How to Use Whiteboard in Teams Meeting in 5 Steps

A virtual whiteboard provided by the meeting app offers a lot of benefits. You can draw text, highlight text, etc. As a student or teacher, this is a good method to communicate online. So, follow this post to learn more information about how to use a whiteboard on Microsoft Teams.

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Crystal Chen Updated on Nov 08, 2022| min read

As our world is being overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic, the online conference is a good method to replace offline teaching and working. Meeting software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams become hot apps as they provide beneifical functionalities to many users. One feature provided by these meeting apps is the virtual whiteboard. The joiner and hoster can draw text on the board together, which produces convenience for communication. Here, this post explains how to use whiteboard in Teams Meeting. 

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
1. Launch MS Teams Whiteboard Open MS Teams app and search Calendar tab...Full steps
2. Draw On Screen in Teams Whiteboard Alter the line thickness and change pen color...Full steps
3. Microsoft Teams Share Whiteboard Invite others to the online meeting....Full steps
4. Settings in Microsoft Teams Apply settings on the whiteboard...Full steps
5. Access Virtual Whiteboard Later Click "Whiteboard" > "Board Gallery" to...Full steps

Bonus Tips: How to Record Microsoft Teams As a Student

How to Use Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams Meeting

You may wonder how do I add a whiteboard to Microsoft Teams? Only in 5 steps can you know it fully. From launching a virtual whiteboard to reviewing it later. Each step explains clearly. 

Step 1. Launch MS Teams Whiteboard

The whiteboard is available during the Team's meetings, while you need to launch it firstly. Firstly, open the MS Teams app and then find the Calendar tab. You can create a new meeting or join an existing online discussion. 

join teams meeting

When you are in an online meeting, tab the "Share Tray" option from the toolbar. On the bottom side, a new window is shown, and you need to choose "Microsoft Whiteboard". Click it!

launch whiteboard teams

Now, you will see two options, asking you to allow others to edit the whiteboard or allow you to use it only. 

whiteboard microsoft

Step 2. Draw On Screen in Teams Whiteboard

Now, you can use drawing tools on Teams easily. There are many tools like a color pen, highlighter, and eraser. What's more, it's possible to alter the line thickness and change the pen color like red, blue, and black. Not only colorful pens, but also you can use the added notes. 

microsoft teams whiteboard

These tools are helpful for students and teachers to express their ideas. It's also the most important part of the virtual whiteboard as it brings effective communicating way for online teaching. 

Step 3. Microsoft Teams Share Whiteboard

Actually, the Teams whiteboard is automatically shared with all participants. So, you just need to invite some people to the online meeting. To let the participants draw the whiteboard, you can change the collaboration setting to enable the function. Anyone who sees the whiteboard can draw together. 

Step 4. Settings in Microsoft Teams

During the Microsoft meeting, you can apply settings on the whiteboard. In the Settings menu, you can choose whether other participants can edit the whiteboard or not. Also, the first option can help you export an image of the content in the virtual whiteboard. The format can be in PNG. 

set whiteboard

Like other meeting apps, you can send feedback and learn more information about MS Teams whiteboard. 

Step 5. Access Virtual Whiteboard Later

Do you want to review the whiteboard after the meeting? When you end the online meeting, you can come back to check the whiteboard later. So, it's really a helpful online learning tool for you! Click "Whiteboard" > "Board Gallery". Then, you will see all whiteboards you have drawn before. 

whiteboard teams

Bonus Tips: How to Record Microsoft Teams As a Student

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Meanwhile, it has the schedule recording function to enable you to record the online meeting automatically. You are allowed to choose the start and end times freely. Therefore, you don't have to focus on the recording task all the time. As a student, it's a necessary tool to capture online classes, especially in the epidemic environment. 

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If you want to try this screen recording software, follow the below guide to know more details. 

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How to record Microsoft Teams Meeting?

Only one MS Teams meeting recorder can meet all your requirements to capture the screen with audio. 

FAQs About Teams Whiteboard

Some questions are gathered from the public. Read them to find useful tips. 

1. Does Microsoft Teams have a whiteboard?

Of course, Yes! MS Teams has the whiteboard function for students, businesses man, and other users. You can easily draw the text on the virtual whiteboard. Also, it has an eraser to remove the unwanted part. Overall, it provides all the basic drawing functions for you. 

Also, other meeting apps like Zoom meeting also offer this function. 

2. Why can't I see the whiteboard on Teams?

First of all, make sure you have created or joined a meeting. Then, click "Share Tray" > "Microsoft Whiteboard". From the bottom side, you find the Microsoft whiteboard in the Administration Center. 

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