Is Bandicam Safe? Here's What You Need to Know

Bandicam is one of the most-used recording software today. But is this software trustable? is it safe to use? This article will answer those questions and provide an in-depth look into the safety of using Bandicam today.

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Jane Zhou

Updated on Apr 15, 2024

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A good-quality software isn't just something that provides adequate service. A good-quality software of any kind ensures the safety and privacy of the person using it. There are many screen recorders that put people into doubt.

So they begin to question their safety and security while using it. That's why many people wonder if Bandicam is safe to use. Does it hinder or compromise your privacy while using it? Does it have malware or any other sort of virus that might cause issues in your PC?

These are the types of queries that are mutual among users for programs like these. Today's article will respond to those questions and tell you if Bandicam is safe to use, so let's get started.

What is Bandicam?

Bandicam is the best free screen recorder and captures tool. The software was created by a company called Bandisoft in 2009. Later the company became Bandicam Company. This was because Bandicam became their top and most famous software.


Bandicam website mentions the software as a screen recorder as well as a game and webcam recorder separately. That means users can expect features such as:

  • Record the entire screen or region to save in MP4 or AVI formats
  • Record 2D and 3D videos in 4K UHD format
  • Record webcam during PC, Xbox, or PlayStation Gameplay
  • Ability to screen capture at up to 480 FPS

Various other features make Bandicam stand out too. It offers real-time drawing during calls and meetings. So that's ideal for creating videos for academic or professional purposes. You can also add a webcam overlay to record gaming or tutorials.

Moreover, you can use the scheduled recording option to simply start recording without having to set anything up. Lastly, you can use the audio-only option or mix your voice later with the recorded videos.

Is Bandicam Safe?

Sure! Bandicam is safe to download and use.  Let's answer these questions by analyzing two main things below.

#1. Is Bandicam Safe To Download?

There are times when people are wary of downloading software from unknown resources. A lot of people wonder if Bandicam is safe because of being in an EXE file. That's why you can check it by just downloading and scanning it with Windows Defender on your PC.

First, download it from the official website. It will proceed to download a 30MB executable file. So is that Bandicam EXE file safe to use on your PC? So here's how you will scan it on your PC after it is downloaded:

Step 1. Head to the directory where Bandicam is installed.

Step 2. Right-click on the BDCamSetup file.

Step 3. Click on Scan with Windows Defender option.

Scan with Windows Defender option

Step 4. Check the scan results.

The Windows Defender doesn't find anything malicious or threatening in Bandicam. This proves the software's file is safe and secure to download.

#2. Is Bandicam Safe To Use?

After downloading and scanning Bandicam, it's important to understand if it's safe to use. Just because the installation file didn't have any malware that doesn't mean it's safe after installation too. So people might be concerned about viruses or malware after installation.

Bandicam has a message for you after the installation is finished on your PC. It takes you to an online page that tells you the success of your installation. But does that make it safe to use on your PC? You can scan the installed files on your PC like this:

Step 1. Head into the start menu

Step 2. Find Bandicam and right-click on it, then tap Open file location.

Open file location

Step 3. Go one folder up in the main Bandicam file location.

Step 4. Scan it with Windows Defender to see if it's safe.

Step 5. Check the scan results.

Scan results

Now this isn't the only proof that Bandicam is safe to use. People like Pewdiepie and KSI on YouTube are known to use Bandicam regularly. Now that answers the question of whether or not Bandicam is safe or not.

But does it care about your privacy and safety when recording? Bandicam's privacy policy plainly says that they do not collect any personal data of users. Does that make all of Bandicam's features and perks safe to use? You can tell by the software's UI that it means business.

Best Alternative to Bandicam

It's important to talk about an alternative. Especially Now that we know the safety and other issues with Bandicam. That's why we are considering EaseUS RecExperts to be the best alternative to Bandicam—or any other similar screen recorder tool.

Now, what makes EaseUS RecExperts great? Some of the key features are:

  • Capture a particular region on your screen or the entirety of it
  • Include audio and webcam for the game as well as an educational or professional recording
  • In-built media player and video editor to edit and watch on the go
  • AI-infused noise remover and video enhancer
  • Supports 4K and 8K videos

All of these features with a simplified UI design make this software the stuff of dreams. That's why it's a better option compared to Bandicam. And here's a table that proves it:

Features EaseUS RecExperts Bandicam
4K/8K supported Yes/Yes Yes/No
AI-Powered Audio Noise Remover Yes No
AI-Based video enhancement Yes No
In-built media player Yes No
In-built video editor Yes Yes
High-quality 3D and 2D capture Yes No

This proves how far ahead Bandicam EaseUS RecExperts is. It's a simpler option and doesn't pose any security or privacy threat.


There you have the answer to all the questions regarding the safety of using Bandicam. The article covered if there are any risks to your privacy while using Bandicam. We also talked about the potential of viruses or malware in the screen-recording software. If this post solves your problem, don't forget to share it on social sites to help more people.


Is Bandicam Safe FAQs

This section will answer any questions that you might have additionally:

1. Can Bandicam be trusted?

Bandicam is broadly trustworthy by a lot of people on the internet. All types of professional and casual people use it for various purposes. A lot of gamers use it because of its extensive free trial. While professionals use it for key features. So, Bandicam can be trusted and used without any fear.

2. Is Bandicam really free?

Bandicam has a free trial version that apparently doesn't run out. But the major drawback of that is a huge Bandicam watermark on all of your videos. Another drawback is the 10-minute-long videos only. So, paid versions are bought by people who wish to extend video lengths and remove watermarks.

3. Does Bandicam have malware?

Bandicam is a reputable screen recorder, and that's why it is free of all sorts of viruses. Bandicam is available to download on various websites. These websites include Amazon, File Hippo, etc. This should tell you that there is no fear of malware or viruses in Bandicam.

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