OBS Stuck on Stopping Recording [2024]

Have you ever encountered the situation of getting OBS stuck on stopping recording? Instead of getting annoyed, finding the right solution must be your priority, especially when you need to end the recording instantly. This guide offers practical fixes to overcome this situation with an OBS alternative!

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Melissa Lee

Updated on Feb 04, 2024

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✍️OBS may get stuck on the stop recording interface because the recording quality is too high, the OBS version is outdated, or the system CPU usage is too high, etc.

✍️To solve the "OBS stuck on stopping recording" issue, you may lower the recording video quality, change the OBS CPU usage, lower the system CPU usage, update OBS, make Disk space for OBS, disable overlays and plugins, or even force stop OBS recording...

✍️If no method can solve your problem, try to record with an OBS alternative - EaseUS RecExperts.

Although OBS is a popular tool for recording and streaming content, it's common to encounter issues like getting OBS stuck on stopping recording. This problem causes unnecessary inconvenience, disrupting your workflow and potentially leading to data loss if not resolved promptly.

But don't be frustrated; this post helps you overcome this problem with a series of fixes. You will also learn about a reliable OBS alternative, EaseUS RecExperts, a seamless backup recording solution. So, let's begin!

What you will learn:

How to Fix OBS Stuck on Stopping Recording

It can be a frustrating experience when it gets stuck while recording the screen with OBS, which takes forever to process. Fortunately, there are several potential solutions to help fix this issue. Below are some fixes with step-by-step tutorials to guide you through the process.

Fix 1. Adjust the OBS Video Settings

Changing to the best recording settings for OBS is essential to ensure their alignment with your system requirements, preventing any conflicts leading to recording issues. Many times, you will be getting OBS stuck on stopping recording MKV. To resolve:

Step 1. Open OBS and navigate to "Settings" > "Output". Set the "Output Mode" to "Advanced" and go under the "Recording" section.

Step 2. Set "FLV" as the output format and "Bitrate" to 4000 or 8000 for 1080 or 4K video, respectively. Select the resolution according to the bitrate; 1080 or 720P is preferable.

Step 3. Lastly, choose the frame rate to less than 60 but not an integer under the "Common FPS Values".

Change FPS in OBS

Fix 2. Update or Restart OBS Studio

Outdated OBS software can lead to recording issues, including OBS stuck on stopping recording. Updating to the latest version or simply restarting OBS can often resolve these issues. Here is how:

Visit the official OBS website for the latest version. If you already use the updated version, exit the software from the system tray and run OBS again.

Fix 3. Change the OBS CPU Usage

If the issue is not resolved, you need to decrease the default CPU usage to mitigate potential conflicts and enhance the stability of your recording sessions. For this purpose:

Step 1. Run OBS and click the "Settings" button. Go to the "Output" section and set it to "Advanced".

Step 2. From the "Streaming" section, check the "CPU Usage Preset" option.

Step 3. Since a higher value consumes fewer CPU resources, change it from "veryfast" to "superfast" or "ultrafast". Apply the changes.

OBS Encorder Preset

Fix 4. Lower System CPU Usage

Reducing high CPU usage is critical to prevent OBS from getting stuck while stopping recording. Closing background applications and adjusting in-game graphics settings can also lower CPU strain. To accomplish this:

Step 1. Open the "Task Manager" on your system.

Step 2. Press the "Ctrl + Shift + Esc" to display the active processes, including the hidden ones.

Step 3. You can select any unnecessary task by right-clicking it and choosing "End Task".

End Task in Windows

Fix 5. Set Hardware Encoder

Setting a hardware-based encoder like NVENC or AMD can offload recording tasks from your CPU, thus improving overall performance & minimizing the risk of OBS getting stuck on stopping recording Mac. To set it:

Step 1. Go to OBS "Settings", open the "Output" section, and choose "Advanced".

Step 2. The "Encoder" option is under the "Recording" section.

Step 3. Set it to "Hardware (NVENC)". Click "Apply".

Set Hardware Encoder

Fix 6. Check Disk Space

Running out of disk space can cause stopping recording problems, so always ensure you have enough free space. You can also upgrade to a bigger and faster recording storage drive. But to clean up the hard drive:

Step 1. Open "File Explorer" and right-click the drive to select "Properties".

Step 2. Go under the "General" section, choose "Disk Cleanup", and click "Apply"> "OK".

Free up Disk

Fix 7. Examine Software Conflicts

Examining and fixing conflicts with other running software (especially high-resource-using software like video editors) allows you to eliminate potential interference that may lead to OBS studio recording problems.

Fix 8. Disable Overlays and Plugins

Disabling unnecessary overlays and third-party plugins within OBS can help ensure smoother recording experiences. Here is how:

Step 1. Run OBS and open "Docks" from the main menu.

Step 2. Uncheck the unnecessary overlays and plugins to see which one is causing issues.

Disable Overlays and Plugins

Fix 9. OBS Force Stop Recording

Try the OBS force stop recording solution if none of these fixes work. However, it often results in the loss of the unfinished recordings. You might get an incomplete recording if FLV was set as the output format.

Regarding how to recover unfinished OBS recording, go to the local OBS video recording folder. If you can't locate it, open OBS "Settings"> "Output"> "Recording Path".

OBS Force Stop Recording

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Record with an OBS Alternative

Although OBS is an excellent recording software, trying an alternative like EaseUS RecExperts can be a lifesaver to avoid any technical issues.

Whether you need to capture your screen, record gameplay on a PC, or make tutorial videos, this comprehensive software is the ultimate solution. It offers the flexibility to record the full screen or a specific region and capture the webcam. You can capture the system sound and microphone voice separately, simultaneously, or not at all.

The original quality of the videos won't be compromised while recording. Even capturing from various platforms is supported, i.e., you can record YouTube videos, Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo, etc. You can also set the output format and adjust other parameters. It also offers a default media player with various advanced editing capabilities.

EaseUS RecExperts interface

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OBS Stuck on Stopping Recording FAQs

After exploring various fixes in detail, let's address a few questions about getting OBS stuck on stopping recording:

1. Why won't OBS stop recording?

OBS won't stop recording mainly because of overloaded encoding, conflicts in software, incompatible overlays and plugins, high disc usage, outdated OBS, etc.

2. Why is my OBS failing to record?

OBS recording failures emerge for various reasons, including insufficient system resources, outdated software or drivers, incompatibility with other programs, and hardware issues.

3. Why is my OBS recording frozen?

A frozen OBS recording can be attributed to issues with your graphics card, high GPU consumption, incorrect OBS settings, conflicting apps, or a slow & unstable internet connection.


Getting OBS stuck on stopping recording is perplexing, but this problem could be resolved using the given fixes. Additionally, you may use the EaseUS RecExperts as an OBS alternative. This is an excellent addition to your recording toolkit due to its user-friendly interface and powerful recording features.

Let's download EaseUS RecExperts and satisfy your recording needs. Remember to share this post with others to troubleshoot this issue more effectively.

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