How to Record Myself Presenting a PowerPoint - Quick & Easy

Are you trying to figure out how to record a video of your PowerPoint presentation? Though it might seem complicated to figure out, it’s not so difficult to record the audio and video of your presentations. Want to record a PowerPoint presentation and yourself simultaneously? Here are the apps to use, their specification, and the overall comparison.

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Updated on Jan 23, 2024

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In the professional context, preparing a presentation on specific topics is an important task many employees must handle. While you can add data and graphs to PowerPoint slides, technological advancements in the software configurations also allow screen recording functionality here.

In fact, if you want to record yourself while presenting the presentation for personal reference or to send it to others digitally, you can do so as well. In the context of how to record myself presenting a PowerPoint, learn the best available methods to try here.

Preparations Before PowerPoint Screen Recording with Webcam

Before you video record yourself presenting your content using the connected Webcam, you should take certain steps to set up this process better. Here are the things you should prioritize for proper preparation.

  • Set up your microphone as the input audio source.
  • Configure the webcam camera you install as the input video source from the camera settings.
  • Make frame rate and resolution-based settings.
  • Prepare the presenting PPT well, and make sure it can be played smoothly.

Method 1. Record Myself Presenting a PowerPoint with EaseUS RecExperts

In terms of the best way to record yourself while presenting your PowerPoint presentation, EaseUS RecExperts is the best screen recorder to try. There are various ways how this app works with the built-in Webcam and captures different types of content smoothly.

The software is one of the top webcam recorders available for direct user recording with clear audio and video conditions. You can use it to record PowerPoint presentations with audio and video with no lag. Here, you can decide to switch off sound or microphone if you need to for your project type (depending on if you need to record narration).

Main feature

  • Utilize the embedded media player and video editor here.
  • Auto-split and auto-stop functionality is available.
  • Multiple recording modes are available, like multi-screen, a selected region, and full-screen.
  • Scheduled recording is supported.
  • Output video in multiple formats.
  • Extract audio from the video.

Expert's Rating:



  • Each license servers one computer.

Stepwise Guide:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts on your computer. Choose a recording mode from "Full Screen" or "Region". To record a part of the screen, select the recording area manually.

Choose a Recording Mode

Step 2. After selecting the recording mode, click on the camera sign on the interface. This will let the tool record your screen and the webcam at the same time.

Select the Webcam Sign

Step 3. You can also change the background with the AI Recognition ot green screen feature. Classroom, blur, studio, or your local images are supported. Just click "Webcam" > "Settings" > "Remove Background" to download and use these modules. Then, click the "REC" button to start recording.

Pause or Stop Recording

Step 4. After recording, the recording list window will open. Here you can view, split, delete, manage your recordings easily.

Recording List Window

Method 2. Record Myself Presenting a PowerPoint with Bandicam

If you want to record your PowerPoint window while also saving your facial expressions through the camera view, Bandicam allows that functionality. Press the red button to begin the recording process and make further edits before the final release.

Main Features

  • Record different elements (screen/webcam) for 10 minutes, each recording to unlimited duration.
  • Different types of recording like screen recording and webcam recording simultaneously.
  • Activate the scheduled recording button for instant capturing.
  • Strong HDMI and Webcam recording quality is available.

Expert's Rating:


  • Record the files in AVI or MP4 format.
  • Image Capture functionality is supported.
  • You can handle other recording processes, like recording a gameplay on PC.


  • Limitations on the recording time duration with the free version.
  • One needs to pay to get rid of watermarks.

Stepwise Guide:

Step 1: Access Bandicam > Full-screen mode.

Step 2: Go to Settings and choose the microphone device you are using as the Microphone option.

Step 3: Use Advanced settings to select the "Add webcam overlay to video" option to insert your webcam-based view while recording the PowerPoint presentation.

choose add webcam overlay

Step 4: Tap the REC button to begin recording after starting the presentation. Tap the end button when it is done.

Step 5: To see the final file, go to Home > Video. Save or edit the video file from here.

Method 3. Record Myself Presenting a PowerPoint with Movavi

It is possible to record slide shows on PowerPoint presentations with the Movavi Screen Recorder. Plus, you can make drawings on the video you record, making it simple to create a usable tutorial video.

With both the desktop and online versions, you can record your screen and webcam view.

Main Features

  • Directly capture webcam-based imagery with simple taps.
  • Draw directly on the recorded video.
  • Edit a voice recording as needed.
  • Showcase the mouse cursor movements and keystrokes.

Expert's Rating:


  • Record online calls, webinars, tutorials, etc.
  • Supports up to 4K resolution for recording.
  • Recording part of the screen and smoothly modifying the recording settings.


  • Sometimes the software faces functional crashes mid-use.
  • Each payment license focuses on per PC device.

Stepwise Guide:

Step 1: Access the Movavi software and press Record Video > Start Capture. Press the Stop Capture button when done.

press stop capture when done

Step 2: Tap on the cogwheel icon to open program settings and choose Webcam. Then, set the parameters like resolution, position, and other settings.

Step 3: Hit the Record button to begin this process and then the Stop button to finish. Make further edits to it after adding the file to Movavi Video Editor.

Method 4. Record Myself Presenting a PowerPoint with CamStudio

CamStudio is one of the best apps to try recording a PowerPoint with both the webcam and screen views. You can depend on the Video Annotation feature here to personalize the video project with the recorded slides on the screen.

Main Features

  • Insert anti-aliased high-grade screen captions into recordings.
  • Advanced Video Annotation feature for adding webcam-based self-recording.
  • Personalized Lossless Codec is available on this app.
  • Decide a section of the screen or camera to capture directly.

Expert's Rating:


  • Open-source screen recorder functionality here.
  • Real-time picture-in-picture support while recording is in progress.
  • Personalize the video recording screen layout midway.


  • Mainly available for Windows users to try out.
  • Viewing the SWF videos can become complex to handle.

Stepwise Guide:

Step 1: Open the PowerPoint presentation and CamStudio software side by side.

Step 2: On the PowerPoint, click on Set up Slide Show > presented by the speaker. Make other configurations and press OK.

set up slide show

Step 3: On CamStudio, set the recording region and set the parameters. Then, hit the red record button.

Step 4: Choose Options to change the Video Options settings. Set up the webcam and webcam feature for recording and play the recorded video on screen to record it with CamStudio.

A Thorough Comparison: Which One to Choose?

Indeed, multiple applications are available that you will find with this function when you search how to record myself presenting a PowerPoint online. Not to mention, they all provide high-quality performance in the processes they handle. However, which one is the best option?

Read this comparison-based table to get an idea.

Comparison EaseUS RecExperts  Bandicam  Movavi  CamStudio  Best Choice  
Performance  High  Medium-High quality   Medium-High quality   Medium-High quality   ALL
Performance  Windows, Mac Window Windows, Mac, web-based  Windows  RecExperts

Monthly- USD 19.95;

Yearly- USD 39.95;

Business- USD 99.95,

Lifetime- USD 69.95


Annual- USD 33.26;

Lifetime- USD 44.96


Screen Recorder (annual): USD 18.13;

Screen Recorder (One-Time Purchase)- USD 24.17;

Video Suite- USD 33.12

Free CamStudio (as cost amount); EaseUS RecExperts (as per option variety)
Performance  Yes, for 30 days.  No Yes, for 30 days.  No EaseUS RecExperts or Movavi Screen Recorder (online)
Performance  Easy level Easy- Medium level Easy- Medium level Easy- Medium level EaseUS RecExperts

As per this comparison, EaseUS RecExperts is a premium selection for recording yourself and screen with the PowerPoint presentation. So, the recommendation you will get here to this software. Download it and give the software a try.

Yet, check out the different apps mentioned for a clearer understanding of how they work. Finally, you can decide on the recording software to use long-term.

Record Myself Presenting a PowerPoint FAQs

In the context of how to record myself presenting a PowerPoint, certain questions are also common. Here are the main ones to take note of.

1. How do I record a PowerPoint presentation as a video?

You can record the PowerPoint presentation as a video using a secondary screen recorder tool like Movavi, CamStudio, etc. Even the in-built Game Bar feature allows Windows users to make this recording and save it as an MP4 video file.

2. How do I record myself presenting a PowerPoint in Zoom?

You can utilize the EaseUS RecExperts software to record yourself while presenting the PowerPoint presentation on Zoom. It is because the app supports multi-screen recording support. Directly, you can choose the Share Screen option on Zoom for live viewing.

3. How can I record a video on my desktop and voice over it in PowerPoint?

At the top right part of the PowerPoint window, you will see a Record icon after you open it. You can choose the Record button to begin the process and set the microphone option for audio connection to record your voiceover.

EaseUS RecExperts

One-click to capture anything on screen!

No Time Limit, No watermark

Start Recording

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