Top 10 Best Video Player for Windows 11 [2024 Updated]

A video player for Windows 11 is a dedicated tool that supports playing different audio and videos on your computer. This post covers. Hence, users look for the best video player for Windows 11 for personal or professional needs.

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Jane Zhou

Updated on Feb 19, 2024

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Video formats are leading the modern content due to their improved audience engagement and practical message delivery benefits. Hence, all you need is a dedicated video player to play different videos correctly, clearly, and efficiently on your device. Multiple meida players for Windows 11 are available on the market, which aims to offer the best benefits to users.

However, not all of these Windows 11 video players are efficient. So, today, we bring you a detailed, well-researched, and easy-to-understand list of the top 10 best video player for Windows 11. It is easy to select one out of these options and start optimizing different videos on Windows 11.

Top 10 Best Video Player Windows 11

With so many options in the video player for Windows 11 available in the market, it is easy even for professional users to get confused in selecting one based on their immediate needs. All you need to do is review the well-researched and detailed list of the ten best Windows 11 media players. We've prepared this list based on these video players' top advantages, possible disadvantages, and best usage. So, here you go:

1. EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts is a feature-rich Windows 11 video player. This movie player can help users play videos from different video and audio files easily and effectively. The main standard media files supported by this tool are AAC, MP3, MKV, MOV, MP4, etc. It is an easy-to-use tool, which makes it perfect for beginners and professionals in video playing. The detailed features of this 4K video player make it an ideal tool for video playing, along with its additional functions. Further, it is easy to download EaseUS RecExperts from its official website to maximize efficiency.

EaseUS RecExperts

Features of EaseUS RecExperts:

  • Can edit videos, trim videos, extract audio, and add titles and credits to videos
  • Allows convenient screen recording
  • Supports multiple media formats for optimized use
  • Offers the addition of audio, images, videos, etc., in one player only
  • Play 4K high-definition videos clutter-free in raw format with different playback speeds

2. VLC Media Player

  • Techradar rating: 4.5/5 stars
  • Supported formats: MPEG, MP4, MOV, AVC, Real Video, DVD Video, and more

VLC Media Player is another ideal option for video players for Windows 11. It supports playing almost all media files as well as playing high-quality 4K videos without any problems. While watching videos with this media player, you can even adjust the playback speed flexibly according to your needs. Besides, it is often used as an HEVC video player. Most importantly, it is entirely free, open-source, and multi-platform, which means you can even use this freeware on your mobile devices effortlessly.

VLC Media Player


  • It supports multiple media formats
  • It loads video files quickly
  • It allows quick integration with web channel streaming services


  • It is difficult to use

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3. CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra

  • PC Magazine rating: 4/5 stars
  • Supported formats: MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, WebM, HEVC, AVC, VP9

CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra is a leading Windows 11 video player, offering DVD player, Bluray services, etc. It offers quick video watching with a dedicated media management hub. Not only this, users can quickly search for different photos, videos, music, etc. It is the leading tool offering the ultimate solution for different home entertainment needs. It is not another video player but a sophisticated tool offering a premium viewing experience. Being a powerful video player, it supports different video formats like MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, WebM, HEVC, AVC, VP9, etc.



  • It offers AI-powered photo management
  • It allows customized thumbnails and poster walls
  • It provides 4K Ultra HD and 8K video playback


  • It lacks advanced features

4. Cisdem Video Player

  • CNET rating: 5/5 stars
  • Supported formats: MP4, H.264/MP4 AVC, H.265/HEVC, AVI, MKV, MOV, WMV, MPG, M4V, TS, MTS, M2TS, AVCHD, RM, RMVB, ASF, 3GP, F4V, FLV, ISO, DIVX, and more

Cisdem Video Player is the top-ranking Windows 11 media player that offers unconditional support to more than 200 formats. It eliminates the need for extra codec packs with seamless 4K movies.

Further, it allows quick conversion of current 4K movies and music videos to different formats optimized for different devices. It can smoothly play 1080p/ 4K/ 5K/ 8K videos. Hence, Cisdem Video Player is the leading tool offering an outstanding movie-watching experience. Not only this, it offers complete control over the video playback feature.

Cisdem Video Player


  • It offers fast loading of 4K videos
  • It supports HD and UHD videos
  • It allows high-quality video resolution without any additional hassles


  • It lacks support for different media files

5. Kodi

  • G2 rating: 4.2/5 stars
  • Supported formats: AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF, FLV, MKV/MKA (Matroska), QuickTime, MP4, etc.

Kodi video player is an easy-to-use and convenient Windows video player. It supports MPEG-3, MP3, MKV, MP4, FLV, etc., and eliminates the need for additional codecs or download packages for playing video files without hassles. It allows quick interface customization as per user preferences. Kodi claims to be the perfect entertainment center with multiple features, an interactive user interface, and ease of use. It offers fast streaming of favorite internet radio stations and video streaming from web browsers, mobile phones, etc.



  • It prevents malware or adware infections
  • It offers a highly customized interface
  • It offers a quick screenshot facility


  • It keeps crashing or freezing

6. DivX Player

  • CNET rating: 3.6/5 stars
  • Supported formats: AVI, DIVX, MKV, HEVC and MP4

DivX Player offers advanced codecs like AVI, MKV, HECV, etc. It offers quick video playing up to 4K resolution. Further, it allows users to stream Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA). It offers fast playback and has an in-built media library to keep track of different videos. It can save space and quickly convert videos. Not only this, it can stream videos on TV. With a range of features like better audio, incredible video playback, no advertisements, and additional converter features, it is the much-needed video player for Windows 11.

DivX Player


  • It offers HEVC 10-bit playback
  • It allows customized encoding settings
  • It helps the user save space while playing video


  • It lacks advanced features

7. GOM Player Plus

  • G2 rating: 4.6/5 stars
  • Supported formats: cc

GOM Player Plus is a perfect video player for 360-degree videos, UHD, 4K videos, etc. It offers high-resolution videos with an intuitive user interface. Further, it allows users to outsource subtitles from the interface with quick subtitle synchronization from different movies. It is a powerful video player offering an optimal control panel for video playback with varying options like screen capture, subtitle sync controls, subtitles package, etc. It is the leading video player with easy-to-understand features and quick use.

GOM Player


  • It supports high-resolution playback
  • It can sync subtitles automatically
  • It helps find codecs for playing damaged files


  • It faces runtime errors

8. Pot Player

  • G2 rating: 4.7/5 stars
  • Supported formats: AVI, 3GP, M4V, MOV, MP4, WMV, RMVB, MKV, TS, MPG, FLV, etc.

Pot Player is a powerful video player for Windows 11, offering 3D videos and 360-degree videos. It supports different types of 3D glasses for improved user experience. Further, Pot Player is compatible with different devices like DVDs, HDTVs, TV, etc. Pot Player allows quick playback for broken files and incomplete AVI files. It offers maximum performance with the minimum resources using QuickSync, CUDA, DXCA, etc. In addition, Pot Player supports different 3D glasses for an amazing 3D experience. It supports side-by-side, top and bottom, and page flipping, etc.

Pot Player


  • It supports different subtitle formats like SMI, SRT, Blu-Ray, DVD, etc.
  • It offers Overlay support
  • It is useful for 3D videos


  • It is difficult to use

9. 5KPlayer

  • Trustpilot rating: 2.7/5 stars
  • Supported formats: MKV, AVI, FLV, WMA, MP4, MOV, and more

5KPlayer is a leading Windows 11 video player with a built-in video codec library. It is a powerful video editor with quick support for different video formats. The secret of its exemplary performance lies in GPU acceleration technology. It allows quick video downloading and 5K playback. It can be best understood as the combination of MKV or UHD video player, music player, DLNA-enabled media streamer, AirPlay, etc. It offers quick video download from 300+ websites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. It can seamlessly play MP3, FLAC, APE, AAC, etc., formats.



  • Offers satellite radio playback
  • Allows quick video downloads
  • It is a safe media player for Windows 11 system


  • It may cause a problem with other applications on the system

10. MPV Player

  • Trustpilot rating: 4.3/5 stars
  • Supported formats: MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, MOV, and more

Last but not least is the MPV player, which is the perfect video player for media file formats, audio codecs, video codecs, subtitle types, etc. It has powerful scripting capabilities with a large selection of the user scripts. The high-quality video output from the tool is due to high-quality algorithms, color management, frame timing, interpolation, HDR, etc. It has an on-screen controller with quick GPU video decoding. MPV Player remains under active development focusing on code refactoring and quick cleanup. The best part of the MPV player is that it has a small controller at the top of the tool for basic controls.

MPV Player


  • It offers support for different media formats like VAAPI, DXVA2, etc.
  • It supports scripting like Lua Script, JavaScript, etc.
  • It doesn't consume a large number of system resources


  • It doesn't have a good user interface

Wrapping Up

I hope everything is clear to our readers about the video player for Windows 11. Being a must-have tool on any Windows system, the numerous market options confuse the user in selecting one. You don't need to worry, as we've prepared a well-researched list of the top and best ten Windows 11 video players.

It is easy for the users to select their preference from this list based on critical points like pros, cons, best usage, etc. When asked for a clear winner, EaseUS RecExperts takes charge to be an easy, quick, and feature-rich video player for Windows 11. It can be quickly downloaded from its official website for an improved audio/video experience.

Windows 11 Video Player FAQs

After going through a detailed list of the top ten best video players for Windows 11, you may have some questions in mind regarding the same. Go through a quick list of the frequently and popularly asked questions related to the Windows 11 video player mentioned below:

1. What's the best video player for Windows 11?

Out of all the possible options available in the market, EaseUS RecExperts is the best video player for Windows 11. It offers unlimited time recording, schedule recording, and other advanced features. It has an embedded video editor and media player for quick help to the users.

2. How do I play a video on Windows 11?

The quick steps to play a video on Windows 11 are:

Step 1. Open Media Player.

Step 2. Go to "Home."

Step 3. Go to the "Menu" button next to "Open Files."

Step 4. Select the Open URL option to play a video on Windows 11.

3. What replaces Windows Media Player in Windows 11?

Windows Media Player in Windows 11 is replaced by Microsoft's new audio and video app. It brings big improvements to the audio and video experience of Windows 11 users.

4. How do I enable Media Player in Windows 11?

The quick steps to enable Media Player in Windows 11 are:

Step 1. Go to the "Start" button, then the "Settings" option, then "Apps."

Step 2. Go to "Apps & Features," "Manage optional features," then "Add a feature."

Step 3. Go to "Add a feature" and "Windows Media Player."

Step 4. Select "Install" to enable Media Player in Windows 11.

EaseUS RecExperts

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