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Adobe Audition is quite a well-known and powerful audio editing software. But some people want to find a free Adobe Audition alternative, as it is too expensive. If you are one of them, you will get help from this post. Here you can learn the top 7 alternatives to Adobe Audition!

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Melissa Lee Updated on Dec 30, 2022| min read

Adobe Audition is a comprehensive audio editor for video post-production, podcasts, and audio restoration. However, it has some disadvantages as well, like only being available via an expensive monthly subscription.

So if you are someone with a lower budget and want to find an Adobe Audition alternative, you have just come to the right place. Here we are going to share with you some alternatives to Adobe Audition with full details. Let's jump into the points now!

Top 7 Adobe Audition Free Alternative:

Top 1. EaseUS RecExperts 

Applies to: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7

The first Audition alternative is EaseUS RecExperts. Like Adobe Audition, it enables you to capture voice or other sounds with simple clicks. With its help, you can flexibly choose to record from system sound or any mic connected to your computer. Besides, this software supports the schedule recording function, which means it will automatically start or stop your recordings at a specific time.

After recording, you can edit your recorded files by trimming. In addition to that, you don't need to convert the format of your recordings, as you can set the format in the settings freely so that you can record the audio in a suitable format.

EaseUS RecExperts

  • Friendly and simple to beginners
  • Free audio recorder for Windows
  • Record streaming audio with no lag
  • Support various output formats
  • Record screen, webcam, and audio simultaneously

Top 2. Voice Recorder 

Applies to: Windows 10/8.1/8/7

Supposed that you are a Windows fancier who dislikes downloading software on your computer, Voice Recorder may be the best option as the Adobe Audition free alternative.

As a pre-installed tool in the Windows 10 system, you do not need to download any extremely convenient and simple programs to operate. It enables you to record any voice on your computer and do some simple editions on your recorded audio, like cutting or trimming.

If you need easy-to-use programs like Adobe Audition, you can try this one.

voice recorder- adobe audition alternatives


  • No installation requirement
  • The interface is simple and easy
  • Allow downloading and sharing recorded audio
  • Trim the recorded audio


  • Limited functions and features

Top 3. Lucky Recorder 

Applies to: Windows 10

Lucky Recorder is a simple, fun, and easy-to-use professional voice recorder among all those audition alternatives. You can use it to record Webex meeting, Zoom meetings, etc., or record lectures and personal notes without time limits. Plus, you can play back and share your recordings. 

This alternative to Adobe Audition is also compatible with Windows 10.

adobe audition alternatives - lucky recorder


  • No time limits to record audio
  • The interface is straightforward and powerful
  • Record high-quality audio
  • Upload your recordings to OneDrive


  • The features of the free version are limited
  • Few editing options after recording

Top 4. QuickTime Player 

Applies to: Mac  

QuickTime Player is a prevalent Adobe Audition free alternative on the Apple application market. Using this freeware, you can easily capture voice from your microphone. Beyond that, it is multimedia software that enables you to play video and audio and record audio with screen. You can capture the computer sound of your Mac without downloading any third-party tools.

adobe audition -quicktime player


  • No need to download any third-party software
  • Capture your screen in a full or selected area
  • Support cutting, trimming your recorded video
  • Free to use


  • Support MOV file format only

Top 5. Screenflick 

Applies to: Mac

Another program like Adobe Audition is Screenflick. This application supports users to record sound from computer as well as the microphone sound.

What's more, it is an all-in-one tool that allows you to record audio, video, and webcam on your Mac. It features capturing the full screen or a specific area of your computer screen.

adobe audition - screenflick


  • Record screen and audio with high quality
  • A simple and easy to use application for Mac users
  • Add effects for keystrokes and mouse clicks
  • Support customizing audio after recording


  • Can not add annotations
  • Timeline is not allowed editing

Top 6. OBS Studio 

Applies to: Windows, Mac, and Linux

If you are searching for an open-source Audition alternative, then OBS Studio should be your first choice. It has gained a great reputation on the market, and can record any sound from a microphone or system. Instead of recording audio, it lets you capture your computer's area or full screen of your devices with just a few clicks.

After finishing your computer audio recording, you can edit it and share it on your social platforms.

OBS- adobe audition alternative


  • Allow editing audios after recording
  • Support live streaming
  • Add different overlays for recorded videos


  • Beginners may find it hard to use
  • Occasionally its interface takes time to upload

Top 7. Audacity 

Applies to: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Audacity is widely known as a good audio recording and editing software. It is totally free and open resource. Similar to Adobe Audition, this freeware will assist you in handling some simple music tasks. 

With its help, you can start your vocal recording quickly, more than that, this program offers many helpful editing tools to make your recordings more attractive. Besides, Audacity also allows users to exports the recorded audio in different file formats as desired.

use audacity to record audio


  • Cross-platform
  • Free to use
  • Audio editor and recorder with multiple tracks
  • Record microphones and system sounds


  • It may be a bit complex for beginners
  • It's not easy to customize UI


In summary, there is a load of Adobe Audition alternatives on the market to help you record audio on your various devices. You can choose one following your demand.

For all the programs like Audition, we still highly recommend EaseUS RecExperts. It is the best choice with its powerful functions and various features. Just try it, and you will never disappoint at it.

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