How to Record a Video Without Sound on Phone & PC

Sometimes you may need to record a video without sound, but the recorder you are using might not support that. Is there any other software that can help? Yes, EaseUS RecExperts is a recorder that allows you to adjust the audio settings freely. How to record a video without sound using this software? Read this post to know the operations.

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Nowadays, more and more digital devices integrate with default video & audio recorders, such as Windows PC, Mac, and smartphones. Most of those recorders are not convenient and only provide you with the basic functions. For example, some default recorders don't support freely selecting the audio source, so you have to capture your screen and sound simultaneously.

How to record a video without sound on different devices? It would be a good idea to use third-party recording software or adjust the settings of a built-in recorder properly. This post will give you tutorials that guide you through capturing videos without sound. Keep reading to find the best method for you.

1. How to Record a Video Without Sound on Windows and Mac

A compatible and lightweight recorder is optimal for capturing a screen on desktop devices. EaseUS RecExperts is one of the robust recorders that can work smoothly both on Windows and Mac operating systems. By virtue of its intuitive interface, this screen recorder is suitable for even beginners, and everyone can easily find the option they need. 

This all-in-one recorder supports capturing video, audio, and webcam separately or simultaneously. You can also record without sound, as this software allows you to customize the sound source with simple clicks. The format of the recordings is also adjustable, and you can select from up to 10 output formats. It's recommendable to choose GIF as the output format if you need a recording without any sound. 

key Features:

  • Best free screen recorder for Windows and Mac
  • Offer a Task Scheduler to capture the screen whenever you want
  • Built-in tools: a video trimmer, a media player, an audio extractor, etc.
  • Support auto-split and auto-stop
  • Export recordings in MP4, MOV, GIF, and other formats

More functions of EaseUS RecExperts are in store for you. Click the button to download it and have a try.

The following tutorial will guide you through recording a video with no sound. 

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts. Choose a recording mode from "Full Screen" or "Region". If you choose the second one, you will need to select the recording area manually.

Choose a Recording Mode

Step 2. After selecting the recording mode, you need to choose which audio to record. To record the system sound, click on the loudspeaker sign; to record the microphone sound, click on the mic sign; to record no sound, select nothing.

Record Audio

Step 3. Then, you can click the red "REC" button to start recording. If you want to pause the recording, click on the white "Pause" button; to end the recording, click on the red "Stop" button.

Pause or Stop Recording

Step 4. After recording, the recording list window will open. Here you can view, split, delete, manage your recordings easily.

Recording List Window

2. How to Record Video Without Sound Android

There are numerous phone models with the Android operating system, each of them has various functions and offers different settings. The variety of Android phones makes it hard to find a specific method to disable the audio recording when capturing the screen. And that is why a third-party screen recorder is the best choice to record video on Android without sound.

AZ Screen Recorder works stably on your phone and provides you with high-quality recordings, such as 1080P and 60 fps videos. This recording app is able to record both the system audio inside your device and the external sound, like your voice, but it also allows you to record the screen without audio.

Default video editing tools are also distinguishing features of this app. You can trim, crop, or compress the captured videos, as well as add subtitles to them.

az screen recorder interface


  • Support capturing the screen with the facecam
  • A dawing tool is available during the recording
  • Transfer the captured files to PC through WiFi
  • Offer you many tools to edit the recorded videos

How to Mute Sound When Recording Video on Android:

Step 1. Install this recording app on your Android phone and launch it.

Step 2. Click on the gear icon on your screen to find the "Settings" menu. 

Step 3. Tap the "Audio source" option and select "No audio" to record your screen without sound.

az screen recorder settings

Step 4. Select the "Record" option to start recording the screen. 

Step 5. Swipe down to your notifications and tap on the "Stop" button when you want to stop the recording.

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3. How to Mute Sound When Recording Video on iPhone

Unlike Android phones, the phone models of iPhone are limited so that it's possible to record video without sound using default apps. Among all those vendor-supplied apps, QuickTime Player is an excellent choice to make a video without audio. The videos captured in this way will be stored directly on your Mac so that you can edit them with ease, and this method will save a lot of memory for your iPhone.

record screen without sound iphone


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Record everything on your device
  • Support video rotating, cropping, and merging
  • Upload your videos to YouTube directly

How to Make a Video Without Sound on iPhone with QuickTime Player:

Step 1. Firstly, you need to connect your iPhone to Mac using the Lightning cable.

Step 2. Launch QuickTime Player and click on "File" > "New Movie Recording" on the menu bar.

Step 3. On the QuickTime window, hit the arrow next to the Record button and select your iPhone for the Camera.

Step 4. Mute the sound by setting the volume as zero. Click on the Record button to jump over to your iPhone screen and record what is happening on the iPhone screen without sound.


This post introduced three different methods of recording a video without sound on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone. Both built-in tools and third-party recording software are able to capture video with no sound, but it's recommendable to do that with third-party recorders as they offer more advanced tools for you.

EaseUS RecExperts is the best recording software for Windows and Mac users to record anything on your screen, and it's suitable for everyone. This intuitive recorder is convenient to use, and you can learn how to record a video without sound using it by following the tutorial mentioned above.

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