have listed some tips to improve the recording experience.

  • ✨Always set a sensible distance between the microphone and guitar to have enough sound for recording.
  • 🎈Try to choose the audio interface with a built-in port to connect as DI because interfaces without ports may not hear your sound properly.
  • 🎨Don't record something when you have noise in your surroundings.
  • 🎯Try to isolate yourself in a place where no one comes for interruption-free recording.
  • 🪄Never rely on a standard or ordinary-level microphone, as you will get a lot of noise with such devices.
  • 🪄Choose a powerful audio interface to avoid noise in the background of your sound.

Final Words

You might be ready to record your guitar on Mac as you have learned how to record guitar on Mac in easy steps. Undoubtedly, you can choose any recording software according to your requirements. 

But we recommend you choose EaseUS RecExperts for Mac. It is because this software has a simple interface with advanced features. Using this, you can reduce the noise from the background of your guitar's sound.

How to Record Guitar on Mac FAQs

1. How do I record my electric guitar on my Mac?

You can record your electric guitar on a Mac by following these simple steps.

  • Set up a connection between your guitar and your Mac.
  • Choose a reliable microphone if you want to use it.
  • Browse EaseUS RecExperts for Mac
  • Follow simple steps to record sound from its main screen.

2. What is the guitar recording app for Mac?

The best guitar recording app for Mac is GarageBand. You can also use EaseUS RecExperts if you don't have this application on your device. 

3. Can GarageBand record guitar?

Yes, GarageBand has a built-in option to choose guitar as your soundtrack. It means you can record guitar using this DAW application. 

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