8 Best Voice Recorder App for YouTube for Desktop and Mobile

Need help finding the best voice recorder app for YouTube? This article will thoroughly explore 8 YouTube recorders for desktop and mobile users to help settle on the one that best meets your needs.

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Updated on Jan 05, 2024

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With the rise in the consumption of digital content, content creators have enhanced the ways they meet their audiences' entertainment needs. Whether you are conducting interviews, taking notes, podcasting, rehearsing songs, band practice, etc., voice recording technology helps creators knock off engaging content seamlessly. However, finding the best voice recorder app for YouTube is still a struggle for many creators and artists.

But not anymore. Now, you can record audio from YouTube with professional voice recorders without spending a dime. We have got hold of the best accessible and affordable voice recorders with advanced capabilities for desktop and mobile phone users with impressive features. Let's take a detailed look.

Top 8 Voice Recorder Apps for YouTube

As a content creator, you would only settle for the best voice recorder app for YouTube. But in a pool of renowned players, finding the best is complex and challenging. Instead, we have shortlisted the eight best voice recorders with a detailed overview for smartphones and desktops to help you pick the one that best meets your needs.

1. EaseUS RecExperts

  1. Compatibility: Windows PCs 7/8/8.1/10/11 and macOS 10.13 and later
  2. Rating: 4.9/5

EaseUS RecExperts is a powerful and professional YouTube audio grabber that supports audio recording activities. It is a voice recorder that helps you record any sound from the system or microphone. Whether you need to record YouTube videos or audio, the program meets your needs effortlessly.

easeus recexperts

Key Features:

  • Offers AI-powered noise remover feature to remove noise from video and audio
  • It enables you to mute the recording without muting the recorded file
  • Helps to record YouTube videos or audio
  • Allows changing the settings as needed before or during recording
  • Offers a built-in free record player

EaseUS RecExperts is a powerful recording software that you can use to record YouTube videos. You can consider downloading this excellent screen and audio recorder.

2. Audacity

  1. Compatibility: Windows, macOS, and Linux
  2. Rating: 4.5/5

Audacity is also a free, open-source, and best voice recorder app for YouTube for desktop users who want to get creative with sound. It's also the perfect tool for anyone who needs to edit or export audio for any reason quickly. It is excellent for podcasts, voice-over work, and recording momos, and it enables users to record internal audio on Mac.

audacity recorder

Key Features:

  • Helps create audio podcasts and then host them on audio.com for free
  • Elevates productions with a vast selection of third-party plugins, including VST3, Nyquist, and more
  • It lets you visualize frequencies in Audacity's Spectrogram view
  • Supports all major audio formats, allowing you to convert WAV to MP3, FLAC, Ogg, and much more
  • Offers a library of effects, including compressor, automatic repair tool, and noise reduction

3. Apple's Voice Memos App

  1. Compatibility: iOS and iPadOS
  2. Rating: 4/5

Apple's Voice Memos app is also one of the best free screen recorders for iOS users. If you own one iPhone, iWatch, or iPad, you can easily use it as a portable audio recorder. It is one of the best apps to record voice notes, reminders, or creative ideas on the go. In addition, iCloud support lets you sync your mobile device to your Mac.

apple voice memos app

Key Features:

  • Enables choosing between compressed and uncompressed audio formats
  • Recordings are named automatically based on the location
  • Video editing features allow trimming, replacing, and reducing unwanted noises
  • Search and sort features keep you well-organized
  • Skip Silence feature lets you automatically skip audio gaps

4. Riverside

  1. Compatibility: Android and iOS devices
  2. Rating: 4.8/5

Riverside is an audio and video recorder software with remote recording tools, making it an ideal choice for content creators. The voice recording app specializes in local recording, meaning all files are captured directly on your device. This stops the faulty internet connection from ruining your recording resolution.

riverside app

Key Features:

  • Records separate audio and video tracks for editing flexibility
  • Offers remote recording for up to 8 participants with up to 1000 audience members
  • Live stream recorder and live call-ins from audience members
  • Provides automatic transcriptions for efficiently repurposing your recordings into blogs or other written content
  • Removes background noise automatically to ensure crystal-clear sound

5. AZ Recorder

  1. Compatibility: Android and iOS devices
  2. Rating: 4.5/5

AZ Recorder is one of the best voice recorder app for YouTube on Android devices that lets you record unlimited lengths of audio and video. In addition, it enables you to record videos with audio alongside a facecam in an overlay window. It also lets you export your video in Full HD before trimming, merging, adding subtitles, and more.

azrecorder app

Key Features:

  • It is an unlimited screen recorder
  • Provides HD quality video outputs of up to 1080p
  • Livestream to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Capture and record your screen, video editor, and live-streaming
  • It lets you create and share gameplay videos, save video calls, or record videos that cannot be downloaded

6. MP3 Recorder

  1. Compatibility: Android and iOS devices
  2. Rating: 4.7/5

MP3 Recorder is a totally free application with an easy-to-use and straightforward design that helps improve the recording function of your phone. The application has many beautiful themes and colors that are suitable for everyone. It lets you record sound in popular formats like MP3 or high-quality sound, such as WAV. MP3 Recorder will.

mp3 recorder app

Key Features:

  • Works well in the background with no intrusive ads
  • Record your personal notes, group discussion, singing practice, concert, presentation, negotiation, etc., any sounds that you can hear and need to record
  • It lets you record industry-standard MP3 recording
  • It offers impressive sound quality
  • Easy to name and share files

7. Smart Voice Recorder

  1. Compatibility: Android devices only
  2. Rating: 4.6/5

Smart Voice Recorder is one of the simple, free, and easy-to-use audio recorder apps for Android devices, designed for high-quality long-time recordings. It is equipped with an easy-to-use interface and built-in editing features to get your job done quickly. It analyzes your storage space and estimates the hours of recording you can make.

smart voice recorder app

Key Features:

  • You can skip silence and improve the overall quality while recording and editing voice
  • It provides outstanding features like noise reduction to create quality sound
  • Relatively user-friendly software with an intuitive interface
  • Completely free for Android users with unlimited recordings
  • Records in the background to complete other device tasks

8. Dolby On

  1. Compatibility: iOS and Android
  2. Rating: 4.2/5

Dolby On is a fantastic voice recorder app for recording audio on your phone and transforming it into a powerful recording tool in just one click. Besides recording your audio, you can also record songs, sounds, instruments, podcasts, rehearsals, voice memos, ideas, lyrics, beats, and more with incredible audio quality. Undoubtedly, it is the best app for musicians.

dolby on recorder app

Key Features:

  • Free voice recording app with a simple interface
  • Records live music with advanced effects like spatial audio, EQ, noise reduction, and more
  • Filters the noise to generate high-quality audio recordings
  • Record podcasts, sounds, voice memos, lyrics, rehearsals, instruments, songs, beats, and more with high quality
  • No in-app purchases or ads

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Editor's Recommendation on Choosing Voice Recorders

You may need to record video or audio files for interviews, music concerts, offline courses, or lectures. But have you ever wondered how to choose the best voice recorder? All the best software offers almost similar features, so how do you pick the one that's actually meant for you? These factors can certainly help you in this situation.

Software's Purpose: The software must deliver professional and high-quality results within your budget. While a free one can be your go-to option, check for the user reviews before settling for it.

Compatibility: Know the industry standard to make a good choice while selecting a voice recorder software.

User-friendly Interface: Pick the software with a user-friendly interface to help you learn how it functions in a matter of a few minutes.

Audio and Voice Quality: Audio files may need an enhancement in post-production. Ensure the chosen software has proper recording and editing techniques to meet or outgrow your expectations.

Tools and features: Additional tools and editing features are always welcomed to save time and improve your workflow without hassle.

System and Hardware: Ensure you settle with a voice recorder compatible with your operating system, microphone, and other hardware.

Online Reviews: Check for user ratings and reviews to ensure the selected voice recorder app is worth your time and money. You can join community forums and see what users are actually talking about the software.


Voice recording apps are quite in trend nowadays to capture sound and make your video more personalized and engaging. Whether you need to enhance sound and productivity or use quirky UI features, we have something for all your needs. So, regardless of your need to record lectures, interviews, or multitrack audios, you need not run anywhere, as we did our best to help you pick the best voice recorder app for YouTube for desktops or mobile phones. If you are confused, you can download and try the EaseUS RecExperts, as they have recording expertise in audio and video with a user-friendly interface.

Best Voice Recorder App for YouTube FAQs

We have already discussed the eight best high-quality YouTube recorders with price free and paid for Mac Windows, iOS, and Android. If you still have any doubts, go through these FAQs to resolve them instantly.

1. What recording app do most YouTubers use?

Most YouTubers rely on multifaceted apps that offer a single destination to help them with all their needs, like the EaseUS RecExperts. However, other recording apps are also widely in use for their user-friendly features, such as,

  • Rev Voice Recorder (iOS and Android)
  • Camtasia (Windows and Mac)
  • QuickTime (Mac)
  • Smart Voice Recorder (Android)
  • Voice Memos (iOS)

2. How do I record my voice on YouTube?

While there are many ways to record your voice on YouTube, we prefer using EaseUS RecExperts for supreme clarity. Follow the below steps to record your voice on YouTube.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts on your computer and click Settings to adjust the audio recording parameters. Select an output format like MP3, AAC, WAV, OGG, and WMA, and pick the suitable audio bitrate and sample rate.

Step 2. Tap the Speaker icon in the left panel and click on Microphone as the audio source. Enable advanced recording features for high-quality audio recordings by clicking the down arrow: Microphone Boost and Microphone noise reduction.

Step 3. Tap REC to start recording. Once done, you can even compress or trim your audio files.

3. Is it legal to record YouTube audio?

If you have posted proper signage and given legal notice to the people in the area being monitored, recording YouTube audio is not illegal.

EaseUS RecExperts

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