Is ScreenRec Safe? [2024 Thorough Review]

Do you use ScreenRec for recording videos? If so, check our latest blog answering 'Is ScreenRec safe' for keeping your personal and professional information.

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Updated on Apr 19, 2024

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Answers to core questions:
❓  - Is ScreenRec safe?
👨🏼‍🔬 - ScreenRec is a prominent free-to-use screen recorder. It is capable of capturing high-resolution screenshots and videos from a PC screen, Webcam, and speaker audio. For personal and professional data security, it includes a data privacy policy, AES Encrypted Algorithms, cloud recording, and safe downloads from the official website with no viruses and malware. This makes it completely safe to use
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ScreenRec is free and easy-to-use screen recording software. The app offers HD resolutions screen recording with no time limit. You can simultaneously capture the main screen, webcam, and speaker audio. This makes it ideal for creating tutorials, presentations, tutorials, webinars, marketing campaigns, YouTube videos, and recreational activities.

ScreenRec provides free screen recording for Windows, MacOS, and Linux users. It can capture both the selected screen sections and the full screen as per requirement. ScreenRec also offers cloud storage which enables users to store videos with unlimited capacity.

Since all these premium-quality features are completely free, sometimes, as a user, you can get concerned about whether the software is safe to use. What if there is a hidden ScreenRec feature collecting and sharing the personal information of users? All such objections are genuine and understandable. Let's review ScreenRec 2023 version from a security standpoint.

📖Is ScreenRec Screen Recorder Safe?

When it comes to data safety, ScreenRec passes the test by flying all colors. It includes all necessary protocols to cope with internal and external threats.

These are the features that make ScreenRec a completely safe screen recorder.

#️⃣1. Privacy Policy

The ScreenRec has a well-defined privacy policy that puts tremendous emphasis on data security. The app doesn't look for the personal information of any user unless it is shared by him in the first place.  The latest security features shield it from malware attacks. All you need is to get the latest version of ScreenRec to avoid any risk.

#️⃣2. AES-Encryption Algorithms

The ScreenRec follows the AES-Encryption model which allows you to put passwords on the recorded video links. You can also restrict video access to selected IP addresses. The software also allows you to observe the profiles watching your videos. This prevents unauthorized downloads of your screen recordings.

#️⃣3. Cloud Recording

The ScreenRec is among the very few screen recorders which utilize cloud recording. All the videos are uploaded to cloud storage which is linked to the user's registered account. After that, the app generates a video link shareable to selected profiles. This means you don't have to connect the app with services like YouTube, Dropbox, or Google Drive.  This makes data recording quicker, safer, and instantly shareable with others.

#️⃣4. Safe Download

The freest software contains virus and malware in its program files. As soon as you download and install it, your computer is at risk. These viruses can slow down the processing speed, damage installed programs, delete data files and make terrible catastrophic changes to hard drives. Thankfully, ScreenRec doesn't contain any viruses or malware.

All you need is to download the ScreeenRec program files from its official website. It minimizes the risk of downloading any corrupted version. When it comes to Windows, the software files are compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

🎡A Complete Review Of the ScreenRec Screen Recorder

ScreenRec is a high-quality screen recorder software capable of capturing the screen, webcam, and microphone audio. The software provides high-resolution videos with an instant sharing option. It is ideal for professional and personal video-making. All you need is to download and install the app and create a free account on it.

ScreemRec doesn't have a typical interface. On the PC screen, it only shows ScreenRec settings and ScreenRec gallery. This is how it looks in real-time


#️⃣Installation Process

To install the ScreenRec, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official ScreenRec website
  • Click the "Get It Free" Option to download the set-up files.
  • Open the set-up files, showing "Welcome to ScreenRec set up," and choose "Next."

installation process

  • Click "I agree" on the license agreement.
  • Select the "Destination Folder."
  • The installation will start. After a few minutes, you will see the ScreenRec shortcut on your desktop.


ScreenRec provides high-quality screenshots and videos of your monitor. The videos can be saved in SD, HD, and 4K Quality as per your choice. For users with official accounts, there is no time limit either. You can save the complete videos without losing any details.

ScreenRec also allows annotating screenshots for highlighting or adding comments. With the analytics option, you can know who watched your recordings, when, and for how long. 


  • 100% free recording with no watermarks.
  • Minim and easy to use with no complicated options.
  • Recorded data is encrypted, ensuring data safety.
  • Option of instant sharing through a private link.


  • Without a ScreeRec account, the limit for recorded videos is just 5 minutes
  • The lack of video editing features is a big-miss

🎯ScreenRec Screen Recorder Alternative - EaseUS RecExperts

As great as ScreenRec is a recorder, it lacks customization and video editing features. For people looking for an upgrade, we suggest EaseUS RecExperts as the best ScreenRec alternative.

EaseUS RecExperts is capable of recording a PC screen along with audio and webcam. The tool can provide video quality up to 8K with quality enhancers. The software provides Six different types of screen recordings, including Full-Screen Recording, Selected Region Recording, Multi-Screen Recording, Schedule Recording, Edit While Recording, and Auto Stop and Auto Split.

This makes it an all-round screen recorder. is also compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. The tool is ideal for making professional videos with high-quality results.

✨Key Features of EaseUS RecExperts:



  • Limited UI Colors
  • The premium version is a bit expensive

📚To Wrap Things Up

ScreenRec is a prominent free-to-use screen recording software. It is capable of capturing high-resolution screenshots and videos from a PC screen, Webcam, and speaker audio. For personal and professional data security, it includes a data privacy policy, AES Encrypted Algorithms, cloud recording, and safe downloads from the official website with no viruses and malware. This makes it completely safe to use.

However, ScreenRec lacks a video editor and music player. For people looking for a complete solution, EaseUS ReExperts is the perfect alternative to ScreenRec. This blog presents its introduction, features, and Pros & Cons. Download and install it on your system and start recording professional-quality videos today.

❓FAQs on ScreenRec Security

1. Is ScreenRec really free?

ScreenRec is 100% free to use. All the features are accessible without any premium subscription or paid account. It doesn't include any watermark on the recording either. You can start recording with no time limit and an instant sharing option.  

2. Is ScreenRec private?

ScreenRec is a private software with end-to-end encryption. You can control access to the video by sharing private links with selected audiences. You can also monitor the name of a viewer, his watch time, and the number of times he's accessed the video.

3. How do I stop ScreenRec?

Once you are done recording, press the "stop" button. The video will stop, and the shareable link will be copied to your clipboard.

EaseUS RecExperts

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