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To change your Roblox background on Windows, Mac, and mobile, you can apply the default settings or use an extension. Also, at the end of this post, you can know the method of recording the Roblox with voice and webcam.

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Roblox is an online and global gaming platform that has attracted many players around the world. The game is interesting and lively, and even users can make their own game. One enjoyable part is that you can customize the background/theme as you like. If you want to know how to change your Roblox background, find the answer in this post. Also, you can learn information on how to record Roblox on Windows and Mac. 

custom background for roblox

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
1. How to Change Roblox Background/Theme on Mac Click the Account Settings in Roblox....Full steps
2. How to Change Your Roblox Background/Theme on PC Open Chrome and type Chrome Web Store...Full steps
3. How To Change Your Roblox Background/Theme On Mobile Add Yandex from the Google Play...Full steps
Bonus Tips: How to Record Roblox on PC/Mac To capture Roblox on Windows and Mac...Full steps

Method 1. Change Roblox Background on Mac

To customize the theme when playing Roblox, apply the default settings. Without adding the extension, changing the background is very simple. By finding the Personal option, you can choose from two options for the Roblox theme, Dark & Light. Players often regard them as having a black or white background.

change roblox background in black and white

(The left one is in Dark theme and the Light one is on the right)

The only limitation is that you cannot apply more beautiful themes as the extensions do. While it's enough for some players as they don't want to increase difficulty in making Roblox's background different.

Follow this guide on changing your Roblox background/theme on Mac:

Step 1. Open Roblox and log into the account. Then, click the Account Settings. On your Mac, use the browser and look for the gear icon from the top-right side. 

Step 2. Choose the Account Info option. Then, scroll down the menu and click the Personal option. 

Step 3. From the personal settings, you can navigate to the Theme. Then, open its drop-down menu and choose between Dark and Light. Finally, enjoy the new background after clicking the Save button. 

Method 2. Change Your Roblox Background/Theme on PC

Like macOS operating system, Windows also allows the Dark & Light themes for Roblox. However, some players may require more adorable themes. An extension named Stylish needs to be added to your Chrome or Firefox. 

There are hundreds of themes when using this method. Colorful themes significantly increase the fun of the game and also attract more potential users. Also, you are allowed to change them anytime as they are fully customizable. 

Look at this guide on how to change Roblox theme:

Step 1. To get the Roblox custom background, open Chrome and type Chrome Web Store in the search bar. 

Step 2. Search for Stylish in the Chrome Web Store. Then, click "Add to Chrome" > "Add extension". After a few seconds, a new page appears, and you should look for Roblox. 

add stylish to google chrome

Step 3. Plenty of lovely themes are showing, and choose your favorite one for Roblox. Click on the target custom background and move to your game for checking.

stylish for roblox custom theme

Tips: Actually, you can turn styles on or off as you want by clicking the Extension button from the top right side and hitting the three dots. Then, customize the theme setting.

click extension and custom theme

Method 3. Change Your Roblox Background On Mobile

You can change the Roblox background on iPhone or Android. Also, it's easy to apply the Dark & Light theme. Go to Part 1 for the same operation. Or use more beautiful themes from an extension. The only difficulty is to install the correct one on your mobile phone. Below is an extension named Stylus that is added on Android. 

change roblox background or theme

Here is a list of steps for customizing the theme on Android:

Step 1. Add Yandex from the Google Play. Open it to type Chrome Web Store and look for the Stylus extension.  

Step 2. Click "Add to Chrome" > "Add Extension". Back to your browser and search for Roblox. Log into the game platform and open the home page. 

Step 3. From the home page, click three dots from the bottom side. Scroll down the menu and click "Extensions". From the several options, you choose Stylus.  

Step 4. When a window shows, you click "Find styles". Then, choose the desired one as you like.  Finally, view your Roblox game with the changed background. 

Bonus Tips: How to Record Roblox on PC/Mac

To capture Roblox on Windows and Mac, you can try a full-featured screen recorder, EaseUS RecExperts. During the Roblox recording task, you can select the audio resources, including the system or external sound. It's helpful to record the gameplay screen with a connected webcam. You can use an external camera to help with that. 

Also, it's available to apply options like setting the output format of audio and video, etc. For gameplay capturing, it's vital to set the bitrate in this streaming video recorder. With the best settings for recording Roblox, you are able to produce a high-quality output. Meanwhile, more options are offered when customizing the hotkeys. 

Download this best recorder for gameplay like Roblox! In the trial version, you don't need to register an account. 

Main features of this beneficial Roblox recorder:

  • Deal with the whole screen or record part of screen
  • Capture the audio, screen, gameplay, and webcam
  • Capable of choosing the game voice from Roblox or microphone sound
  • Choose the output format of videos, including MP4, MOV, FLV, etc. 
  • Best game recording software for games like Roblox, LoL, etc. 

Now, read the below post to learn a detailed guide on recording gameplay on PC/Mac.

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FAQs About How to Change Your Roblox Background

Don't skip this part if you want to know more information about Roblox custom background or themes. 

1. How do you change your background on Roblox Mobile 2022?

For default settings, it's easy to change it in Dark and Light. 

1. Open Roblox on the phone and log into the account.

2. Find the account Settings and click it.

3. Choose the Account Info selection and look for the Personal tab.

4. Scroll down the options and choose Dark or Light as you like.

5. To view the Roblox game with changed background, click the Save button. 

For more styles from an extension, go to Part 3 for help. 

2. How can I remove stylish style?

Stylish is an extension for applying backgrounds for Roblox. It's easy to customize the theme. When you want to turn it off, click the Extension icon from the top side of your browser. 

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